Akame ga Kill Episode 23 Recap: Kill the Emperor

Original Airdate: December 8th, 2014

Adult Swim Airdate: February 13th, 2016

Oh thank god, just two episodes left and I’ll never have to recap this series again! Can I just say that I’m really looking forward to Dimension W right now? It already looks more interesting than the show it’s replacing. Where was I? Oh yeah, Akame. I should probably talk about that before I get too sidetracked. And sorry if I’m sounding overly bitter and cynical with my recaps, I’m just really sick of this show.

The episode begins with Wave moping over Kurome’s death. His monologuing basically boils down to…

Yeah, that. Back at the Night Raid base, the remaining four members are pretty much sitting around talking about the plans after their last mission, which is to assassinate Minister Honest (how subtle ironically naming your bad guy that). Tatsumi then makes a promise to Akame to make it out alive, and we all know how that’ll turn out, given how most of these situations turned out in the past. Because of the shit security, Leone was able to make it into the building very easilly, and they head straight for the Emperor’s office. Before they can get to that, they have to make it past the indoor guards first. Before Night Raid kills any of the guards, Run shows up to confront them, and he tells the guards to leave so he can fight Night Raid by himself. Run reveals that he was once a teacher who had his students kidnapped and killed by the capital. Nobody did anything about it, so he decided to join the Jaegers in order to attack the capital from the inside. However, he thought Night Raid’s acts of violence were unnecessary, so he decided to fight againts Night Raid instead. Leone stays back to fight Run, and Akame and Tatsumi go to take on the emperor.


At his office, not King Joffer-I mean the emperor is worried that his plans for running the capital are failing, and Minister Honest keeps convincing him that he’s doing the right thing, and tells the emperor to teach the revolutionists a lesson. Tatsumi and Akame then break into the emperor’s office, then they start fighting. the minister has his shield up, and for whatever reason, he burps mid-sentence. Unless your name happens to be Rick Sanchez, that is not acceptable. Oh god, what if the minister is an alternate version of Rick and the emperor is his Morty? Anyway, before I start creating a fan-theory, the emperor summons not-Big O, because giant robots exist in this show now. Of course, this causes destruction of the city and a ton of innocent people are dead because of it. It’s up to Tatsumi to take on the giant robot and to convince the emperor that what he’s doing is wrong. Of course, because of the manipulation from Minister Honest, he doesn’t go down so easilly. Right when it looks like hope is lost, Wave comes in to help Tatsumi fight the emperor because he swiched sides now. Also, Leone and Run have stopped fighting for now, if you’re wondering how that’s going.


While fighting, Tatsumi remembers something Susanoo said about all enemies having a weak spot, and he tries to find it on the emperor’s robot. However, he gets slammed down and starts having a near-death experience. During this experience, he encounters Bulat (oh how I wish you were still alive), who gives him one big motivational boost to help him finish off the emperor. Tatsumi then unleashes his power, and his armor turns into this weird dragon thing. He uses all of his strength for one final blow against the emperor, and he ends up defeating the robot. However, the way the robot was falling, it was just about to crush a bunch or random civilians, so Tatsumi tries to push it back so that nobody dies. This results in him getting crushed by the robot, ending the episode on his death. TAKE US AWAY, ROB!

Once again, I do not give a shit about Tatsumi’s death. He was not all that interesting of a character, and it’s not like we haven’t seen his character done a million times before (case in point, every harem/shonen protaginist ever). He’s pretty much Guts if you take away the interesting backstory and motivation and insert every shonen cliche ever. Hell, his Imperial Arm is more or less Guts’ armor. I’m not saying that Tatsumi has to be as complex of a character as Guts, since Berserk’s writing is of a higher calibur than Akame’s, but for Christ’s sake, give me at least one reason to care about him! Do something to make him stand out as a likable character instead of just making every woman in the show (and Bulat) attracted to his dick. I’m sorry if I sound like a broken record at this point, but it’s way too hard to ignore these glaring issues with the show. And can we also bring up Wave switching sides all of a sudden? You’ve seen so many other people on your team die, but the one to make you turn against the government is Kurome? I would’ve understood if they at least developed the relationship between Wave and Kurome prior to this, but we don’t get to see why he’s more attached to Kurome than he was to any of the other Jaegers. I’d also like to mention the bad acting from not-King Joffrey, because it’s pretty damn noticable. I’m sure the voice actress was giving it her all, but it just didn’t sound good at all, especially with the instances of the emperor screaming. It sounded more like something out of a middle school play than a professional anime dub. It’s especially embarassing considering the show that comes on after Akame has way better directing and acting than this and is from the same director. It may not be as bad as, say, Penguindrum‘s dub, but that still doesn’t mean it’s not a weak dub. Good thing that after this, I only have one more episode and then I never have to touch this series again. I give this episode 3 giant robots out of 10

Akame ga Kill! can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM!


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