One Piece Episode 332 Recap

Original Airdate: 11/25/2007

Another Toonami night has come and gone. And that means another One Piece recap from me. If you been keeping up, I congratulate you for still reading. If this is your first time, welcome. And I promise to be gentle. Mostly. Anyway, the Straw Hats are still fighting the filler characters on here for their flag. Let’s continue on “Mansion of Great Chaos! The Enraged Don and the Captured Crew!”

Luffy is still fighting the twins, as both Brindo and Campacino are taunting Luffy, and bragging about their strength. Luffy just wants his flag back, and will fight them both for the info. The only problem: The ice. It’s hard to fight on there. The twins say it’s their “homefield advantage” since they know the icy landscape all too well. Of course, both slip on the ice as they are fighting Luffy, and blame it on him. Their attacks continue. Meanwhile, Hockera delivers the sub back home in Lovely Land, dropping it into the pit, which shatters the ice enclosing the sub. Nami and Franky get out of the sub and see they are in a pit. They find Usopp and Sanji all tied up, and Sanji apologizes to Nami for it.

EP 332

They’re all in the ice pit, and Arbell tells them they will freeze in there, if they don’t surrender themselves to Papa. They inform them they will capture the others soon. Zoro himself is facing off with Papa, and will cut him down for taking the flag. Papa is mad, and burning up, making the room hotter. He has Devil Fruit powers, as he ate the Hot-Hot Fruit. His powers can melt anything it touches into liquid if he gets mad, including Zoro’s swords. Zoro attacks with his 108-Pound Callibur Phoenix attack, but it doesn’t faze Papa. It only makes him more angry, cause he could have hit “his collection.”

The others try to break out of the icy pit, but all of their efforts fail (especially Usopp’s.) Nami does develop an idea using Franky’s cola, but he only has so much cola left. His Coup de Boo gets them up only so high, and Sanji jumps off him to get to the top. But the hockey guy stop him in his tracks. The family gets a call on the Transponder Snails about Papa being out of control, and leave the captured Straw Hats for now. They see Papa all mad, and can’t control him when he’s this angry. They see Zoro too, but he ignores them. He’s about to attack again, but one of the members opens a trap below Zoro, sending him falling. The family members tell Papa he will get his collection, as the Straw Hats are almost all rounded up. They beg and cry for him to calm down.

Luffy is still going at it with the “clones” (his words). The twins attack once more, and look to put a finishing blow on Luffy. But he dodges it, and launches a Gatling attack, breaking all the ice around the two. As the twins float off, they get a call about Papa going berserk, and are off to calm him themselves. Luffy tries to reach out to the floating ice they’re on, but misses and they float away.

EP 334

Back at the pit, the others try to wake Usopp (read: beat him) to keep him from falling asleep in the icy pit. They notice that Zoro is with them now, and he ask them where they were, like they themselves got lost. He tells them he saw the flag, and wonders why it’s here while needing to get it back. (He then makes fun of Sanji for letting it be stolen, and they fight, of course.) Robin is also back, but not in the pit. She’s above with Lil, and Lil wants Robin to stay with her. Lil asks if she will come to the birthday party. Robin thinks it over, as the others are begging her to help them out of the pit, and she agrees to go with Lil. Also, Luffy returns to the Phoenix Pirate’s ship and nearly sinks it.

As they are making their way to Papa, Robin notices it getting warmer as they go. Lil sees Papa is angry, and decides to leave him alone for now. Before leaving, Robin ask Lil for a favor, wanting some of the snacks and drinks to be delivered to her fiends, even though they are hot. A crony does deliver them, and Franky gets the cola he needed. Recharged, he uses a Coup de Burst and a Coup de Boo to break themselves out of the prison. (The 2 AM shows involved a lot of farting.)

Jiro meanwhile wants to go with Luffy and Chopper to get the flag back, so the Phoenix Pirates can rise up again. Puzzle doesn’t want him to go, and still says he’s given up. Jiro cries and still says he believes that Puzzle will be King of the Pirates, for it’s his dream. Luffy hits Jiro cause of this. He had it with this nonsense of Puzzle being King of the Pirates, because Puzzle is a coward. And because Luffy himself will be that. Even though he does this, he still tells Jiro he himself is strong, and has a big heart. Jiro will still go to get the flag back, even if Puzzle is hesitant. As he is worried for Jiro, and really frustrated, he tells the crew to go after Jiro. The family is still trying to cheer Papa up, and the other Straw Hats are looking for the room with the flag. Luffy arrives and yells out, wanting to know where his flag is. Everyone hears him. Papa’s “birthday present” has arrived, and he apologizes to his kids for getting so mad.

EP 333

Overall, this episode was pretty meh. Yes, there was still some fights, and it had its funny moments. But really, it was just mostly building up for what’s to come with Papa Don Acchino and Luffy. See you next time as we continue on this One Piece filler arc. I give this episode 2.5 burning, red hot Papa’s/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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