American Dad Series Overview


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Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and I’m back with another Series Overview!! This time around, we’re talking about American Dad that show that was once on FOX but then FOX decided to cancel it because its ten times better than Family Guy and is now on TBS, Adult Swim/Cartoon Network’s sister channel…yep that American Dad. I love American Dad, its my favorite Seth MacFArlane show because Family Guy died in 2009 and The Cleveland Show proves that spin-offs aren’t the best idea. Speaking of The Cleveland Show, please get those reruns off the air. I can now tell when the joke is coming and going and I’m tired of hearing about it. You need something to take that 9:30 space? How about South ParkSouth Park never gets boring. Or even Archer so we can hear H. Jon Benjamin’s voice one extra time. Enough ranting, lets talk about American Dad shall we?



Stanny Boy and Frantastic are ready, are you ready?

American Dad debuted on FOX on February 6th, 2005 after the 39th Super Bowl. While its Pilot episode aired after the Super Bowl, the rest of season one debuted on May 1, 2005 as part of FOX’s Animation Domination broadcast alongside Family GuyThe Simpsons, and King of the Hill. Seth MarFarlane co-created American Dad alongside Matt Weitzman and Mike Barker. Early in its run, people thought that American Dad was a carbon-cut copy of Family Guy, but as the show started growing, American Dad  started separating itself from its brother show. Another difference between the two shows are its lack of cutaways and flashbacks. As American Dad started getting more popular, they started growing their own personalities and didn’t rely on the political personalities that they first started with. Also, modern American Dad is ten times better than modern Family Guy, but that’s a topic for another time.


American Dad deals with the misadventures of Republican, CIA-agent Stan Smith; his ditzy-blonde wife, Francine who’s smarter than you think; his liberal, hippie daughter, Hayley; his nerdy, hormonal son, Steve; their German, pet goldfish, Klaus; and Roger. I cannot begin to explain Roger without having it to take over the rest of this overview, so lets just say Roger’s very outgoing. The family lives in Langley Falls, Virginia along with an eccentric cast; including their neighbors, Greg and Terry; Steve’s friends; Snot, Berry, and Toshi; the students of Pearl Bailey High School and the principal, Principal Lewis; and Stan’s friends at his CIA office, including his boss, Deputy Director Bullock (voiced by Patrick Stewart).

Speaking of voice-acting, the cast of American Dad is just pure awesome. Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy) voices Stan, Roger, Terry’s boyfriend, Greg Corbin, and any aditional voices that need that MarFarlane touch. Wendy Schaal (Small Soldiers, The Burbs, Six Feet Under) voices Stan’s wife Francine. Seth’s younger sister, Rachel MacFarlane (Bill and Mandy, Codename: Kids Next Door) voices Stan’s teenage daughter, Hayley. Scott Grimes (Party of Five, Band of Brothers) voices Stan’s younger, teenage son, Steve. And Dee Bradley Barker (Avatar: Legend of Korra, Ben 10: Ailen Force, Adventure Time) voices their German athlete turned goldfish Klaus. Other voices include Curtis Armstrong (Revenge of the Nerds), Kevin Michael Richardson (F is for Family (btw, I totally recommend this) Rick and Morty, Gravity Falls), and Jeff Fischer.


Do NOT Delete Bones

If your not completely filled on the awesome that is American Dad, then maybe these recommendation list will help you out. BTW: the first six seasons of American Dad is available on Hulu Plus, but I’m not sure about the other seasons, you’ll have to search around for them.

1) Bully for Steve (06×16): If I were to recommend an episode, I would definitely recommend Bully for Steve because its a good one. Tired of Steve being too soft, Stan drops everything and tries to teach Steve to toughen up. Only problem is, Stan resorts to becoming Steve’s bully. When Francine finds out, she tries to help out Steve, but it frustrates her to the point that the only way to calm her down is by “Going to Seaworld and punching a dolphin in the face.” Steve finally gets the upper-hand on Stan by calling in Stan’s bully, Stelios Kontos, giving Stan the asskicking I’ve thought about giving him every now and then.

2) Blood Crieth Upon Heaven (09×10): I cannot begin to explain this episode. This is my all-time favorite, American Dad episode. I could talk about this episode all day, when this episode first came out, I hated it when it first came out because it was so weird, but its one of those episodes that kept growing on me while it was in syndication. And we get this gem of a line, “You thought I was sleep, didn’t you? Acting.” You should actually start with this episode if you’ve ever wanted to start watching American Dad. It shows that clear difference between American Dad and Family Guy because I don’t believe that Family Guy can pull off an episode like this without a cutaway every five seconds.

3) Now and Gwen (12×05): One of the things I wished for when I started watching American Dad all these years ago was seeing Francine’s sister, Hot Gwen. When she was finally introduce last season, she was just as hot as I-and Stan-have made her out to be. As for the episode, I totally recommend you watch this, but not right away. If you want to start off with a modern episode, then I will totally suggest…

4) Morning Mimosa (12×08): After Steve drops the F-bomb on Francine, Francine stops carrying for him, claiming that he’s no longer her son, because her son wouldn’t swear at her. When Steve starts to get hungry, he goes to YouTube and learns how to cook. He creates his own YouTube channel and that lands him a spot on GMA parody Morning Mimosa. Things get ugly.

5) Tears of a Clooney (02×16): Do you hate George Clooney? Well, your not alone because Francine hate him too. On her 39th birthday, Francine reveals her hatred for George Clooney and Stan takes her to Prague to carry out a revenge-scheme. The plan was to make Clooney fall in love with Francine so she could break up with him and break his heart. When Stan ruins her plans by becoming Clooney’s bro, she decides the only way to get her revenge is by killing him.



If you want to watch a Seth MacFarlane show, then I suggest American Dad. Its more likeable than Family Guy and now that its on TBS, I believe that there’s more that American Dad can get away with than Family Guy can. Yes, American Dad has its gross moments like Family Guy, but their not as gross as the aforementioned show. American Dad is good and I’d totally recommend it. Until next time, guys, my name is KrisSimsters and remember to stay golden.

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