Akame ga Kill! Episode 24 Recap – Akame ga Kill! (FINALE)

Original Airdate: December 15th, 2014

Adult Swim Airdate: February 20th, 2016

Well, our journey with Akame ga Kill! has come to an end. There have been some good times, but there have been way more bad times than could be considered redeemable. Can the finale somehow redeem itself from the rut of awful, awful episodes? I doubt it, but let’s watch anyway!


Following the death of Tatsumi (RIP: he never scored), Esdeath starts feeling depressed about Tatsumi’s death and starts killing a bunch of people because of how much she misses Tatsumi (Alright, I’m going to stop with the redundancy because I don’t want this recap to sound like it was written by Mojo Jojo). Naturally, Akame challenges Esdeath to one last dual to put an end to the revolution. Esdeath uses her freezing powers to block all of Akame’s moves, and Esdeath goes on about the whole natural selection crap, Akame talks about how Esdeath shouldn’t kill people, yada yada yada.


After a few minutes of fighting Akame activates her Deus Ex Trumpcard by cutting herself with her sword. Seriously, you can’t get much edgier than that if you tried, though that’s not the only reason this is absolutely stupid, which I’ll get to later. Apparently this is supposed to be her ultimate form or something. Anywho, Akame and Esdeath continue fighting, an after a little bit, Akame cuts Esdeath’s arm off. I could make so many terrible puns about this, but because I’m feeling nice, I’ll spare you the pain. They continue clashing swords some more, and right when Akame is about to slice her, Esdeath uses ZA WARU-I mean Mahapadma to stop time. However, Akame saw through her attack and immediately cut Esdeath with her sword. Before the poisoning from Akame’s sword can kick in, Esdeath freezes herself with Tatsumi’s body, shattering them both, thus ending her life.


Back at Minister Honest’s place, he starts running to try to find someplace to hide, but Leone ends up cornering him. However, Honest uses his Imperial Arm to break Leone’s and then shoots her multiple times. Leone then grabs him by the beard, Honest shoots her a few more times, and then she punches Honest multiple times before he drops dead. After that, Leone and Akame are standing on the top of the roof, with Leone saying her goodbyes to Akame. Following this, there is a festival celebrating the death of Honest, and Leone’s friends are having a few drinks to celebrate. However, she can’t drink with them. because she shortly dies in a nearby alleyway. I can only imagine how Rob is taking this, given what he said he’d do if best girl died.

And the reaction was pretty much expected.

Now that Esdeath and Honest are dead, there’s one last thing that has to be done in order to build a better government, and that thing is executing the child emperor. Usually, executing children is the opposite of what makes the government better. Wave and Run move on to protecting the new world, and Najenda decides to spend the rest of her life setting up the new nation. Najenda and Akame decide to go their seperate ways, and we end the episode with some cheesy movie narration describing Night Raid’s impact on the new world. Oh, and there’s an after-credits scene that shows that Akame is still an assassin.


Man, did this show go out with a whimper or what? Both Esdeath and Honest were built up to being these super powerful opponents, but they were quickly defeated in the first half of the episode. The second half is just some overly-long epilogue with characters talking about what they’re going to do after everything is done. Granted, I wasn’t expecting something amazing from the Akame finale, but I expected more action than this. Even with the worst endings, I can have fun ranting about them, but this is just so damn empty. Also, can we talk about the major plot hole in this episode with Akame’s trump card? Early on in the series, Akame said that if she were to cut herself with her sword, she would die. So why did she cut herself to activate her trump card if she said she would die if she did it? It’s not like she knew anything about her trump card earlier in the series, and if she did, then she just lied about it for no real reason. Either way, I’m calling bullshit on this one. Leone’s death was pretty weak too, best girl status aside. She just sort of crawled into an alleyway to die and that was it, and there were so many basic inaccuracies before she died. First of all, with how many times Leone was shot and how much blood she lost, I doubt she would be able to live long enough to make it until night time, so it didn’t make very much sense for her to die at that time. If she would’ve died right after killing Honest, that would’ve made more sense. Also, how is she able to stand up perfectly when she was on the rooftop with Akame? Again, she lost a shit ton of blood, so she shouldn’t be able to do that. I’m aware I’m just nitpicking at this point, but damn it annoys me. Also, why was it necessary to execute the emperor? None of this was his fault, given that he was manipulated by Honest into allowing these horrible things to happen. I guess they thought that by that point, the emperor had been way too corrupted to make for a good ruler, but even then, killing him is pretty extreme. He seems to know what he did wrong, so it’s possible for him to correct his mistakes as ruler. Or just don’t allow him to have any political power at all, but killing him is way excessive. Anyway, that was a pretty weak finale to a pretty weak show. I give this episode 3 frozen Esdeaths out of 10, and I give the series as a whole 3 severed corpses out of 10. See you next week for Dimension W!

Akame ga Kill! is licensed by Sentai Filmworks, and can be watched on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and the Anime Network subbed. The dub is available on Adult Swim’s website and on-demand.


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