One Piece Episode 334 Recap

Original Airdate: 12/9/2007

Welcome back again to another One Piece recap, as we are nearly done with the Acchino family filler arc. Only this one and next week’s finale (along with a Chopperman episode after it) before we get on to the Thriller Bark arc. Last week, we saw the Acchino family go down one-by-one to the Straw Hats, and their Papa was pissed by it. The big fight is now here. Join me as I recap “The Red Hot Decisive Battle! Luffy vs The Scorching Hot Don!”

As Papa is out, steaming up a storm, Luffy thinks it’s awesome that he is like that. Papa Don says it has been awhile since he handle pirates by himself, as his kids has handle them since, but he’s up for the job. The other Straw Hats see his Hot-Hot powers, and see Luffy attack him. But Papa stops Luffy’s attack with a literal hot hand, and without even touching him, it hurts Luffy. Papa shows them that anything that he touches will melt, but it doesn’t stop Luffy. He tries an Axe attack from above to get his head, but Papa can light his head to a burning level, and Luffy burns his foot. (I really don’t know how his sandals didn’t burn off from this.) A Gatling has no effect either, as it just hurts only Luffy. After this, Don starts to use the heat on his feet to slightly melt the ice … to ice skate for some odd reason. Luffy, being Luffy, thinks it looks fun and joins in on the merriment, and both are skating now. They actually both like each others powers, and kinda start to form a friendship, bewildering the other Straw Hats. Of course, Papa stops with the fun and attacks Luffy again with a Heat Whirlwind, blinding Luffy, and getting Luffy caught up in a heat vortex. Chopper and Jiro decide this is the best time to get the flags back, and are about to go inside, but Papa stops them. He then uses an attack called Steam Iron and body slams his big, hot body onto Luffy.

Am I now realizing his tie he has on is being held on by nothing?

Campacio (I believe this who it is? I lost track of which twin is which by now) is still up, and is fighting Puzzle. He believes he and Puzzle aren’t in the same league. Meanwhile, the other Phoenix Pirates are facing off with the penguins, and the penguins are winning. They are being covered and trap in snow and ice by them.

EP 334 4

Papa thinks he’s won, but Luffy comes back, with only a headache. The ice helped him cool off from the attack. This pisses off Papa, who gets even hotter. In fact, he gets 3000 degrees hot. No word on if it’s Fahrenheit or Celsius, but just know he’s getting steamed. Luffy punches his fist through the ice, lifts up a giant ice block, and Gum-Gum Bazookas the block into Papa.

EP 334 3

As the other Straw Hats scheme to get the flag back, Papa just gets more ticked. The penguins are still attacking, and the Phoenix Pirates decide to huddle together for warmth from the ice. This doesn’t do anything (making this worst, they all smell), so Statsen decides, “Screw this, let’s fight them all!!” and they all beat the penguins up and move on to back up their captain/Straw Hats. Puzzle finally takes out the last twin with his chain, and demands to know where their flags are.

Papa’s a bit worn down from his fight with Luffy, congratulating him as being the first opponent to do so. But he isn’t done, as he cranks up to 5500 degrees and starts launching heated egg attacks.

EP 334 2

As this is going on, the Straw Hats have a meeting about how they will get their flag back before Luffy notices. The Phoenix Pirates want to help too, but they then notice their ship is leaving them. Jiro and Puzzle will get the flag, as the others get the ship. Luffy keeps dodging the attacks, and Papa kinda uses one of Luffy’s attack, Heat-Heat Gatling, which produces more eggs attacks, but only at slower speeds. Luffy paying too much attention to it and barely gets out of the way, but lands in boiling water. It’s now too personal for Papa Don to care about Luffy’s bounty. He wants revenge for what he and his friends did to his family. Nami is also nearby, and notices that the temperature is rising, but not because of Papa. We see below in the water that steam is coming out from an underwater vent.

As Sanji and Usopp make their way towards the flag, they see Franky has gone his own way, and leave him be to do his own thing. The Phoenix Pirates outside notice that their ship is being taken away by the penguins, who crush their only means of getting to it by ship. They can’t have Puzzle get his flag back without a ship, so Statsen throws a grappling hooko n to the ship, and the others help him try to get it back. Back inside, Lil still wants Robin to be her new big sister. Usopp is about to attack Lil to help Robin, but Sanji kicks him, because Lil is still a lady. Instead, they attack the plants that got Robin. Lil sees that her friends are important to Robin, and talks of how Papa only cares for his flag collection instead of her. Robin tells her of how flags are really important to pirates, and Lil finally understands. As she feels Papa getting angrier (and alwhile Usopp gets eaten by the plant) the fight cause an ice boulder to drop towards Lil. Usopp gets out of his predicament, stops the plant which then frees Robin, who then uses her powers to save “her precious little sister.” Robin tells Lil to cherish the family she has.

Luffy finally goes into Second Gear. Papa decries that if he can’t beat him, then the Straw Hats won’t make it in the New World. But Luffy doesn’t care. He Jet Pistols Papa. Chopper and Jiro finally find the room with the flags, and see them on the wall. However, Luffy’s Jet Pistol sends Papa straight into the room, causing chaos throughout. Jiro and Chopper do collect the flags in the carnage, but are about to be pelted by the rubble. Thankfully, Zoro and Puzzle are there to stop that and save them. Papa is still in the air, sent flying from Luffy’s attack, but he’s uses his nose to make a steam jetpack to fly. As the other Straw Hats arrive, Jiro is happy that the Phoenix Pirates got their flag back, and Chopper is happy that the Straw Hats got their flag back too before Luffy noticed.

EP 334

Except for the fact that isn’t the Straw Hats flag. So they are back to square one. The flag is still flying in the air among the other collection of pirate flags. Speaking of flying, Don flies towards Luffy. He is enraged that Luffy and co. have destroyed everything that he has, so he decides to face Luffy at his maximum temperature: 10,000 degrees.

Overall, a pretty good episode. We are getting a nice fight between Luffy and Papa, some other tiny fights that were pretty good, and some good comedy throughout too. We had a nice bonding moment with Lil and Robin. And we finally got to see the flags be recovered, before they weren’t. Also, more good news: Zoro finally got un-lost. He seems to always arrive at the most appropriate times whenever he does gets lost. Luffy and Papa’s fight, along with this filler arc, wraps up next week. See ya then. I give this episode 4 steaming, hot big guys/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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