Akame Ga Kill! Episode 18 Recap: Kill the Demon

Original Airdate: November 2nd, 2014

Adult Swim Airdate: January 9th, 2016

Right off the bat, Tatsumi unintentionally addresses one of the show’s largest flaw by pointing out how he wishes he got to spend more time with everyone who has died. You know it’s bad when even the protaginist is pointing out how underdeveloped everyone was, but I’ll save my rambling when I get to the opinion part. He is then awakened by Akame and Mine, saying that they’re heading to the headquarters of the religious organization so they can take them out from the inside. At the headquarters, the Jaegers are voluntiering to protect Bolic from any intruders, and he accepts their offer. Esdeath then asks if the Jaegers can have a room to stay in, and Bolic agrees to those conditions as well. We then get introduced to Bolic’s spies, the Four Rakasha Demons, who will now be used for offensive purposes now that the Jaegers will be protecting the headquarters. Kurome starts feeling exhausted due to Chelsea’s attempt to kill her in the last episode, and she locks herself in a room that was provided by Bolic with Wave also in there. He tells Kurome that she’ll be unable to fight in this condition, and as he’s reporting information to Esdeath, Kurome gets up and says that she doesn’t want to be rendered useless because of her condition. Kurome then apologizes to Wave for making him worry about her.

Never underestimate the power of ice cream!

While out in the streets searching for wanted posters, Tatsumi and Mine take a quick stop for ice cream and discuss how everyone in the area is acting rather lively and how Bolic is profiting off the area’s religion. Meanwhile, Lubbock is out roaming the streets while two of the assassins are spying on him, contemplating how they’ll be able to kill him. Later at night, Akame is out searching for an underground passage that’ll lead her to the headquarters, but another one of the assassins comes in to prevent Akame from finding the secret pathway, and to taunt her, he…. throws out the head of one of the soldiers. I swear, does any villain on this damn show have any sanity? This causes Akame to get angry, causing her to attack the man. It’s revealed that the four assassins have been consuming broth from the lake for most of their lives, which allows them to control every single part of their body. Out in the streets, Lubbock is being attacked by the two assassins that were spying on him earlier, which results in him taking a lot of damage. The two assassins start going after the rebel spy that Lubbock was supposed to meet at this time, and while they’re focusing on her, Lubbock pulls off a surprise attack and subverts all the attention to himself.

Welcome to The Sideboob Hour.

Back at Akame’s fight, the assassin guy starts doing his best impersonation of Star Platinum by continuously punching her til her clothes tear. Seriously, he even says “ORA ORA ORA” in the Japanese version of the show (I know this because I rewatch the episodes subbed for these recaps). Akame then lets go of her blade and allows the assassin to steal it, only for it to poison him and distract him just long enough for Akame to get her sword back and strike him, finishing this battle once and for all. Back at the Lubbock fight, he uses his strings to protect himself from the assassins’ attacks, and after the man comments about how his strategy is weak, Lubbock reveals that he’s just been distracting them so the rebel spy could escape from the scene, and he also runs away shortly afterward. The man uses his powers to go running after him, but Lubbock has a trick up his sleeve. He uses his strongest thread to stop the guy in his tracks, while finishing him off by stabbing him. He walks off, but he still has the girl assassin he has to deal with. She takes off her clothes and uses her sweat to wear down Lubbock’s strings (worst shonen power-up ever), rendering his barrier useless. She then punches Lubbock in the stomach and grabs him by the collar, but right when she’s ready to kill him, Lubbock does away with her by pulling back his strings and stabbing her with the knives that were attached to the strings. Meanwhile, Tatsumi and Mine are arguing about if they should go shopping tomorrow, and some weird cult leader shows up telling them that they are tied together by the “red string of fate”. In other words, he’s basically saying “I SHIP YOU SO F**KING HARD, PLZ F**K!!1!!”

Man, talk about getting backstabbed. Literally.

Back at the headquarters, Bolic is welcoming in a new disciple into his church, and in order to be accepted as a disciple, the girl has to take off her clothes and have sex with Bolic. I have to wonder what kind of f**ked up religion this is, but I digress. However, one of Bolic’s men comes in to interrupt his “ritual” with news of the demise of the Four Rakasha Demons. Now it’s up the Jaegers to go up against Night Raid and defeat them once and for all.

“She’s most likely not legal, but whatever, BLOWJOBS!!!!!”

There really wasn’t that much progress being made in this episode. Sure, the fight scenes were pretty cool as always, but this whole episode ultimately felt kind of pointless in the grand scheme of things. The whole Four Rakasha Demons plot just felt like a way to delay the inevitable final encounter between Night Raid and the Jaegers by just one more episode, and if this episode were to be cut from the series altogether, nothing of value would be lost in terms of the story. Overall, while I can’t really say this was a bad episode, I don’t really think there was much of a point other than to add a little bit of fluff before the final arc of the series. The show is supposed to start diverging from the source material starting next week, so it’ll be interesting to see how that’ll turn out, for better or for worse. I give the episode 5 ritualistic blowjobs out of 10.


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