Blackout Window Heat Stroke: Robot Chicken, 08×09 &Greece is the Word: Mike Tyson Mysteries 02×09 Recap


mike_tyson_mysteriesHey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and it is Monday, which means that new episodes of Robot Chicken and Mike Tyson Mysteries happened last night and now I need to talk about them because why not?  As usual, if you haven’t seen the latest episodes of Robot Chicken and Mike Tyson Mysteries, then its up on the Adult Swim website or on your VOD under Adult Swim under Networks. For everybody else who has seen it or you just want to get spoiled because you love me, lets get this recap started.



1). Murder, She Bitched: Nobody can solve murders like Bitch Pudding can.

2). First Vending Problems: All the apple wanted to do was get picked…but not like this.

3). How Brown M&M Came to Be: This is how the brown M&M came to be.

4). Duck Dynasty: You know like Dynasty but with ducks.

5). Falcon Crest: I think its kinda like the Duck Dynasty opening, but directed by Brad Bird.

6). The Cult: Poor Kool-Aid man. Its bad being the most popular drink in a cult.

7). Knot Landing: Dear God, please let that bread be real.

8). How Willy Wonka Really Ended: I mean four kids died…somebody has to be hailed responsible.

9). A Jockey’s Dream: What if your too tall to be a jockey? Well, get a magical unicorn (who’s a little hornier than a normal house (forget a said that)) to help.



Today’s episode starts out with a city hall meeting involving a slowdown with unions and the only way for them to get to the bottom of is by hiring a independent mystery team to figure out what’s going on and then coming back to the City Hall with their findings. They get the Mike Tyson Mystery Team on the case.

Two the councilmen show up at the Mystery Team’s home, though Mike thinks its a Jehovah’s witness (I’m not a huge fan of them either) and Mike has them to stand still in hopes they go away. They don’t leave and its Pigeon who opens the door. The councilmen give Mike Tyson sixteen months for their investigation and offers him 1.6 million which is dosed out in 100k per month.

Sixteen months later and Mike forgets all about the slowdown investigation, meaning they’ll have to find out some information quick. Marquess says that its best to say that they can’t solve the mystery in a day and give the money back, but Pigeon lost all 1.6 mil, meaning they have to find information now. Mike suggests getting on one of the boats and pretend the be shipworkers and plans on driving onto the boat.

This proves to be a bad idea of course and they do not make it. I’m going to say this now, the episode should have ended right here…the mystery team (besides Marquess because he’s a ghost) is dead. But because of cartoon logic, they will survive this. They are soon awoken in Atlantis by a man named Stavros, who shows them around.

Turns out that Stavros and the people of at Atlantis is the reason for the slowdown because they’ve been stealing stuff off of ports for the past sixteen months (and probably before this episode even begun). Things soon gets weird as Stavros wants to keep the Mystery team in Atlantis, seeing as they know that Stavros and his people are the reason for the slowdown. After a dinner and dancing goes haywire, the only way for the Mystery team to escape is to swim.

When Mike tells them about the slowdown and the cause of it, I don’t think the councilmen believe them, so Mike gets mad and leave. In the after-credits scene, the real Mike Tyson is learning the Greek Dance.


Maybe I’m the only one, but I did not enjoy either of these episodes that much. The only thing I liked about Robot Chicken was seeing Bitch Pudding because I love my Bitch Pudding, but that was the only thing.

Same thing with Mike Tyson, this was the episode that was supposed to be on last week, but now that I see it, I’m glad it was pushed back a week. It was boring, it wasn’t a Mike Tyson Mysteries episode, there was no weirdness…it was just a boring report episode and it sucked. This is why I took so long with this recap, I tried to find a way to make it enjoyable, but it just wasn’t there.

Hopefully both shows get a major improvement next week, but we’re finally going to meet Pigeon’s ex-wife and its one of things I’ve waiting for since the first season. That’s all for me, I’ll be back next week and as always, stay golden.

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