The Venture Bros. Episode Recap, 06×03: “Faking Miracles”

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“It got cancelled after six issues. Not Kirby’s best work.” – Gary (Henchman 21)


Hey, everyone. RobBarracuda here, and it’s time to talk about the newest episode of The Venture Bros., “Faking Miracles”. Wide Wale hosts a party at his place while Dean makes an effort to get accepted into college. Hopefully Wale’s guests keep the damn music down.

Plot A: Wide Wale’s Party

The episode opens on an out-of-context scene of the original Team Venture being held in the captivity of Scaramantula. Suddenly, the scene is interrupted by a Green Hornet spoof called the Blue Morpho who rescues Team Venture from captivity. As it turns out, this scene is actually an excerpt from a comic book that Gary is reading to the Monarch as he explains his theory about the mysterious underground lair’s origins, namely that the Blue Morpho is possibly The Monarch’s father.Faking Miracles - Blue Morpho Costume

Brock is out for a jog, having forced Hank and Dean to go along with him. During the jog, Hank catches sight of the woman he was spying on in the first episode (soon revealed to be Wale’s daughter), but as he attempts to catch up to her, Wide Wale’s minions pin him to the ground and stop him.

The Council is hosting a meeting at Wide Wale’s tower to decide on new members, settling on Dr. Phineas Phage as a new addition. The meeting is interrupted by Wale’s daughter returning home, furious about how her bodyguards treated Hank. A short time later, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch calls The Monarch to remind him about a party being hosted at Wide Wale’s tower for his daughter’s birthday. It’s important for him to attend, as getting in good with the Guild might be able to increase his arching rank.

Faking Miracles - CopycatAt Wide Wale’s party, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is waiting for the Monarch to show up. A slick silver-tongued (not literally) supervillain named Copycat tries to hit on her, but to no avail. Wale notices that his daughter’s really unhappy, desiring a normal life free from all his supervillain bullcrap. He decides to cheer her up with one of her favorite things in the world: a pizza from Vincenzo’s. In a humorous coincidence, Vincenzo’s has a new delivery boy: Hank Venture.

You know, between this, Spider-Man 2, and Futurama, I’m beginning to suspect there’s some bad luck with being a pizza delivery guy in NYC.

Hank arrives at the party at the same time the Monarch finally shows up. When they both get to the floor where the party’s held, Hank bumps into Wale’s daughter, and the two are happy to see each other. Her bodyguard, on the other hand: not so much. The Monarch makes his way into the party, encountering the wrath of Wide Wale, who’s displeased that he showed up in his supervillain garb instead of proper party attire. Copycat steps in and offers to give the Monarch some proper attire, leading him off to do so, but not before generating a clone to keep Dr. Mrs. The Monarch company. The Monarch tries to get changed, handing his suit off to Copycat who proceeds to put it on and use it to tranquilize him. Now disguised as The Monarch, Copycat makes his way to the Ven-Tech building, spawning more clones to prove that Sergeant Hatred is no match for him. Once the Monarch-Copycat makes his way to the Venture’s apartment, he signals the original to show Dr. Mrs. The Monarch what her “husband” is up to. He pisses all over the apartment, and when she tries to call him, he hangs up. Deeply disappointed and embarrassed at what’s happened, she decides to leave the party. Meanwhile, Hank is still attempting to avoid detection at the hands of the bodyguards.

The Monarch (the real one) awakens outside Wide Wale’s tower back in his villain outfit, catching sight of Dr. Mrs. The Monarch as she leaves. He gets her attention, but she’s furious at what’s transpired that night, leaving before they can actually discuss anything.

Wide Wale’s daughter is in her room watching a movie when she suddenly catches Hank trying to sneak away. They catch sight of each other and even manage to flirt for a little bit before her bodyguard shows up to ruin the mood (and here we learn that her name is Serena). Hank dives off the balcony to escape, thankfully being caught by the fancy Ven-Tech transportation vehicle that he uses to make deliveries.Faking Miracles - Hank's Car


Plot B: Ven-Tech Industries

Faking Miracles - Nano-botsPeter White and Billy Quizboy are getting settled in at the Ven-Tech laboratory as Rusty shows them around to get them acquainted with their workspace. The three of them are busy going through JJ’s files to find viable technologies to patent, when Billy accidentally drops and breaks a vial of silver liquid… that immediately starts crawling around and manages to get into the vents. The liquid finds its way into the water system and up into Dean’s… cornhole. Brock checks up on Dean to see if he’s okay, and Dean asks if Brock’s still down to help him study to get into college. Peter, Billy, and Rusty are going through JJ’s computer files to identify what it is Billy let loose. After getting the code number, they finally find it in the database: evidently, the vial was filled with nano-bots capable of enhancing normal human functions to superhuman levels.

Peter and Billy are messing around with a tutorial on commanding the nano-bots and learning how they work. However, all their actions are directly affecting Dean, who’s attempting to study with Brock. The constant shifting of the bio-bots’ position in Dean’s body give him super strength, stop and start his heart, and cause him to become proficient in ancient languages.  Rusty gets a video call from Brock alerting him to what’s been going on with Dean, finally clueing them in on where the nano-bots are.



In the post-credits scene, Dean is in the bathroom attempting to piss out the nano-bots in his system, with Rusty watching over him to ensure that this process goes smoothly. He also brings some good news to Dean: he’s been accepted into Stuyvesant University.


My Thoughts

Seems like everything’s looking up for the Ventures. Dean made it to college, Hank’s got a romantic interest that likes him back, and Rusty’s actually getting some worthwhile technologies off the ground. As for the Monarch, things could be better. His desperation and obsession with arching Dr. Venture is clearly taking a toll on his personal life, and only time will tell how truly strained his relationship with Dr. Mrs. The Monarch will become. Meanwhile, Wide Wale is definitely getting a leg up as a threatening villain, as we see more and more of his connections to the realm of supervillainy, and now that he’s got ties to the Council, he’s about as on top as possible at the moment. The last observation I want to make is on the opening segment, picking up from the reveal of the secret lair underneath the Monarch’s house. The lair’s existence ties back to this Blue Morpho figure as well as the enigma that is the Monarch’s father, one of the most enduring unsolved mysteries of the series’ mythology. It’s as plausible an answer as we’ve gotten so far, but for all we know, Gary could have just been making it up. A little light on action, but a solid episode nonetheless. This is RobBarracuda, and I’ll see you all next week.

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