Parasyte The Maxim 17

Hello people it’s meowth900 again recapping the latest episode of Parasyte The Maxim.

But first a shoutout to my favorite characters in Akame Ga Kill since that show ended this week too.

Looks like Akame was the only one that lived in the end. Oh well I thought she was cool.

Bulat I still miss you. You were the best pompadoured gay husbando of Toonami. RIP

Bols you were the best despite your rather scary appearance. Wish you coulda got more screentime! RIP

Lubbock you silly old pervert you were great. Too bad you never ended up with Najende like you wanted to. RIP

Ah Esdeath the fan favorite of the show. You were an ok character to me but you get a shoutout cause I like your dub actresses’s performance. Mostly cause she voiced one of the most badass anime teachers Izumi Curtis. RIP

You can buy the first part of the show in shiny disc form on Amazon or Rightstuff right now. The second part comes out on May 17th.

Good luck to the person who has to recap Akame Ga Kill’s last episode. Oh also if you want more Akame Ga Kill well you’re in luck. Yenpress translates the manga of it and they’re up to 5 volumes right now with volume 6 coming out at the end of April. You can follow them at @yenpress.

Onto Parasyte The Maxim…

Our episode begins with more focus on Tamura and the parasites aiming to kill her. The parasites are trying to kill her because her individuality is showing.

Tamura murders all the parasites and goes back home probably feeling tired.

Something is missing from the home. Her baby is missing. Tamura finds a note and it is revealed that crazy investigator Kuramori kidnapped the baby and left a location and the usual cliche “Come here if you ever want to see your baby again” threat. Hirama and some of the other detectives break in and see what happened and look at the note.

Later on Tamura sneaks into the empty Izumi house and looks at Shinichi’s baby pictures. I know in this day and age it would be labeled as creepy, but Tamura is looking up at these pictures to gain some knowledge on the maternal instincts. After looking at all the baby pictures Tamura calls Shinichi on the phone and asks him to show up to her meetup with Kuramori the kidnapper. And of course “You are Shinichi Izumi aren’t you” Murano is outside stalking Shinichi yet again wondering when he will come home. Tamura leaves the empty house and bumps into Murano. She reassures Murano that Shinichi will be back home and that she can continue to ask him if he’s Shinichi Izumi again and again.

Murano stalks Tamura during the walk to the meetup with Kuramori. Kuramori tells Tamura that she is unable to care for the baby because she is a parasite and holds the baby over the edge. Tamura mistaking it for a murder ends up stabbing Kuramori’s back, shoves him off the edge while taking the baby. I guess she cares about it now? Aw that’s lame.

The other detectives find Kuramori dying and Kuramori tells them where Tamura is at. He also still thinks of Shinichi as his work partner as he dies.

The episode ends with a faceoff between Shinichi and Tamura.

Wow this show won’t quit with the cliffhangers will it?

Parasyte The Maxim airs every Saturday at 1am on Toonami on Adult Swim. It is licensed by Sentai Filmworks.

If you hate cliffhangers like I do you can watch Parasyte The Maxim on Crunchyroll and Hulu. However remember they are in Japanese with English subtitles.

If anime isn’t your thing you can buy the manga. It’s licensed by Kodansha Comics and sold on Amazon and Rightstuff. And hey! You can buy it digitally now. Yay!!!

Look out for Dimension W premiering February 27th at 12:30am right after DBZ. Fellow Swimsquad writer Abigail aka Starstorm (or whatever the hell her at name is) will be recapping events in that anime every week. Also there’s Dimension W production diaries on Funimation’s Youtube channel. If you’re curious about how anime production goes watch those things.


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