Parasyte The Maxim 12

Warning. Kana fanatics do not read this. 

Hello guys it’s meowth900 here. Doing another recap for Parasyte the Maxim and unlike some people I thought this episode made me happy instead of sad. Why? Well somebody dies and unlike characters in Fullmetal Alchemist it was a character I didn’t like.
The episode begins with another dumb Kana dream but then we go back to that town where Shinichi went to last week. Migi and Shinichi discuss Hirokawa’s (aka another parasite guy) and his motives for running for mayor and Shinichi is worried that the organization of Parasites will endanger Kana the stalker. Later, Mitsuo suspects Shinichi of having intimate relations with Kana. No Mitsuo it’s just Kana wanting to have sex with Shinichi. Have you saw her stupid dreams? They’re enough to make me barf. Shinichi ignores Migi’s advice and tells Kana everything while it is asleep. Kana expresses doubt and claims she can tell Shinichi apart from other Parasites. When it’s actually her wanting to have sex with Shinichi knowing her.

Hirokawa is elected as mayor. The next day, Migi detects a weak signal from Kana, similar to that signal emitted by Parasites, which could mark her as a target. Mitsuo tries to persuade Kana not to chase Shinichi anymore, to no avail. She wants Shinichi’s dick in her mouth as badly as Boa wants Luffy’s. (You Toonami only watchers won’t know what I’m referencing for a long time.) Shinichi successfully convinces Migi to reveal himself to Kana on his command, to make sure she believes him.

The following day, Shinichi cancels his date with Murano to meet with Kana. But hey less time with her saying “You are Shinichi Izumi aren’t you?” Is an awesome plan in my opinion. Kana decides to prove the extent of her stalker powers to Shinichi. 

And she kisses Shinichi’s lock of hair. What the hell. So glad I don’t have to deal with her shit after this week. 

She follows her stalker instincts, but it leads her to an unnamed murderous parasite instead of Shinichi. Dumb move you stupid stalker bitch now you gonna die.  Migi senses this parasite as well, so they go to rescue her. Kana is happy to see Shinichi and tries to run toward him, but the parasite using it’s blade pierces Kana through the heart and she falls at Shinichi’s feet. Hooray!

Shinichi is furious, and prepares to attack the parasite. The parasite tries using it’s blades, which Shinichi dodges and swipes the parasite with the help of Migi. Then punches the parasite right through the heart, breaking a wall. The parasite is dead and Shinichi had the parasite’s beating heart in his hand, and drops it. After the battle, Kana confesses her love to Shinichi and dies in his arms. Bye bye stalker bitch I won’t miss you. I hope Murano dies next cause she’s also annoying. At Kana’s funeral, investigators Hirama and Chouji interrogate Shinichi and find out that a parasite killed his mother. Mitsuo attacks Shinichi, blaming him for not protecting Kana. Hey back off dude it’s not Shinichi’s fault. Ever since that parasite who took over his mom killed him and Migi brought him back to life all of the girls are flying to his penis like bees to honey. Shinichi wonders if he is still human because of not being able to cry at the loss of Kana. Don’t worry buddy, I cheered for her death. A fight happens between the two of them and Shinichi punches Mitsuo in the nose.

Shinichi walks away from the fight and bangs his head against a tree repeatedly until he starts bleeding. Migi tells Shinichi to stop. Shinichi sees that his blood is red thus confirming that he is still a human being. The episodes ends with him smiling as blood is going down his face.

My apologies for the hate. I just really didn’t like her or Murano. Much like how everyone who watches Naruto hates Sakura and Sasuke. ALSO! If you guys don’t want spoilers on a character  dying in an anime on Toonami please let me know. 

Parasyte The Maxim is licensed by Sentai Filmworks. You can watch Parasyte The Maxim every Saturday night at 1am on Toonami on adult swim. 

You can also watch Parasyte The Maxim on Crunchyroll and Hulu but they will be in Japanese with English subtitles.

If anime is not your thing Kodansha Comics has the license for the manga of Parasyte the Maxim. You can buy it on Amazon or Rightstuff. 


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