One Piece Episode 331 Recap

Original Airdate: 11/18/2007

I’m back again with another One Piece recap, as we are now at the halfway point through this filler arc. That’s good news as Thriller Bark is so close. Last time, some of the crew was captured, Robin was going to Lovely Land with Lil, while Zoro was already there. And others were fighting still. What happens this week? Let’s find out on “Hot Full Throttle! The Twins Magnetic Power Drawing Near!”

We begin the episode with Salchow, the husband, chasing after Usopp for burning his wife’s face with one of his attacks. Sanji is also running with him cause he’s pissed he did it as well (So much for being crewmates, huh?) Sanji then circles back to Arbell, and wants her to show him love. She shows him a face full of fist instead, which being Sanji, he still loves. Luffy meanwhile thanks Puzzle for saving him from drowning. Jiro is still angry at Brindo, and all the other Phoenix Pirates want payback as well. Brindo laughs it off, and says he and his brother will get them. All of them are angry and are about to beat him up, but Puzzle stops it. He wants to make a deal with them: Let his crew leave, and Puzzle will surrender himself. The others hate the idea, but Statsen agrees with it, saying they have to listen because captain’s orders. As Puzzle has a flashback to a couple episodes ago of his crew getting beat up, he says again they aren’t pirates anymore. Brindo still laughs at them, but Luffy shuts him up. He still wants to know where their flag is, and will beat the info out of him. Brindo promises that when another person gets to where they are, they will take him to it. Even though he has other plans for them when the person shows.

Big Papa is still mad that the flag hasn’t been delivered to him, or that the birthday party hasn’t happened yet. The other family member promises it will, as Papa gets really pissed. So pissed, he warms the place up. Robin is still going to Lil’s home, and Lil points to Nami and Franky’s posters saying they will join them soon. Speaking of, Nami wants Franky to figure out how to get out of their frozen predicament. He suggest using Fresh Fire to melt the ice, but that makes Nami mad cause she doesn’t want to get burned. The couple are still attacking Usopp and Sanji. Sanji is still caught up in wooing Arbell, and will show her how good he is. As the couple start their next attack, Sanji is about to kick them, but slips on the ice, and the duo get Usopp instead. He thinks he’ll die if he takes another attack like that, but Sanji ignores him. He comes up with another plan to stop the couple, which is to stand on Usopp’s back so he won’t slip. Usopp hates the idea, but it works as the couple gets kicked/separated by Sanji. He then wants Arbell to notice him again, only for her to angrily choke him, which again, Sanji likes.

Weirdest three-way ever

As Usopp tries to do his thing where he lies about everything, and says he’s beat them, the couple tells them that they weren’t just skating around in circles for fun. They then kick the ice, and the ice ariund Usopp and Sanji breaks, sending them both into the freezing cold water below. Usopp tries his best to swim, but he is hampered by biting penguins. As for Sanji, he’s stuck in la-la land still, and thinks it’s the end for him. The couple fish out the two of them, ready to bring them to their Papa.

As Brindo is still chained up, a transponder snail he has in his back pocket starts to ring. Jiro takes it out and answers. The guy on the other end is wondering where his brother is. Jiro tells him the Phoenix Pirates have him and will execute Brindo if need be. Brindo starts to laugh again, and tells them his brother is coming for them now and they will unleash all their powers. He then starts to glow red, which amazes Luffy and Chopper. The crew then sees a guy on a piece of ice heading their way, and he crashes it into the ship. He is glowing blue. Brindo breaks from his chains, and the two are together now. The brother is his twin, Campacino. As they explain with how they both repel and get attached to each other, they use magnetism. It’s a brotherly link power that is formed with their own brotherly love or something. They also say their power doesn’t come from a Devil Fruit, but that it happens cause “They are twins!” This amazes Luffy, while the others think it’s bullshit

The twins look at the bounties, and like Luffy and Puzzle’s bounties. They don’t care for Chopper’s 50 berry bounty, and ignore him, which ticks Chopper off. The twins then start using combo magnetism attacks on Luffy, and look like they get him off the ship, but Luffy fires back at the blue one with a Gum-Gum Rocket.

Zoro enters a room, and can tell it is very hot in the room. He finds Papa who thinks it’s the twin, but sees it’s not him. He then decides to share a drink with Zoro. They complain about their problems: Papa not having his family there, and waiting for them, while Zoro can’t find his crew and says they got lost again (Only Zoro would think this.) Papa does wonder where Zoro came from too.


As the fight continues, the twins decide to use Luffy’s weakness against him and toss him in the sea. He doesn’t fall for the trick again, but the twins’ attacks get him off the boat. Luffy skips on the water before landing on a piece of ice. He still attacks with his Gum-Gum Gatling, but the twins repel each other to dodge. The Phoneix Pirates ship starts to move cause of the current, and as it hits a iceberg, part of it is about to fall on Jiro. Puzzle stops it from happening, but the crew can’t turn the ship around to get back to Luffy. As Zoro is still drinking, he sees all the flags around him. Papa tells him it’s a collection, and Zoro thinks it’s an annoying hobby. Suddenly, one of the bird-fish flies through the window with a flag. The big guy shows the flag to Zoro, and he immediately recognizes that it’s their flag. Papa knew all along who Zoro was, and how much he has for a bounty. This angers Zoro as the episode ends.

Overall, another pretty good episode. We got some funny moments, and alot of fghting during it. We also learned that you can apparently get powers from being twins. Because only in anime can that happen. See you next time as the fight for the flag continues. I give this episode 3.5 magnetic twin powers/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami. 



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