Akame ga Kill! Episode 19 Recap: Kill the Fate

Original Airdate: November 9th, 2014

Adult Swim Airdate: January 16th, 2016

While the Jaegers are out looking for members of Night Raid, Seryu is out playing with a group of children outside a school. While she’s enjoying their innocence, Wave and… some other chick who we literally know nothing about are commenting about how they’ve never seen Seryu as happy as she is right now. Seriously, who the hell is that chick, and why don’t I remember her getting introduced? Also, why does she look like a rule 63 version of Sasuke from Naruto, and what’s with that eyepatch on her boob? Anyway, before I get ahead of myself, Seryu finishes playing with the children, she talks about how she has to protect justice and all that crap that she never shuts the hell up about. Back at the Night Raid base, they’re discussing their plans to assassinate Bolic once and for all, and Bols brings in dinner for the team to eat. From this, we learn that Tatusmi’s meat isn’t the only kind Akame’s hungry for (wink wink).


Later on, Seryu and eyepatch boob lady are out looking for members of Night Raid, but they don’t see anything except for two strangers. Or so they thought, since it turns out that they were just Tatsumi and Mine in disguise the whole time (Team Rocket, take notes from these two). Once they find a safe place to hide, Mine and Tatsumi start bickering over that “red thread of fate” bullshit from the last episode. While they’re still bitching, Seryu finds their location and starts monologuing about justice and righteousness, yada yada yada, and she starts gunning them down using the weapons from Koro. Tatsumi and Mine manage to escape the explosion, but eyepatch boob cross attacks Tatsumi and Mine, leading to Tatsumi having to take eyepatch boob on himself and Mine escaping to face off against Seryu and avenge the deaths of Shelle and Chelsea. While Seryu and Mine are fighting, Seryu unleashes her thrmp card and severely damages Mine in the process. Eyepatch boob tells Tatsumi that he’s too weak to fight her, which, by the power of anime plot conviniences, gives him more power to be able to fight her. Meanwhile, the other Night Raid members are busy fighting off the Jaegers at the capital, and while this is going on, Esdeath explicitly tells Bolic that his plan to use the demons in the last episode was complete shit, cementing her status as best girl. Continuing the fight with Tatsumi and eyepatch boob, they continue to throw punches at each other, and the fight concludes with eyepatch boob getting crushed by a rock. I would say that Tatsumi won the fight, but we all know the winner was…

Back at the Mine side of things, we see her flash back to when she was a young child being left out on the streets to die, which would normally indicate that she was about to die, but since we can’t have nice things in this show, she musters up enough energy to blast Seryu and knock her out. Unfortunately for Mine, Seryu has one last trick up her sleeve before she dies. She makes herself self-destruct, finishing herself off once and for all. Sadly, this doesn’t include Mine’s death, as Tatsumi just HAD to save her. Seriously Tatsumi, go fuck yourself. The episode ends with Mine wanting Tatsumi’s dick, just like every woman in this show.


Alright, since another major character died in this episode, it’s time for me to talk about that. If Mine was my least favorite Night Raid character, then Seryu is definitely my least favorite member of the Jaegers. She’s so obnoxiously one-note that her entire character can be summed up in one word: justice. In concept, Seryu could’ve been an interesting antagonist. A character who’s heart is in the right place but is fighting for the wrong cause is an interesting concept for a character that could make for a compelling character if handled right, but unfortunately, Seryu just comes off as one-note and uninteresting. When you know nothing about this character besides that she’s fighting for justice, why should you care if she dies? And no, her cute dog stand/Pokemon/whatever did not make me feel any more sorry for her death, and this is coming from a proud dog owner. Also, the fact that Mine survived just adds salt to the wound. So overall, I did not care about Seryu’s death at all, and fuck you Tatsumi for saving Mine. I give this episode 4 exploding Seryu’s out of 10.

Akame ga Kill! Can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM!


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