Naruto Shippuden Episode 100 Recap: “Inside the Mist”

Original Airdate: 3/12/2009

Hey, we are finally up to 100 episodes of Naruto Shippuden now. I suppose we should celebrate this special occasion of having 100 episodes on Toonami, so here’s a random Naruto cake I found on Deviant Art.


It does feel like it has been on much longer than that, because the fillers for it seem to take more than one episode per airing cause of how life-drainfully dull they can be. Was this filler episode any different? Let’s find out shall we.

We start off with the aftermath/damage of the tsunami that the 3-tailed giant turtle caused. The giant turtle is still very pissed off. Yukimaru is with Guren, and she is passed out from the wave. Nothing happens except for him staring at her unconscious body, waiting for her to wake up. Kabuto is also creepily watching nearby, and says it’s time to move to Plan B. The Guren Squad is also recovering from the tsunami. They don’t know who cause it themselves, but they do find the big guy among the wreckage. He only cares for Guren, and even though he doesn’t know where she is, he is gonna search for her. As the leader points out, he’s really in love with her.

Naruto is also alive from the tsunami as well, and all he wonders is what happened to Yukimaru. He blames himself for Yukimaru getting into this mess. As he takes off, fog rolls in on him, and he lands in a weird place. He then sees his emo fuck buddy Sasuke in the mess, and Orochimaru is also there, about to do the surgery to get Sasuke’s youthful body. Naruto pleads to him to stop this, and bring Sasuke back home and what not. When that doesn’t work, he’s decides to Rasengan him, only for us to hear Kakashi’s voice, telling him to stop. We see Naruto almost hit Kiba with his attack.  Turns out what Naruto saw was all an illusion. The others join up with Kakashi’s group, and Shino shows his insects to them. They’re useless and lost because of the fog, and they think that the fog is not normal. Naruto then tells of how he saw the giant turtle on the lake, and how the frogs said it was the 3-tails, with Kiba still not believing him. Kakashi thinks this has turn even more complicated now.

We go back to Yukimaru and Guren. And … and … well, I think I summed it up perfectly.

Yeah, really. Guren does have a flashback, and we see some women get murdered, and camellias turn red, because symbolism? Guren then wakes up, and remembers the fight that took place. She ask Yukimaru about the giant turtle, but he’s too preoccupy with her being awake. He tried waking her for a while, and did watch over her. Guren wants to move out, but Yukimaru is getting weaker, and caught another fever. As Hinata and Sai scope out from the air, Hinata notices something in the fog with her Byakugan. She sees the fog covered in chakra, and the lake as well, and it leads them to believe Naruto isn’t crazy about his giant turtle story. There might be a barrier on the lake as well. Naruto still wants to save the stupid kid, but Kakashi won’t allow it. He can’t have him flying solo anymore. Besides, they still need to do their mission and find Orochimaru. They will stay clear of the mist and 3-Tails for now.

NS 100
“I dare those ninjas to mess with me. They can’t handle me. I’M THE GODDAMN 3-TAILS!!”

Back in the Leaf, Tsunade gets informed on the situation on the 3-Tails. She’s glad the Akatsuki aren’t involved yet, and wants to capture the giant turtle. She decides to mobilize a new squad to handle it. We then see Ino doing doctor stuff(?) and a bird comes to get her. We then see Rock Lee, Ten Ten, and Guy-Sensei (but no Neji) and they, of course, are training. Well, at least Lee is. Partner coordination is what they’re doing, and Lee is not doing so well with it. As Lee still wants to train, and Ten Ten wants to rest, the bird comes to them to summon them to Tsunade. The team is informed by Tsunade on what they will do: Ino will be with Sakura and Hinata as part of a sealing team for the 3-Tails, while Lee and Ten Ten will back-up the others in their place. Pakkun leads them to Kakashi.

As Guren is still taking care of Yukimaru, she believes the medicine he took is what’s causing Yukimaru to be like this. He wakes up, and rambles on again about home and shit. I really don’t know what’s worse: The frogs, or Yukimaru talking forever about what home is? It’s then turns to night, and Sakura finds Naruto. He’s looking out and thinking about stuff. He thinks of the Pervy Sage advice and speeches, about Sasuke and about home, and WHY WHY WHY IS THIS GOING ON!! Sakura talks and I guess cheers him up about not giving up on Sasuke? He thanks her for it and gets the details of the mission ahead.

As you can see, there was again no action whatsoever. All boring talk, nothing special. I swear, every Shippuden episode has been one good episode, followed by 3 more of pure crap. It might continue that way still. The good thing from this episode? No frogs this time. But hey, we’re 100 episodes down. So that’s good right? RIGHT?! I give this episode 1 foggy void of nothingness/5.

But there was some good stuff that happened during Shippuden last night. But it had nothing to do with the show. Instead, we saw a Meow the Jewels video (For those who don’t know, it’s Run the Jewels, but they mix their beat with cats in it.) And well, these were the results.

Hell, even Rob put down his beer to enjoy this.

And then there were the “WTF is this?!” tweets

Of course, there’s also always a brilliant idea that should definitely happen. Please make this happpen.

Yup, Meow the Jewels was the highlight of 2 AM for me. See ya next week.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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