Naruto Shippuden Episode 94 Recap: “A Night of Rain”

Original Airdate: 1/29/2009

Yo, it’s me Cedric again, and I’m here with another One Piece reca-wait, this isn’t One Piece. Yes, as you can see from the picture, this is a Naruto Shippuden recap. And I’ll be taking over the duties that I was once had when Toonami United, unfortunately, still running. Now it’s on to weekly recaps for Swim Squad. I really thought I was done with this. No really, I really thought I was.

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Alas, I was dragged back into it LITERALLY seconds after I did this. (Thanks Abi.) So without further ado, let’s get on with this, as we are fully into canonized episodes of … wait, we aren’t in canon? This is a filler arc? Well how long does it last? *Checks Hulu to see* Till episode 113?! Aww, fuck. Anyway, here’s my first Shippuden weekly recap, starting with episode 94.

Before I begin, I have to discuss the last episode. The last episode had a certain … song on there. A song done by frogs. And it was bad. VERY BAD!!! Hold up, I got the perfect clip from another anime that should best describe the song.

Or if that doesn’t work, then maybe these pics will best describe the song.

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Yeah, it was awful and we should never, NEVER experience that crap again. That was the gist of it, and maybe some bonding with Naruto and the Pervy Sage. But it was bad. But now let me talk about this episode finally, since I got this outta the way.

We start with Orochimaru, Kabuto and Guren talking with each other about drug modifications for Yukimaru, the boy who looks alot like a girl. (The Naruto series seems to love traps alot.) There’s not much time left with Orochimaru’s body swapping, and Kabuto still doesn’t trust Guren. Guren has to watch Yukimaru, and she doesn’t like it at all. Just having him tag along with her makes her angry. So does Kabuto as well, and she nearly kills him with her Crystal jutsu (aww, damnit.) She can kill him at any time, she says. Kabuto did take out an ANBU member that was spying on them, and tells her that if she fails the mission, there will be no more reanimation for her with Orochimaru. As the new pair walk, we hear more of the stuff about no home for Yukimaru like before, and some more flashbacks. Typical Shippuden stuff. The other squad of Guren’s also notices Akamaru’s … umm, scent left behind. And they know they are close. Shino, meanwhile, is looking for his bugs, who are weak. He finds one in a crystal, alive, and with eggs. Don’t ask.

Naruto is still training with the frogs, ans still mad that the pair can’t use Water-style jutsu like their giant old man can. (The frogs hate that he’s whining too much.) Since he doesn’t have time, he comes up with an idea that involves … drinking a bunch of water for it to work. Yeah, here’s what I think of your idea, Naruto.

Head desk gif

The Guren squad (I’m calling them this since I don’t care for their names, being filler and all) thinks that the people following them are either the Akatsuki or Leaf Ninjas. And while they want someone to lead, the big guy among them still believe in Guren, and will stick by her side for “personal reasons.” (AKA, he fell for her.) Yukimaru doesn’t want to go anywhere anymore, and Guren tells him to shut it as he won’t stop talking. He’s getting weaker, but he manages to talk about camellias before he collapses. Guren takes him to a cabin where it rains all night. He has a high fever, and the rain is stopping them from seeing Orochimaru.

Back in the Leaf, Tsunade wants Yamato to join Kakashi’s group, and to bring Sai and Sakura along to help. But he is to not tell Naruto about it, cause Naruto. In a cave, Kakashi’s group are taking shelter from the rain. There are many bats there too, and Kiba notices something. He thought of a dog whistle earlier, and how bats get around with low pitch sound like dogs do. He realizes the enemy has been using bats to scout them, and could have spotted them by now. It’s all up to Shino’s insects to help them. Guren is still taking care of a sick Yukimaru, and the Guren squad is still waiting for her to show up. She falls asleep, and we see a flashback of her as a kid getting taken care of. As she wakes up, Yukimaru’s gone, and she goes to search for him. Music is playing in the distance, and she finally finds him. He has a little memento his mom gave him, but she’s gone now, and again, he has no family/home. But Guren crystallizes a camellia, and gives it to Yukimaru, telling him it be like that forever, unless she dies. Because that’s not an obvious death flag or anything.

Overall, this was boring. Like really boring. Nothing happened, except for talking. That’s what you expect for it being Shippuden filler. And yet, even though this was boring, it is way, WAY better than last week’s froggy song episode. UGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH, I never want to hear that shit again. I hope you don’t either. I give this episode 2 crystallized camellias/5.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami.



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