Naruto Shippuden Episode 99 Recap: “The Rampaging Tailed Beast”

Original Airdate: 3/5/2009

So, before I start, I just wanted to say, I tried to get out of my Naruto Shippuden duties, so I get to do Dimension W when it starts in 2 weeks. I tried to pass them on to our sites creator. Want to know how that went?

Not so well. So, I’m still stuck on here for the time being. Last week was a very shitty episode. Was this any better? Let’s find out.

As the gang is flying through the trees, we see Yukimaru again screaming at the top of his lungs, all the chakra poring out. But enough of him, let’s go move on to a duo of Akatsuki members we haven’t seen in a long time. We have Deidara (Hmmph!) and Tobi, and Tobi is being annoying to Deidara. (Full disclourse. I actually LOVE Tobi on here. He’s one of the best things about Shippuden for how funny he can get. It’s too bad he [Censored so no one gets pissed at me for spoiling stuff]) They are both trying to catch the Tailed Beast themselves. But they can’t find it. Or in Tobi’s case, he can’t remember what they’re doing. They sit for dumplings, and Tobi sees some art, says it looks like Deidara’s and calls his a “rip-off”, and Deidara chases/kicks Tobi’s ass.


Back at the lake, the 3-tails is surfacing. Shino can sense that his bugs feel an abnormal chakra. So does Akamaru. They can tell they are close by to it. The Guren Squad can also feel the chakra, saying how it’s full of “bloodlust”. The bats the team are still following head into the fog, and they can sense the chakra in the fog. They have to be ready for action to happen. Which just involves getting attacked by a bunch of bats. The bat tell their master of Kakashi’s group coming, and he tells smokescreen guy to release more smoke.

Kakashi’s group has to split up now to get to the lake, so he sends Naruto off by himself as a diversion. He can’t engage with the enemy though. Kakashi trust him, mostly cause of his unpredictability with how he can gets things to happen. As Naruto leaves, the others get caught in the new smokescreen, and can’t see, but keep their guard up. As Naruto gets closer he somehow flies right into the lake. And then he resurfaces from drowning …. because of the frogs. Before I go on, Rob, how do you feel about this?

Yeah, thought so. Anyway, Yukimaru is still screaming, and the Tailed Beast is coming. It’s a giant turtle, by the way, and Yukimaru and his screaming is somehow controlling it. Of course, he’s also losing control of his power, and Guren needs to fix this. She can’t, as his chakra runs dry, and the giant turtle becomes mad and roars loudly. The roar can be heard throughout. The giant turtle starts to go on a rampage, smashing the boat, sending Kabuto and others onto/into the lake. Kabuto tells Guren to stop it, but the giant turtle is pretty fast itself. She uses a Crystal-Style attack to stop it at first, but it doesn’t work as the 3-Tails breaks free easily. She tries using another Crystal-Style jutsu, which looked alot like Krillin’s attack that he used on Frieza in DBZ Kai. Again, nothing worked. She needs a bigger jutsu that will take some time to stop the out-of-control beast, and the big guy grabs hold of the giant turtle long enough for her to do it, before he is flung off by it himself. She uses a bigger Crystal-Style attack and finally, has the giant turtle crystallized.


Kabuto himself didn’t know Guren was so strong, while Guren used up most of her chakra. Kakashi’s group are bickering that they are too close in the smoke. The Guren Squad uses this as a opportunity to ambush them, but Hinata, all better now, uses her Byakugan to stop their attack. Meanwhile, Naruto and the stupid frogs sees the giant turtle in the crystal, and tells him it’s the 3-Tails. The giant turtle then wakes up and breaks out of its crystal prison again.

Yellow frog: “Is that ice cream, brother?” Orange frog: “Are you a fucking idiot?”

Kabuto tells Guren to stop it yet again (For real, why can’t his bitch ass do it himself? Stupid four-eyed prick.) She tells the big guy to protect Yukimaru before attacking the giant turtle. It doesn’t work again, and Naruto questions this. He then sees Yukimaru with them, and now knows he is actually with them. As she still attacking and failing, Yukimaru gets the crystal out and says he wants her to stay with him. Almost done herself, she tells the big guy to get the kid outta there. Of course, Yukimaru doesn’t want to go, and screams some more and unleashes more chakra to control the giant turtle, which Naruto sees himself. The 3-Tails, unhappy about this, jumps and creates a big tsunami, which gets everyone in the lake. The tsunami is also going towards Kakashi’s group as well. For some reason, there is a dimensional opening that goes to the giant turtles world in the lake that Guren sees and Naruto is caught in. (Wasn’t Dimension W supposed to come in 2 weeks? Yeah I know, bad joke.) Anyway, after a flashback, she uses the rest of her powers to save Yukimaru. She passes out and wakes up on dried land, with the kid holding her hand.

Get out of here! Don’t be stuck in this filler hell like I am!

Overall, still an average episode, but like the last time it was an average score, still better than the one that was shown a week before. The positives were that there was some action on this, and that we, or mostly me, got to see Tobi again. Also, the 3-Tails turtle is pretty strong itself. The negatives, of course were the frogs coming back, yet again. *Sigh* We will never be rid of them, will we? I give this episode 2.5 Giant Angry Turtles/5. Now enjoy, as Rob destroys his liver once more.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami 


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