The Ultimate One: Robot Chicken, 08×10 &Ogopogo!: Mike Tyson Mysteries, 02×10 Recap (The Season Finale Edition)

See ya!!

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and I’m here with the last Robot Chicken and Mike Tyson Mysteries of the season. That’s right, both shows (though Robot Chicken still eludes me because they usually have at least fifteen episodes) had their season finales and I get to talk about them. While Robot Chicken had their usual antics and there was nothing that requires a spoiler alert, if you haven’t seen Mike Tyson Mysteries yet, then I suggest you watch it first (via the Adult Swim site or OnDemand under Adult Swim under Networks) because a lot happened in those fifteen minutes and my mind is still reeling. If you followed me on Twitter, then you would have noticed me live-tweeting the weird finale…a lot happened. For those who have already watched both shows and is waiting for me or you just want to read what I have to say, then lets continue forward, shall we?

Also, happy 150 episodes Robot Chicken!! Thank you for reminding me how far down I’ve gone with you over the years.



1). The 150thRobot Chicken is celebrating its 150th episode and what better way to do that when with the cable going out!! Classic Robot Chicken.

2). Gee Whiz: All he wants to do is just pee, damn.

3). Garbage Caper: Somebody stole from this lady’s garbage, but who?

4). Double Dare: Incredible, they actually got Marc Summers to do this skit. That must have taken some incredible convincing. I’m impressed.

5). Gonzo’s Dilemma: So Gonzo and Camilla want to have a baby…that’s interesting.

6). Oprah’s Guest: Oprah’s invited a special guest to visit her today, Cthulhu.

7). The Great Herald: Galactus needs to find a new Herald, but will his new Herald be good enough?

8). Thin Mint Overdose: Well Thin Mints are the best Girl Scout cookies.

9). Fantasy Island: When your on Fantasy Island, anything can happen to you…including having sex with a dinosaur. Really.

10). GUTS!!: In order to get to the girl you have to take a training course? Do you have it? GUTS!!

11). MC Roccoli: MC Roccoli is going to show you how to be on fleek when it comes to nutrition. At least one kid likes it.

12). Cheese League: The Cheese League goes against their greatest enemy, a cat and they lose, naturally.



This week’s episode of Mike Tyson Mysteries starts out with Mike, Yung Hee, and Marquess standing around the pigeon coop, reading the next mystery. This one involves a woman who wants to find her ex who flaked on signing divorce papers and she know needs him so she could sell his house. This is only the beginning as it turns out that the woman who sent in the mystery is the infamous Sandra and the ex-husband is Richard (aka Pigeon).

This puts the mystery team in a tight spot because they have to solve this mystery, it involves somebody on the mystery team. Only problem is…Pigeon doesn’t want to see Sandra because she turned him into a pigeon and as he stated in the past, the only way he’s going to even acknowledge Sandra is if she turns him back into Richard the human.

After arguing about the situation, we soon see the Mystery team in the Mystery Mobile with Pigeon locked up in a pet cage (though its not really Pigeon as we see later on), but Marquess thinks Pigeon’s not talking to him. It is a long ride to Sandra and Richard’s house and after talking to a spiritual Native American who tells them to stay away from Lake Okanagan and repeatedly says, “Ogopogo,” they finally arrive.

Apparently, Richard and Sandra are rich and its revealed that the pigeon in the pet cage is not Pigeon, because Pigeon is back in Mike Tyson’s house about to have sex with a prostitute when he realizes that he should go and see Sandra. He does pay the prostitute though so that’s something. This, in the meantime, gives us an opportunity to see what Pigeon looked like as Richard and Yung develops a little crush. Don’t worry, I’m going to talk about this in a few.

Sandra says that she didn’t turn Richard into a Pigeon, but God did. When Pigeon finally shows up, he follows Sandra upstairs while everybody else waits outside in the cold. After what seems like hours, Yung says she’ll go in and see how Richard and Sandra is doing and Marquess scolds her for liking Pigeon. And then he tells Mike that maybe should start “dating” around, earning a well-deserved punch from Mike. When Yung goes to see how Richard and Sandra are doing, she sees them having sex and we don’t know what her reaction is because its soon morning.

Mike seen in the water because in the previous night, we’re once again visited by the spiritual Native American the previous night and he said the same thing he said at the rest stop. This time, Mike decides to go in the water just because he was told not too. Anyway, Yung Hee arrives (forgetting the keys) and then before she could explain the Marquess what happened, Pigeon comes out and tells them that he’s quitting the team and that he’s getting back together with Sandra.

Sandra then uses to powers to command God to…turn herself into a Pigeon, keeping Pigeon…well a Pigeon. But Pigeon no longer wants to be a Pigeon, he wants to be Richard and he scolds her about that. Not only that, but not long after she’s turned, she gets eaten by a sea monster who is in fact Ogopongo.



Let me say this now, this last episode of Mike Tyson Mysteries was funny and weird. It was definitely funnier than last week’s episode (which is a major improvement), but it was also weird because I don’t know how to feel about Yung having a crush on Pigeon. Yes, he’s also known as Richard the human, but he’s currently Pigeon the Pigeon. And also the fact that she saw Pigeon and Sandra having sex is also a little weird because I think she got in on it or she at least watched all of it. I hope that Mike Tyson gets a season three pickup, this show is addicting and it left me on a cliffhanger.

Here are my final grades for Robot Chicken and Mike Tyson Mysteries:

Robot Chicken: 9/10

Mike Tyson Mysteries: 8.5/10 (that bad episode was bad)

I guess my reviewing days are over for now, but I still have my Game of the Month so that’s good too lol. Until next time guys, Stay Golden.

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One thought on “The Ultimate One: Robot Chicken, 08×10 &Ogopogo!: Mike Tyson Mysteries, 02×10 Recap (The Season Finale Edition)

  1. Tyson appears to be an incredibly good sport and MacDonald is truly inspired as a booze-guzzling bird. Mysteries never quite reaches the insane/inspired dimensions of Adult Swim’s best series, Rick and Morty, but that’s OK — few things on earth do.


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