Parasyte The Maxim 11

Hello guys it’s meowth900 here. Recapping the latest events in Parasyte The Maxim. 

The episode begins with two humans male and female hanging out on a bench after drinking. The woman pulls out the man’s hair and it turns out he is a parasite in disguise. The parasite kills her and drags her away. Another parasite sees him and joins him in eating the dead body. Oh also Kana has a dream about Shinichi being her knight in shining armor. Because why else do these girls exist except for wanting to have sex with Shinichi? 


Migi tells Shinichi to stay away from Kana because he senses her to be a threat. Meanwhile Kana is determined to be the one that will have sex with Shinichi after talking to that girl who says “You Are Shinichi Izumi aren’t you?” A lot. 

Another parasite named Gotou shows up and kicks some yakuza ass. The parasites were testing themselves to see if they could stand up to humans who are armed with weapons. Gotou was only hit three times. This scene was pretty violent, it reminded me of how Bradley sent out the central soldiers against Greed’s Devil Nest gang in Fullmetal Alchemist. After Gotou kills all the Yakuza guys he heads back to the car, and after disguising himself as a businessman he leaves the scene with his parasite friend named Kusano. Anyways this scene was probably the best part of the episode for me. 

I guess Shinichi and “You Are Shinichi Izumi Aren’t You?” Murano are dating now. They did the cliche 80s dating montage.

 Murano thinks Shinichi has changed ever since he left on that trip. Well duh bitch you’d probably change too if you were killed by a parasite controlling your mom. Also a child talks back to his mom, and Shinichi remembers his mom and has an emotional moment. 

Anyways they make out, and Kana sees it and instead of asking to get in on this action she runs away crying. 

After the two of them stop kissing and Shinichi leaves Murano thinks Shinichi isn’t who he says he is. For the love of god woman you are as annoying as Misa Amane and Sakura Haruno. 

The next day Shinichi is waiting at Takeshi Hirokawa’s election rally. He and Migi sense parasites everywhere. The episode ends with Gotou the parasyte sensing Shinichi and Migi.

Some of the gross parts of Parasyte will show up in the incoming weeks so don’t be surprised when there’s angry life tweets later on in this show. It won’t be second half of sword art online 1 bad but I am warning you anyways.

Parasyte The Maxim is licensed by Sentai Filmworks. You can watch it every Saturday night at 1am on Toonami on adult swim. 

You can also watch Parasyte The Maxim on Crunchyroll or Hulu but they will be in Japanese with English subtitles. 


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