Parasyte The Maxim 14

Hello guys it’s meowth900 here recapping the latest episode of Parasyte The Maxim. We are on the fourteenth episode which is good. There’s less of the annoying Murano and Kana is dead. 

I know I am evil.

The episode begins with the investigator guy Kuramori deciding to continue with his investigation on the parasites. Uda or the guy with the Pikachu cheeks and the parasite on his jaw shows up again and Shinichi decides to get some help from him.

 Shinichi and Uda team up to stop the investigation. Also, Uda decides to give Parasite a different name because the media keeps talking about the creatures. Parasite decides call himself Joe Mama. Well not really, he’s just gonna be called Joe. 

The four of them track down Kuwamori, find him and threaten him to stop. 

Also Uda has a Terminator chin. 

Shinichi notices Migi is acting more emotional than usual. Maybe its becoming more human? 

Elsewhere Tamura or the lady parasite with the baby is attending a lecture at the local college. It appears that she is learning about the “selfish gene” and the altering of the human body and mind when one reproduces. She also has her baby sleeping on the chair, and some dumb bitches are staring at it instead of paying attention to the lecture. Hope they don’t fail the test. After the lecture Tamura meets up with Shinichi. 

She explains that some parasites are looking at ways to coexist with humans. She also deduces that Shinichi’s mother was killed by a parasite. Shinichi remembers his mother, gets pissed off and attacks Tamura. Tamura uses her baby as a shield and Shinichi stops the attempt. It was a smart move because no “human” would kill a baby. 

Later on Shinichi runs into a fortune teller lady and asks to get his palm read. The fortune teller lady tells. Shinichi that he should seek closure with the person who gave him the hole in his heart so he can be his old self again. His parasite possessed mother. Shinichi grins like an evil villain and says he already killed the person. The episode ends. Wow what a cliffhanger. 

Parasyte The Maxim is licensed by Sentai Filmworks, and the shiny disc release is almost here. You can watch Parasyte The Maxim every Saturday at 1am on Toonami on Adult Swim.  

You can also watch Parasyte The Maxim on Crunchyroll and Hulu however they are in Japanese and have. English subtitles. 

You can also buy the Parasyte manga on Amazon or Rightstuf. It’s translated by Kodansha Comics. 


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