South Park Series Overview (A Non Adult Swim Special)

This is going to be really fun

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and if somebody was going to tell me that I would be starting the year off by talking about my favorite non-Adult Swim show, I would say, your damn right I am. Whenever I’m not talking about AS shows such as Rick and Morty, I am a South Park nerd. I literally eat, sleep, and breath this show like the plague and its been like this since its second season. There is a reason why I snuck downstairs to watch Comedy Central in the late 90s (yes, I am old) and this is one of them. While I can’t talk about every episode of this series on here, if your South Park love is almost as deep as mines (or deeper), then I recommend you follow me on Tumblr for more. For everybody else, come on down to South Park and meet some friends of mine.



South Park first came onto the scene on August 13, 1997 and was created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The two met back in college in 1992 and started their career off by making short called Jesus vs. Frosty. The short got so popular that in 1995, Fox Executive at the time, Brian Graden saw it and commissioned Parker and Stone to do another one, The Spirit of Christmas. The short soon became popular all over the Internet and Parker and Stone went to Comedy Central who commissioned only six episodes for the start of now politically-incorrect, popular series; asking for an additional seven once the show grew in popularity.

South Park is a show that has grown over the past 19 years, starting off with crude humor in its beginning seasons to its continuations story-line in the past two seasons; South Park is a show that you’ll either love for being politically incorrect or hate for being too offensive. The reason why South Park is so popular is because Matt Stone and Trey Parker aren’t afraid to go there, even when Comedy Central is.


We’ve come a long way since 1997

South Park stars four foul-mouthed boys-who took it up to 11 in South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut-Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman (or just Cartman), and Kenny McCormick who lives in South Park, Colorado and are always at the source whenever some sort of trouble comes along in their quiet mountain town.

Cartman alone, is the most troublesome out of the four and has been arrested six times, even though he has committed 44 acts of crime including murder, treason, embezzlement, hate crimes, piracy, grave-robbing,  and resisting arrest.

Stan has committed 15 acts of crime including Eco-terrorism/breaking and entering, stealing, piracy, underage drinking/smoking, and hit and run.

Kyle has committed 28 acts of crime including child abuse, illegally downloading music, attempted murder, vandalism, and breaking/entering.

Kenny, who has died 103 times over the course of the series, has committed 17 acts of crime including underage (oral) sex, fraud, framing/blackmail, prostitution, vigilantism, and kidnapping.

When the boys aren’t usually getting in trouble, their parents usually are. Kyle’s Mom, Shelia Broflovski basically started World War III in Bigger, Longer, and Uncut just because Stan and the boys went to see a movie they shouldn’t have been seeing (kinda reminds me of a movie I shouldn’t have seen in 1999).

And instead of talking things out with her son, she and the other Moms of South Park declare Terrance and Philip as war criminals and have them killed, igniting Satan and Saddam Hussein to come up from Hell and punishing the Earth for Shelia’s stupid decisions. If it wasn’t for her putting that messed up V-chip in Cartman, the world could have been doomed.

Another problematic parent is Stan’s Dad, man-child himself, Randy Marsh. Yeah, Cartman’s Mom might be a crack whore and Kenny’s parents might be meth dealers, and Kyle’s Mom might take things too far, but in season 19 all that is ignored when Randy Marsh is the one causing the most trouble in the town.

Between the Ads and the town becoming PC, Randy was in the middle of it all, causing all the changes within the town, even getting a Whole Foods, a lot of South Park fans agree that in season 20, maybe Randy shouldn’t be around that much. He even took away one the greatest aspects of the show, Kyle’s speech. Long story short, the fans want less of Randy in season 20 and I agree.

When Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny aren’t causing trouble, they do also go to school and we get to meet more kids; such as Stan’s on-again off-again girlfriend, Wendy Testaburger and (probably) the main four’s frienemies, Craig Tucker, Clyde Donovan (formerly Harris), and Token Black (formerly Williams). There’s also sweet, but naive Butters Scotch (he literally gets grounded for breathing), the school comedian Jimmy Valmer, coffee-addict Tweek Tweak (its been confirmed in Stick of Truth that his parents put meth in his coffee), and Sci-Fi nerd and official meme, Kevin Stoley.

As of season 19, South Park Elementary is now down to its original counselor, Mr. Mackey as he fired former principal, Principal Victoria and former third then kindergarten then fourth grade teacher, Mr. Garrison has left to run for president with Caitlyn Jenner as his running mate. I could go full force into telling you what I want in season 20, but its best if you read about it.



1). Always Reinventing Themselves: One of the main things I love about South Park is that it always finds a way to reinvent itself. This has been proven twice with two continuous stories and season 19 ending with plans for a multi-arc.

2). Memorable Characters: The characters of South Park are memorable, whether its for the fact that Kenny always dies or how out-there Randy is, every South Park character is unique in their own way.

3). Artistic Improvements: Looking back from where the show started in 1997 with season one to where it currently stands at season 19, the show has beautifully changed on the inside and the outside.

4). Jokes Keeps Getting Better: The thing with South Park‘s humor is that your either going to get the joke or your not going to get it…or your going to get it, but you’ll get offended. South Park doesn’t care how you feel…their jokes will air. They only care when controversy happens and even then they won’t care that much.


1). Meh Season Finales: The past season finales have been very meh and I bet its because its plot-orientated. Hopefully season 20 will provide me with that awesome season finale that we’ve been begging for.

2). More Use of Minor Characters: In other words, stop making some characters memes and give them an actual backstory. And its time to bring back some characters such as Satan, Jesus, Ze Mole…I could give a whole list but we’ll be here all night.

3). Shipping: Don’t get me wrong, I love shipping (I ship them as cute friends and not lovers and if they are lovers, then they’ll be older than 10) but sometimes the shipping is so annoying with the, “My ship is better than your ship.” To the shippers reading this, you are all apart of the same fandom, it kinda doesn’t matter if all of your characters are awesome in their own way.



Worthy Episodes to Watch

If me talking about South Park has yet convinced you to at least watch it (or you do love it and want to know my personal favorites) then let me introduce you to some-in my opinion-must watch episodes (all episodes are available here…almost all of them):

1). Scott Tenorman Must Die: One of my personal favorites involving one of my favorite characters, Scott Tenorman Must Die shows you why you don’t really mess with Cartman, especially if it involves $16.12.

2). Pandemic Prt I & II: When the boys want to start a Peruvian flute band, they-lets be honest-they steal their startup money from local classmate, Craig Tucker, who knows their full of it, but still goes along with it. When the five boys are then shipped off to Peru, Craig gives them one of the best, “The reason you suck” speeches in the history of the show. And what makes this episode so great is that he keeps drilling it in until he’s safely back home. South Park in the meantime are experiencing problems of their own with an invasion of Guinea Pigs.

3). You’re Getting Old & Ass Burgers: This is probably the second saddest South Park episode that has aired (Kenny Dies is always the first one to make me always sad). It starts out with Stan turning ten, but it isn’t long before everything and everybody around him turns to shit. He can’t even hang out with his friends because of this and by the end of You’re Getting Old, his parents get a divorce and Stan has to move out of his home and this causes major depression in his psyche.

Things get-probably-worst with him in part two Ass Burgers when he’s diagnosed with  Asperger’s (even though its clearly Depression) and is taken to a therapy group, but their not a therapy group and just like in the Matrix, thinks that Stan’s “The One” and sends him to take down Cartman’s Burger stand that he’s running with Kyle and Butters. After Stan gives a speech about change; the reset buttons gets pushed, Stan’s parents are back together, Kyle and Cartman are fighting again, and Stan’s back to being friends with Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny. The only thing that’s different is when Stan leaves his room at the end of the episode, he’s developed a drinking problem.

4). Die, Hippie Die: I’m going to mention this one because not only is it one of my favorites, but its underrated as an episode. The basic point of the episode is that South Park is overran with hippies and the only one who can probably stop it is Cartman. Thing is, everybody thinks Cartman is in the wrong and has him arrested before planning to host a huge Hoopapalooza festival. When Kyle, Stan, and Kenny are sucked into Hoopapalooza, its up to Cartman, Randy, Chef and Linda Scotch to drive the hippies out of town and save the boys.This episode is pure gold and it makes me kinda sad that it doesn’t get the love that it deserves.

5). Tweek x Craig: OK, I wanted to include a recent episode because I loved this episode. Its such a sweet episode that we usually don’t get and I wanted to make sure I left this series review with a small piece of me. And I actually liked this episode. The plot of this episode is that the newly enrolled Asian girls have dubbed Tweek and Craig as “lovers” and everybody’s confused.

Craig is confused because he doesn’t want to be gay, the boys are confused by the concept of “yaoi,” Craig’s Dad, Thomas doesn’t want his son to be associated as gay, and Cartman’s confused by his own sexuality in the form of Cupid-Me, an imaginary version of himself. By the end of the episode, Tweek and Craig are holding hands and their future is still undetermined.



The future of South Park is undetermined (even if they do have a contract with Comedy Central until 2019). The series itself has created games, a stellar movie, and nineteen years of pure awesomeness (with a few hits and misses). The series is colorful, despite its sometimes dark episodes and there are a whole lot of good episodes and characters. Sadly, I couldn’t name them all, but it is worth the watch. Hopefully, one day, South Park and Adult Swim can be friends, something I would really love. If they can put up with that crap Family Guy does, then it should be alright with South Park. I know, I would normally say, “Watch this series, you have to watch it,” but with South Park, I actually mean it. If you need a good laugh, then watch this series. I highly recommend it.

Final Rating: 9.5/10

Stay golden guys, I’ll see you next time.

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