Naruto Shippuden Episode 96 Recap: “The Unseeing Enemy”

Original Airdate: 2/12/2009

I’m back again for another round of torture on my miserable life Naruto Shippuden filler recap. Last week was a very crappy episode, where nothing happened. Unless you count bugs hatching and getting inside a giant frog’s mouth and calling it “training” to be something. But mostly, it was garbage filler. Again. Was this time any better? Let’s find out.

So Naruto’s “training” is still happening, and it’s still fucking stupid. He is still getting in the giant yellow frog’s mouth, and it’s very gross seeing the inside. It makes it worse when he has to “feel the frog’s chakra inside of him” (Yes, I know my jokes are stupid, but I’m trying to make this recap interesting.) He does “feel” something, which causes the frog to spit him out and send him flying like a football. Naruto thinks he found something. Sakura arrives to get Naruto, and can tell he is gross and slimy right away. But she still takes him away from his training.

This is as close to “getting it on” with Sakura as you’re gonna get, Naruto

Meanwhile, Hinata has spotted the enemy, and the enemy finds them, and starts an attack. The rest of the Guren Squad arrive, and they split the team up unevenly. Kiba says he will take on 3 of them at once, and hopes to find the enemies’ weakness. As he and Akamaru attack with Fang over Fang, one of the Guren Squad members uses a smoke bomb to create a smokescreen around them. It isn’t poisonous, but as Kiba tries to sniff the group out, he realizes he can’t smell anything. The squad is using it to camouflage themselves. And yet, even though Kiba can’t see a thing in the smoke, the enemy can see him. A stretchy hand comes at Kiba, but Hinata is there to protect her teammate before it hits. Her Byakugan can see the enemy, who is the strange pink hair creep, and she tells Kiba she will handle him.

The Luffy wannabee attacks her, but she sees the attacks and keeps dodging them. Her Gentle Fist technique gets a direct hit, but stretchy guy is not at all faze, surprising Hinata. He still attacks her. Meanwhile, the big guy is attacking Kakashi, and is using pretty powerful punches on him.

The big dude lands multiple punches on him, but another Kakashi appears, revealing the guy he is punching is a Shadow Clone. Kakashi can tell that experiments enhanced his muscles by alot (or as we like to call it in sports, using steroids.) The big guy is still not done yet. Guren is watching these fights as well and enjoying it, but she has her own business to do.

The stretchy guy has something covering his body that is protecting him from the Gentle Fist attack. Hinata doesn’t want to call for Kiba and Akamaru’s help, but the creep gets an attack in and she screams. Kiba and Akamaru hear her scream, and want to help her, but they can’t see/smell crap in the smoke. A sudden gust of wind gives Kiba an idea though. The big guy is now very skinny, and more faster/powerful than before. Kakashi thinks he can read his movements, but his speed is too much,

The stretchy guy is about to finish Hinata off, but then there’s a bunch of sounds around them that alert the squad. It’s Kiba and Akamaru using their Fang over Fang to clear away a bunch of trees to create a mini-wind storm to clear the smoke. He gets to Hinata on time. Although Kiba, SOMEHOW, forgets the other people in the Guren Squad, and they throw more smoke bombs at him. It looks like the trio are cornered, but smoke bomb guy hears a noise. He senses they are being surrounded, and he uses another smokescreen to call a retreat. What he sensed was Shino and all his bugs, who nearly trapped the squad in. Kakashi comes back to see Hinata’s hurt, and tells the group he didn’t capture the big guy. The battle is still not over either, as Guren’s jutsu is still in effect, and she can see who’s pursuing her. She sets her plans into action. We end the episode with Yukimaru remembering some stuff about his mom.

“See Sakura? I’m being more useful on here than you ever were in any episode!”

Overall, this episode being Shippuden filler, wasn’t actually bad. In fact, compared to most we seen in this arc, this may have been the best episode so far. That’s really saying something for how poorly this has gone. A lot of action, less talking, and alot of Hinata. We need more of her in anything, because screw that useless pink bitch! (Also, we need more Kiba and Akamaru, and we got that too.) A decent episode. I give this 3 creepy Luffy rip-offs/5.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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