The Wallflower Radiant Anime Review Thing 

Hello guys this is meowth900 here coming at at you with an anime review thing on The Wallflower. An older anime series from the 2000s that was dubbed by Funimation Entertainment. Unfortunately this show didn’t sell so good disc wise so it was a super amazing value edition (SAVE) series and probably will never get a season 2.  But this didn’t stop me from enjoying it. I received this series via Christmas gifting from my boss named Jenn aka Monketnutz aka @Tarzanuh on Twitter. Real nice lady, but she’s married so don’t go sending her dick pics. 

Anyways onto this marvelous series. What happens when you have four hot guys in one mansion, a crazy landlord, and an even crazier niece? Why you get The Wallflower of course! In this review I’ll briefly talk about the main cast, my likes and dislikes about the show and give a humorous review number.

Sunako Nakahara

Sunako Nakahara is a girl who’s not your average anime girl. She loves severed body parts, blood, skeletons, mannequins, darkness, and scary movies! Sunako also thinks she’s an ugly girl because back in high school she asked a boy out and he rejected her by saying “I don’t like ugly girls!” and I can relate to that kind of rejection. She calls the the boys radiant creatures and gets nosebleeds every time the boys make contact with her whether it would be an embrace or an almost kiss. Her shrill banshee like screams are also a highlight. Her innocent happy laugh when it comes to dead things and blood is also funny.The boys of this show have the challenge of making this adorably scary girl into a refined young lady to get free rent in the mansion or else their landlord will raise the rent by three times!

 Kyohei Takano 
Kyohei Takano is the most radiant of the four boys according to Sunako, but he’s not a sweet one. He’s selfish, bluntly honest, eats a whole lot, and very demanding. He also is the most violent boy. However he hangs out with Sunako the most after their rocky introduction in the beginning of the series. The rough voice in the dub really made me think it was Inuyasha’s voice, but it wasn’t. Sunako and Kyohei’s relationship is seen to be the romantic focus of the show. They interact one on one the most, he holds her pint sized chibi form the most, and the two of them often have the best comedic moments together. Similar to how Sunako thinks she’s an ugly girl Kyohei’s hates how he’s so beautiful and wishes he was more normal looking. His beautiful appearance led to a lot of problems at school because girls stalked him at his home, and people sexually harassed him at work. His mom kicked him out of the house and he’s been living in the mansion ever since.

Takenaga Oda


Takenaga is the intelligent of the four radiant boys and he was struggling with being the heir to his family’s business. He moved into the mansion in hopes of being a normal boy. Takenaga is more shy and reserved than the other boys but he does offer the voice of intelligence and reason when drama starts to happen in the quirky little family. He is the least scared of Sunako’s morbid personality. Also he has a girlfriend and isn’t really interested in Sunako so that’s interesting. 

Yukinojo Toyama


Yukinojo is often nicknamed “Yuki” and is the most gentle of the radiant creatures of light. He’s the shortest, and the shyest boy. Out of all four boys he is the only one who lived a normal life in a lower class family and knows how to do chores. How he managed to get into a ritzy mansion like this I will never know. His cute charm can influence a lot of people and he has a great sense of fashion. Yuki’s loyalty to his friends is admirable and his girly looking face often leads him to go in disguise as the opposite gender in some missions. Yuki also doesn’t get angry or upset unless he is threatened which is interesting. He also doesn’t do well with scary things so he can’t go into Susanako’s bedroom. 

Ranmaru Morii


Ranmaru in my opinion is the best boy of the show. He’s the play boy character of the show, having the sex drive of a thousand men and a rogue bad boy charm he gets a lot of girls. He’s also a pervert and makes some jokes which some people may find uncomfortable or offensive but it makes me laugh out loud. He says he’s an expert on what will make Sunako a lovely lady but I think his plans can get on the crazy over the top side. Like Takenaga, Ranmaru’s parents are also wealth. Ranmaru’s parents make him live in the mansion so he can get a taste of real life because his playboy tendencies are out of control. Ranmaru’s also engaged to a sheltered girl in an arrange marriage scenario by his parents hoping it can stop his playboy tendencies. 

This series is definitely a more character driven show than I thought. However I do have a small bit of issues with the dub. There is a lot of shouting and talking very fast so I have a hard time understanding what the characters at so I had to turn captions on while I was watching. I don’t know if it was because of my tv speakers or what but that was a real low point on the audio technological side. But other than that I liked what the dub gave me. Sunako’s dub voice actress really did a great job out of everyone in this show. 

This show is very episodic but also contains a bit of continuity when it comes to character interaction. Sunako gets use to hanging out with the radiant creatures of light as the series goes on, as long as she doesn’t see anybody (and especially Kyohei) shirtless. The art style is a little bit weird for men since the guys have girlish face but don’t pass on this just because of the art you pussy men. Not while you have a thousand shows with sexualized women as an advertisement. The show is actually pretty funny both in shojo form and gory comedy form.  I give this anime four Hiroshis out of five. The manga ended last year in Japan and has in total 36 volumes. I guess The Wallflower was popular in Japan if it went on that long, and if I may use examples of popular shojo manga over here in the states it’s double the length of Ouran High School Host Club that ends at 18 volumes, and it’s longer than Fruits Basket which ends at 23 volumes. I think the manga is licensed over here by Kodansha Comics USA. If anyone has any tips on where to buy volumes of The Wallflower I good quality for a cheap price let me know in the comments because I want to read more of this series. 

And this is Hiroshi. Sunako’s favorite mannequin who introduces the episodes of the anime. 


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      1. I guess they can be to some people. But I do appreciate how the creator had a bit of the harsh reality built into looking beautiful when it came to Kyohei. His backstory made me feel sad for him. But I like how he and Sunako get along in their own weird way.

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