One Piece Episode 330 Recap

Original Airdate: 11/11/2007

For those of you that actually read this piece, welcome back to another One Piece recap. So far, we are at the halfway point of this arc, and right now, the battle between the Acchino family and the Straw Hats are heating up. What will happen this time? Find out on … goddamnit Toei, another fucking long ass title? Anyway, here’s “The Straw Hat’s Hard Battles! A Pirate Soul Risking It All for the Flag!”

Brindo, the guy who is fighting Luffy and Puzzle’s crew, is talking about Lovely Land, and how it’s the fortress for the Acchino family and where their flag is. Luffy doesn’t care for his talk, and keeps attacking him. He getting caught off guard by this, but still mocks Luffy for taking the flag. He also says he will escort Puzzle and his crew all to Hell. Luffy decides to Gatling him, but the guy keeps dodging. On the Sunny, Lil says the ship of theirs is cute, and Robin tells her its name. She got surprised by Lil showing up unannounced as well. Lil doesn’t know the crew, but she knows where their flag is hidden. She will tell if Robin plays with her, and Robin agrees to it. Lil also tells Robin how she hates that her sister is spending more time with her husband than her.

Meanwhile, the aforementioned couple are spinning and duking it out on Sanji and Usopp. Well, mostly Usopp, as he gets repeated skate attacks to the stomach. He wants Sanji to help, but Sanji is too busy being Sanji and going ga-ga over the woman. The couple are still skating and kissing, but they have their priorities set on collecting the bounties for their Papa. A combo attack is set up by them, having the lady fly skate-first into Sanji’s face (and him not doing anything to stop it, cause Sanji.) Sanji doesn’t like how she’s being thrown like she is. While with Franky and Nami, they are dealing with the hockey guy, who’s being annoying. He says he didn’t know of the flag being stolen, but will tell them when Nami wants to leave. Then won’t again, but will if Nami stays. And doesn’t again. Franky just starts firing at him afterwards, and get in a missle match. His exploding frozen pucks keep hitting Franky bottom half (As Franky says, “I should’ve worn pants.”) and the guys moving fast and Franky wants to get him to end it quick. However, Franky’s attacks created a smokescreen, and Hockera can’t see him as well. Franky uses a Fresh Fire attack to clear the way.

Ep 33
Nami is done with your bullcrap, hockey dude

Back to Lil and Robin. They are playing games, and Robin wins, but Lil ain’t talking. Until that is, Robin tickles her into telling. She says that the flag is in Papa’s room, with a giant collection of flags among them. It’s his birthday, but the flag isn’t the present. She then takes out the Straw Hat’s bounty posters she has on her, and tells Robin that they’re his presents.

Ep 3
Weirdest Rock, Paper, Scissors game ever

On the Phoenix Pirates ship, Luffy is still attacking. Chopper tells Brindo their flag is their pride, and cares alot about it, and he attacks him as well. Brindo says that they can’t get to Lovely Land without him, but Luffy finally gets him and lands an attack. He laughs it off, and tells them he will talk. As Luffy stops punching, Brindo says he has the flag, and jumps off the ship. Only he jumps on a tiny boat to get away. Luffy stretches to the boat and gets on, but Brindo has his hands come off it, and Luffy falls into the ocean, starting to drown. The hunter thinks he’s escapes, but Puzzles gets him with his chain.


It’s Usopp’s turn to attack, and he gets a direct attack squarely on the woman’s face. The husband is enraged by this, and chases after Usopp for it. Chopper panics cause of Luffy drowning, and tries to jump in after him. As this is all happening, Puzzle gets a flashback to him and his crew with their flag. There’s more talk of him being King of the Pirates, the flag flying in the breeze, and the crew fighting other pirates and getting notorious because of it. After this, Puzzle uses his chain to rescue Luffy from the waters, and Chopper is glad Luffy’s now safe. In Lovely Land, the big guy is enjoying his flags (with some wine) and the family member there tells of how they got the flag, but not the Straw Hat’s yet. Papa sees someone walking inside. Turns out it is Zoro. He’s in Lovely Land, but doesn’t know what it is.

Franky finally gets a hit on the hockey guy, and thinks he won. He runs out of cola, with his hair becoming limp. He goes back to the sub to hear Nami complain about it being cold and hearing a rumble noise as the sub doesn’t work. Turns out, the rumbling noise is being caused by Hockera, who is freezing the sub over, and traps Nami and Franky inside. He then informs Lil that he has them, and she sends out more bird-fish things. She tells Robin about their capture. She also still wants to play with Robin, and Robin agrees, but only if they play at Lil’s home.

Overall, we got some good fights in this one. Some of them were pretty funny, others were meh. But we did get to see how things are turning out. Next week, the battle between the hunters and the Straw Hats for their flag/bounty continues. I give this episode 3.5 skate kicks to the face/5. See ya next time


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami 




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