One Piece Episode 328 Recap

Original Airdate: 10/28/2007

Welcome back to another One Piece recap. We are at the 3rd episode of this filler arc. So let’s get this started right away. Here’s “The Dream Sinking in the New World! The Disillusioned Pirate, Puzzle!”

As we left off with the bounty hunter’s Papa, or as he is named, Don Acchino, with his collection of Jolly Rodgers, we still have the Straw Hats confused with the icebergs. Nami is trying to convince the others that they are moving on their own, and with Sanji’s all to lovey-dovey help, she does. They steer the ship towards an open path, but the icebergs follow. It does it every time they turn the Sunny. Zoro jumps on one of the icebergs and cuts it in half, proving it’s just an iceberg, while making a path for them. They figure out something is moving the icebergs, and need to figure out who “they” are.

On the other ship, Puzzle wakes up (while bonking his head on the bed) from a nightmare/fever from injuries. All he is thinking of is Vigaro. Jiro thanks Chopper for helping out with Puzzle’s injuries. A flashback is then shown of when the Phoenix Pirates ship was attacked in the new world. Their ship was attacked by another giant ship, with raining meteors falling on them. Puzzle and the others couldn’t fend off the would-be attackers, but because the captain can’t abandoned his own ship, Vigaro decided to buy them some time to let them escape. He still believed that Puzzle would be King of the Pirates, and even though the others escaped, Vigaro didn’t, and couldn’t defeat the enemy. The other Phoenix Pirates decided that they would go back to the New World, and all would protect their captain with their lives. Well, all except Statsen, who didn’t agree with them. Jiro tells about the bounty hunters, and wants Puzzle to lead them again. Puzzle tells Jiro to gather his crew on deck.

The others crewmates are happy that their Captain is back, and better in health, and are ready for him to lead. As they thank Luffy and Chopper for all their help, and tell both of them how they’ll meet again as rivals in the New World, Puzzle drops a bombshell. He tells them they aren’t going back to the New World, that Statsen was right, and will stay helping the bounty hunters. The others can’t believe this, and don’t like it. He declares they aren’t pirates anymore, as their pride is gone. As Luffy starts to leave the ship, Puzzle, who would repay them, but can’t cause of all that’s happened, warns Luffy of the New World. But Luffy says his crew can handle it, cause “We’re strong.” Puzzle wishes them luck, as Jiro and the others can’t accept this new reality of theirs. Neither can Chopper, but Luffy tells him to also accept it, as Puzzle has given up on his Jolly Rodger.

Suddenly, the ships are attacked, and the rope get cut off that were connecting the ships. The Sunny is outta control and the others try to get it right. It hits an iceberg, and all the icebergs are gathering together, while the Sunny is outta control because of whirlpools caused by said icebergs. Luffy, meanwhile, sees a big iceberg and declares it “The World’s Biggest Snow Cone!” that he immediately wants to eat. He Gum-Gum Gatlings/Whips it to oblivion, and that’s when they realize the Sunny is gone. The bounty hunters find out that Puzzle is in fact alive, and they were hiding it from them. They can now gather a 100 million berry bounty that’s on Puzzle, along with the Straw Hat’s bounties, for their Papa.

Franky resupplied cola to the machines to make them work. As they’re trying to escape, another iceberg hits, and soon, the family of bounty hunters appear. The lovey-dovey husband and wife, talk of how they won’t escape from the frozen highway, as they make out in front of the Straw Hats, disgusting them/making Sanji extremely jealous. But a Coup de Burst has the Sunny flying away, with the bounty hunters jaws all on the ground. But their Papa still wants the flag, and by doing a favor for him, Lil, the loli of the family, calls on her flying fish. As the Sunny lands, the flying fish takes the Straw Hats Jolly Rodger away from them. They notice right away the flag is gone. They also notice they’re missing one more thing: Zoro, who thinks they got lost themselves again.

“Snow Cone!!” “But Luffy, that’s a … oh never mind.”

Overall, a not too bad episode. We did have some funny moments, and their were some emotion with Puzzle and his gang, showing what it means to lose his pride/wanting to continue to believe in him. Next week, we start to get into the fights on this arc, as the Straw Hats take on the Acchino family. I give this episode 3.5 crazy icebergs/5


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami.




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