Akame ga Kill! Episode 20 Recap: Kill Pandemonium

Original Airdate: November 17th, 2014

Adult Swim Airdate: January 23rd, 2016

We start this episode with the Capital plotting their next plan to take down Night Raid, and out of nowhere, Syura (that guy who kinda looks like Scar from Fullmetal Alchemist) and some Gamagoori wannabe decide to help the capital with their plans. While ignoring the fact that Seryu has just recently died, Wave and Kurome are awkwardly sitting in a room together while Run explains what’s going on with the Jaegers and how they lost nearly half of their members, and Kurome just passes out in the middle of the talk because that’s apparently her thing now. Meanwhile, Tatsumi and Lubbock are out on a mission to try and get into the capital from above ground, while Mine and Leone are trying to find the underground enterance. While they’re doing that, Leone teases Mine about her sudden thirst for Tatsumi’s dick, and of course, this causes her to go tsundere mode.

“It’s not like I like him or anything, BAKA”

After that little bit, Tatsumi and Lubbock discuss their plans for after the revolution. Tatsumi doesn’t have any idea what he’s supposed to do, and Lubbock decides that he wants to go back to working at the library and hopefully proposing to Najenda when the time is right. While they’re talking, they meet a girl from the resistance who wants Tatsumi and Lubbock to assist her in getting into the capital. They accept her request, and while they’re trying to get in, they notice a large amount of blood leaking from the door. They decide to open it, and to no one’s suprise, the room was filled with dead bodies. However, the bodies in that room are able to self-destruct because anime, and Surya and not-Gamagoori show up to fuck shit up. While they’re doing that, Surya reveals that he unleashed those danger beasts from a few episodes ago because he was bored. No really, that’s his big evil motivation. While they’re fighting, that song that plays in the Toonami edited version of the OP rears it’s ugly head in, and I found that kind of amusing for some reason.

Hey, I’d ship it.

On her way to go see Night Raid, Esdeath freezes a bunch of soliders and remarks how she’s going to defeat Night Raid or something like that. This scene really isn’t important, I just felt like pointing it out just because best girl is there. Back to the main fight, Surya shows off that he can use ZA WARUD-I mean Shambhala (And no, I don’t mean that crappy FMA movie). While Lubbock is fighting Surya, that one girl tries to restrain him, but it results in her getting killed instead (MMM WATCHA SAAAY!!! Counter: 1). After that happened, Lubbock manages to cut Surya’s arm off, but that one chick who was killed earlier comes back to life just to stab Lubbock and die again (I’m keeping the counter at 1, by the way), and Surya uses his powers to send Lubbock into space, but not before he drags Surya with him. He uses his spear to stab him in the heart and kill him (MMM WATCHA SAAAAY!!!!! Counter: 2), and all is good… Until Lubbock ends up falling to his inevitable death (MMM WATCHA SAAAAY!!!!! Counter: 3). Shortly after, Tatsumi is captured by the capital, and it’s up to Night Raid to save him!

Here lies Lubbock: he never scored

In the past 4 weeks, we’ve seen Bols, Chelsea, Seryu, Surya, and now Lubbock die. I have nothing against killing off major characters, but if you do it so many times in so many episodes, it starts to loose it’s emotional impact. This is the problem with overusing shock value, because once you do it so many times, it stops being shocking and starts becoming predictable. When they killed Lubbock, I couldn’t feel anything towards his death because I saw it coming from a mile away. Also, did I forget to mention that I can’t stand Surya’s English voice. I honestly don’t know what they’re trying to go with for his voice direction, since it feels like they’re trying to go with the gay lisp without making the character sound too gay even though the character isn’t gay at all. It all just comes out sounding very stilted and awkward. Honestly, I’m just kind of getting bored of this show at this point. I hope whatever replaces it is more interesting than this, and I sure as hell hope it doesn’t rerun at 3AM after Kill la Kill ends. I give this episode 4 impaled Lubbocks out of 10.

Akame ga Kill! can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30AM


One thought on “Akame ga Kill! Episode 20 Recap: Kill Pandemonium

  1. Ever since watching this show (or re-watching it on Toonami), I’ve been doing some long thinking about it and wow, I’m liking this show a lot less than I already have.
    I know we got 4 more episodes left but fuck, I’m with you. I’m ready for this shit to wrap up.

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