One Piece Episode 329 Recap

Original Airdate: 11/4/2007

Welcome back to another One Piece recap, all 2 people who actually decide to read this. Which is, in reality, actually less than that. Last week we see that the hunters took the Straw Hats flag. What happened afterwards? Let’s find out in “The Assassins Attack! The Great Battle on Ice Begins!”

The crew see their Jolly Rodger is gone, and Usopp freaks out about it. Robin knows something took it, and locates it. It’s a weird bird-fish thing, and she knows that it’s going back to the hunters with its prize. Sanji turns the ship suddenly to go after the bird-fish to get the flag back. The others tell him to calm down and stay put (and for some reason, the show cuts to Zoro telling a moving iceberg to stay put. Because Zoro.) But he says he has good reason. The reason: He doesn’t want Luffy to scold them in the most idiotic way for losing their flag. This freaks out Nami and Usopp cause they don’t want that either. Nami then asks Franky to help her scope out the area. As for the hunters, the hockey guy, who’s name is Hockera (get it, because hockey? Yeah, I know, it’s stupid) is about to hunt them down, and the lovey-dovey couple is still being SUPER LEWD with their kissing. They know the Straw Hats can’t escape the Frozen Highway, but they also don’t know where they are.

We then see Soldier Dock System Channel 3. In it, we see a submarine that’s a shark. It’s called “Shark Submerge #3”. As Franky says, it’s SUPER!! They dive underwater in it, looking for anything that is the cause of the icebergs weird movement. Nami sees something near the icebergs. It looks like some things are all together moving it, and they look right back at them, freaking Nami out. The things then head towards them, as Sanji and co. overhear Nami telling Franky to escape their attackers. The things chase after them underwater, bouncing off the icebergs. This causes one of the icebergs to hit the Sunny, that send Usopp and Sanji flying. Robin tries her best to get them with her Devil Fruit powers, but it’s too late. The hunters take off to search for them.

In a cave somewhere, we see Usopp and Sanji. All of a sudden, a cute penguin shows up. Usopp thinks it’s cute, and goes to pet it. Then this happens.

Yeah, it’s not friendly. Also, there are a ton of them around, and they all launch an attack on the duo, trying to land blows with their sharp beaks as the two run for their lives. Luffy and Chopper meanwhile, got a boat from Puzzle and crew. One of them warns about the “Doma-Penguins”, a bunch of penguins who are aggressive and can move the icebergs in group, turning the place around them into mazes (Uhhh, this info would’ve been useful an episode ago.) Chopper thanks them for all they done, but Puzzle is still convince their fate won’t change in the New World. As Luffy and Chopper head out, Statsen sees something on-board that freaks him out. One of the hunters is on-board, and is happy that Puzzle is alive for his bounty.

As Sanji and Usopp lose the penguins, the husband-wife duo find them. Sanji, of course, hits on her, and she doesn’t like it one bit.


She has some kick to her, literally, and Sanji likes that. What he doesn’t like is when she goes back and kisses the “ugly dude”, pissing Sanji off (Usopp is just annoyed with all of them.) Franky and Nami resurface from underwater, but they are attacked by the hockey guy, who says they will be a present for their Papa. He launches more attacks, but Franky stops it, and tells him he’ll take him on. On the Sunny, Robin is by herself, until she’s not. Lil is on there now, and wants Robin to play with her. As for Luffy and Chopper … well, Luffy doesn’t know how to get back to the Sunny, and went without asking. Typical Luffy. An icebergs cuts them off though.

On the Phoenix Pirate’s ship, the hunter is ready to attack Puzzle, but Statsen tries to tell him it’s not him, and just someone else they picked up. He ain’t having that shit, and drops Statsen to the ground, and steps on his face. Puzzle isn’t doing anything to stop this, despite Jiro’s pleas to kick this guy’s ass. The hunter is displeased too, since Puzzle has a high bounty, he might have some fight in him. The hunter also thinks they’re hiding Luffy on-board. But that changes quickly as Luffy throws Chopper (accidentally) at him and returns to the ship. He tells them his name, Brindo, and says they took the Straw Hat’s Jolly Rodger. This makes Luffy angry, and he attacks the guy. Luffy wants to know where the flag is, and Brindo tells them it’s in a place called “Lovely Land”. Elsewhere, Zoro is in a blizzard now, but he soon happens upon a giant place in the middle of it.

Ep 3

So this episode was pretty good. Overall, we got some action, and some tense moments. And the whole penguin attack was pretty funny. There will be more with the penguins to come. Next week, we see the Hunters and the Straw Hats continue to face off. I give this episode 4 attacking penguins/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami.


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