Parasyte The Maxim 13

Hello humans it’s meowth900 here bringing you another recap for Parasyte The Maxim. Week 13 we are more than halfway through this show. Too bad it’s bad parts are starting to show it’d ugly head. It’s nowhere near the grossness of the show that aired before it but I must admit it is quite aged. 

Plus this chick sucks balls.

Our story begins with out old pal Shinichi who is still upset over Kana’s death but finds solace in Murano’s company. Because nothing says company like a girlfriend who says “you are Shinichi Izumi aren’t you?” Every five seconds. It is then revealed that a league of parasites, Kusano, Gotou and Reiko Tamura included, along with Hirokawa, have designated feeding locations to raise their kind’s survival chances. 

Kana the now dead stalker bitch took up so much screen time that I almost forgot that these characters still existed. Tamura has hired Shirou Kuramori to follow Shinichi closely. Her baby is now born, but her feelings towards it have apparently not changed. That’s good. I was worried she’d become a softy mom like every female in anime does around babies.

Tamura sends some thugs after Shinichi and Kuramori captures the fight on camera. Later, “Younare Shinichi Izumi aren’t you” Murano is unnerved by Shinichi’s calmness in spite of Kana’s death. He visits the place of her death to further mourn her, tailed by Kuramori. Migi notices him and unsuccessfully attempts to kill him but snags his camera in the process. 

 As a result, Shinichi becomes paranoid about becoming a laboratory test subject. I don’t blame you there Shinichi, between a parasite hand, two stalker bitches, and being a high school student I’d also become paranoid. 

The episode ends with Shinichi wanting to tell “you are Shinichi Izumi aren’t you?” Murano everything, but Migi threatens to kill her. Jeez it’s like I’m watching Arrow all over again. Or to be more up to date it feels like I’m watching The Flash. 

Except she’s more annoying than Iris and Felicity sometimes.

You can watch Parasyte The Maxim every Saturday at 1am on Toonami on Adult Swim. 

If you’re too impatient and want to see what happens next immediately you can watch Parasyte The Maxim on Crunchyroll and Hulu

If you want to read the manga Kodansha Comics has the license and is putting out the manga volumes. You can buy them from Amazon or Rightstuf, and you can follow them on Twitter @KodanshaUSA


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