One Piece Episode 333 Recap

Original Airdate: 12/2/2007

Hey every 2-3 people, me again with another One Piece recap. Last time we had a pretty average episode, where we were getting set up for all the pieces to come together for the big fight. We are nearly there, as the group is all in Lovely Land now. Let’s get on with it. But first, the long ass episode title that Toei decided to come up with. Freakin’ Toei! On to “The Return of the Phoenix! The Dream of the Pirate Flag Sworn to a Friend!”

The Straw Hats are still trying to get and find their stolen flag from the Acchino family, before Luffy can scold them for it. Zoro is in the lead, and since he knows where it is, he tells them to follow him, which makes Nami and Sanji nervous. And with good reason too. Because Zoro stupidly gets them lost in the big place. He leads them to a kitchen, to a room filled with toys (I’m gonna guess it is Lil’s?), and to a pantry full of flour, which Sanji wants for the food he makes. Stupid directionless Zoro was guessing where to go, and is not getting them anywhere. To make matters worse for the crew, Luffy has arrived in Lovely Land. The Acchino family welcomes him, to which Luffy declares it looks dumb.

EP 333

Usopp says they’re screwed since Luffy is here. Zoro is still gonna search for the flag himself. The only problem with that is Zoro himself, as he crashes into something as he leaves. After Zoro goes off, Robin arrives and is thanked by the group, while also getting blame for being the only one getting “royal treatment”.  She knows that their top priority is the flag, and dealing with Luffy. The group decides they can fool Luffy, because not only did he not see the flag get stolen, but because’s he’s a moron. I mean, who needs enemies when you have such great friends for support, huh? Anyway, Robin will find and get the flag back, unlike Zoro, who is still fucking lost.

Luffy continues his fight where he left off with the twins, and they are getting some of their attacks on him. They still gloat about their power, and how it’s all because of brotherly love. While Luffy still stupidly thinks they are clones. The lovey-dovey couple also attacks Luffy. They kiss in front of him, which grosses him out. The hockey guy attacks Chopper and starts to freeze him. It doesn’t faze Chopper, since he’s use to it. But it affects Jiro, who’s also with him. Luffy punches Hockera in the back of the head, saying he accidently got him by stretching. He then says Jiro and Chopper can handle him themselves. Jiro wants to fight for the honor of the Phoenix Pirates. Chopper uses a Rumble Ball, and uses Guard Point to turn into a big fluffy furball. Hockera tries to land some attacks, but Chopper’s Guard Point stops them all. He rolls and chases the hockey guy around, before Jiro throws an ice ball, knocks the hockey guy off, and Chopper flattens him with Guard Point. Hockera is mad and whistles, and it summons a bunch of Domo-Penguins, who are all trained, and also savage/hungry.

EP 333 4

Not only do they surround both Chopper and Jiro, but Chopper’s Rumble Ball time limit hits its mark, reverting him back to normal. Luckly, Puzzle and his crew arrive to help, only for the mad penguins to surround them as well. They see Jiro fight the little pests himself, and thinks he’s over his head. But it does remind them of Vigaro and Puzzle in the old days. A flashback is shown of Vigaro talking to Statsen, and how he stands for Puzzle and thinks he will rise like a Phoenix, etc. Puzzle sees how everyone around him is fighting. This leads to more flashbacks, and awakens something that was missing, as he attacks the penguins. He says sorry to his crew, and decides to get the flag back in honor of Vigaro. Jiro is very happy his captain is back to his senses. He then lands a big blow on the hockey guy, and tells Luffy his crew will finish the hunters off, which Luffy happily allows them to.

The Straw Hats come out of the building, and start calling out the Acchinos. Sanji’s mad since the couple are still kissing, he still thinks he has a shot with the wife.  Franky and Nami go after the hockey guy for what he did earlier to them. And Usopp acts like Usopp. Mostly, this is all to distract Luffy from going inside to get the flag. They need to keep him busy so Robin can find it first. Usopp tells Luffy and Chopper that there is a magical barrier protecting the door, and the only way to open it is to beat the Acchinos. Of course, they both believe it. As Robin is still searching, Lil finds her. Robin wants to see Papa’s room, and Lil takes her on a shortcut through a greenery. Lil talks of her sister again, and how much she hates that she married the ugly guy, and wants to play with Robin once more. Robin knows Lil lied about going to see the room, while Lil knows Robin lied as well. She’s not leaving Lil, as Robin gets all tied up in vines from the plants. Lil wants Robin to be her new big sister.

EP 333 2
I seen enough you-know-what to know where this is going.

Back outside, Sanji says he won’t fall for Arbell’s “tricks” again. Which she then kisses at him, and he quickly falls for it. Again (Fucking Sanji man!) Franky unleashes a Fresh Fire on the hockey guy, turning him to a burnt crisp, finally ending that battle. Luffy Gatlings and Bazookas Brindo, sending him right through the door. The other twin is facing Puzzle, and he gets are big and muscular to fight Puzzle. As the others see the door is open now, Nami has had it with Sanji’s stupidity, and takes on the wife herself. She wants to end this quickly, and with a Thunderbolt Tempo, she does. Sanji then kicks the husband in the face, which knocks him out. But as the hunters go down, Papa appears from the door, and he’s steaming looking at his family be defeated. Luffy, for some reason, is wondering why he’s naked. He’s angry the “naked balloon guy” trapped them here, and he him beat him to get their flag back. We end the episode with Zoro, still fucking lost.

Overall, this was a pretty fun episode with some funny moments in them. We can still laugh at Zoro for how directionless he is, while also seeing how the power of the Straw Hats can be when they focus on one thing (This time, distracting their idiot captain.) Also, the small fights are finally over, and now we have the (literally) big boss filler fight. The Luffy vs Don Acchino fight starts next week. Watch for that. I give this episode 3 lost, directionless Zoros/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami 





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