Naruto Shippuden Episode 98 Recap: “The Target Appears”

Original Airdate: 2/26/2009

Welcome back to another edition of Naruto Shippuden filler hell. Yes, we are stuck on here, and will be that way till … *checks* … till the middle of May. Ugghhhhh. Last time, we had some fights with Hinata leading the way, even though she got crystallized. Then Naruto and the damn frogs appeared, and they used their new move. Did it work? Let’s find out.

Naruto uses his Wind-Style: Toad Water Pistol on the barrier, and we see that it did work in breaking the barrier, surprising Guren. Naruto and has group arrive and he wants to have some fun himself, until he sees Hinata crystallized. Kakashi tells him to clam down so they can save her, and not have the crystal shatter. As they plan their strategy, Naruto attacks with another Toad Water Pistol, but Guren crystallizes the attack, and then uses a Crystal-Style Jutsu and calls out a crystal dragon. Because fuck you, she can have a crystal dragon. It’s not canon.

Can this one grant wishes as well?

She turns their attack on them with said dragon. But the group is only focused on rescuing Hinata. Kakashi himself will face Guren for the distraction. He bargains having himself being a hostage, but Guren attacks him and Yamato. She falls for the trap, and Naruto and the frog take Hinata (with the yellow frog eating her.) They then retreat from her, as she complains about her clothes being dirty (Really?)

The group are all together as the yellow frog tries to put Hinata down nice and slowly. However, as seen on Samurai Champloo earlier with Fuu, a fly distracts the frog, and the frog stupidly drops Hinata. The crystal starts to break, but luckily stops. Pakku, the little doggy, tells of how the crystal jutsu gets everything, including the insides. They decide to get Hinata back to the Leaf, but before that, the crystal starts to break again, and it shatters completely. However, Hinata is alive and all well. Shino wonders why she didn’t break and scatter like his insects and other things did. Hinata explains she released all her chakra from chakra points to make a barrier at the last moment. The jutsu can’t crystallize chakra, so she survived. She’s worried about Naruto worrying about her, but he’s happy she’s ok.

The group now needs to find Guren and her squad. Sakura and Sai will stay with Hinata as the others find them. Here there is barrier talk, and other stuff that got really fucking boring, that I actually spaced out and decided to write “SHUT UP!!!” on my notes. Again.

Embedded image permalink

Yeah, I really don’t care. But even though that happen, something else happened. The animals decide to go away. That means, no more frogs. Some of my friends (and writers) were really happy about this.

Yup, a glorious day. Also, Kabuto was creepily watching the group too. Yukimaru is happy to see Guren and the squad come back. He talks about meeting a “boy with a headband” and how he talked with him, and HE’S TALKING ABOUT HOME AND CRAP AGAIN!! WHY WON’T HE JUST SHUT UP!!! *in Shana voice* SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UPPPPP!!!!!! Anywho, the group don’t think they know Yukimaru is associated with them, and Yukimaru has his home with Guren and blah blah. Guren does want to meet with this boy, and has already made her mind up. But before that, Kabuto walks in, and taunts her about losing Orochimaru’s trust, and other crap cause he’s an annoying prick. They go to the lake again, but leave the Guren Squad behind, other than the big guy, who rows their boat. Kabuto says they need few witnesses for this part, because there is something there few have seen. He tells Yukimaru everything will be alright, and Guren will take care of him.

Back with Naruto and the others, they are trying to pick up the trail of Guren, but have to look out for bats. Shino gets an idea though. Instead of avoiding the bats, they will use them and creates a strategy with them. Naruto, being Naruto doesn’t get it at all.

NS 2
“Can you repeat the idea to me? My brain can only process 1/2 thing at a time.”

There’s more talking and complaining which lead me again to, well do this.

Embedded image permalink

Kakashi tells Naruto to send out 10 Shadow Clones through the forest, as Naruto is still skeptical about the plan. As Kiba explains to him, the bats will detect the clones, they find a bat, and the bat will go back to its master and they will find the enemy. Kiba taunts Naruto for not figuring this out, and Naruto for his appreciation, then shows the most action we see on this episode. Which is, he let’s out a giant fart on Kiba and Akamaru, destroying their noses. Yeah, Naruto’s an asshole.

On the lake again, Kabuto gets a funny feeling from the lake. He, with Guren’s help, will do another test with Yukimaru. He gives him alot of medicine. Guren questions this, but you know, it’s Orochimaru’s plan. The medicine is different, and, according to Kabuto, won’t cause pain. Yukimaru takes it all. Guren then uses the jutsu Jade Crystal Hexagonal Column and a bunch of crystal pillars appear from the water. Yukimaru starts to scream loudly, and releases a ton of chakra. Something is coming up from the water, and the big guy is wondering what it is. Kabuto says the test was successful, and that a Tailed Beast is appearing. The Three-Tail Beast to be exact.

Overall, this episode. Yeah … look, when I write “SHUT UP!!!” on notes 3 freakin’ times, the episode is not good. When people are happy that animal characters are finally gone, the episode was not good. When a goddamn fart attack from the main character that is suppose to be a funny moment, is actually the most action we saw from this episode, this episode. WAS NOT GOOD!! This episode sucked, and this filler continues to suck. But even though it did suck, there was some good news. This was the first episode of Naruto Shippuden that wasn’t shown/edited on Disney xd. These are all new to US TV from here on out. So that’s the only positive I’ll write for this. I give this episode 1 farting ninja/5.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami 


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