Parasyte The Maxim 15

Hello people it’d meowth900 I know this recap is very late but when you’re in college that usually comes first. 

A new parasite is in town and his name is Miki. Miki lures a young woman to a designated feeding area and eats her and also one of Kuramori’s assistants gets eaten as well eh whatever. The investigator guy approaches Shinichi for help. The boy kills another Parasite that was about to feed, but is unable to save the young woman he brought along. Rest in peace random chick. 

Kuramori, horrified by what he witnessed, allows Migi to destroy the Parasite footage he had gathered and calls his investigation off. Hooray finally some adult has a brain!  Shinichi makes it his goal to save as many people as he can by eradicating Parasites. Congrats Shinichi you are now the average anime superhero. Hirokawa’s group plans to kill Shinichi and Tamura expresses interest in dissecting him. Hirokawa wants Gotou to go after Shinichi, but hey the other parasites consider sending Miki out instead.

There’s also a dream sequence somewhere featuring a boney looking Ryuk. It sounded like Migi though. 

The next day Migi senses three Parasites. Yes. Three parasites are coming to kill Shinichi. Shinichi flees the school area and isolates himself in the countryside.

Later bitch.

Miki shows up while Migi is asleep and Shinichi leads him on a chase. That Miki guy sure seems friendly though.

The episode ends with Migi realizing that all three Parasites are inside Miki’s body. I hate cliffhangers. 
Parasyte The Maxim airs every Saturday night at 1am on toonami on adult swim. Stay tuned for the rest of Akame Ga Kill and look out for the show coming after it. 

If you also hate cliffhangers you can watch the rest of Parasyte The Maxim on Crunchyroll and Hulu plus. However remember they are in Japanese with English subtitles.

If you like manga the Parasyte manga is being translated by Kodansha Comics. You can buy it on Amazon, Rightstuff, or where ever you buy manga from. 


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