Dimension W Episode 1 Recap: “Collector”

Original Airdate: January 10th, 2016

Toonami Airdate: February 27th, 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome to another recap of Akame ga Ki-wait a minute, this isn’t right. Yes, if you haven’t heard already, Akame ga Kill! had just recently ended its run on Toonami, and the still currently airing in Japan Dimension W has taken its timeslot. And since I’m done recapping Akame for this site, I think it’s time to move on to recapping Dimension W. Let’s not waste anytime and begin talking about the second series I’m recapping for this site!

Before I move on to the episode proper, can I just say that this opening is a jam? The song is just so awesome that I can kind of forgive Kyouma’s awkward dancing. In terms of OPs, this is probably my favorite of the Winter 2016 season, and it sure beats the generic background music used in the Akame openings. Speaking of, please don’t cut the OP song in favor of background music for this one. Where was I? Oh yeah, the episode.

Starting the series off, we have some shots of the futuristic city as the announcer claims that gas prices have went up 400% and is to continue rising (good to know our gas situation will still be the same 55 years from now). As the announcer is still reading off the news, we get our first glance of our main character, Kyouma Mabuchi, working on a car. He gets a call from a woman, presumabley his employer, to meet her at around 9PM for an important job. After he goes off, we get a bit of explaination on how this world works. In 2036, there was a discovery of a fourth dimensional plane named, you guessed it, Dimension W. People have figured out how to harness the energy of Dimension W using coils, devices that can be used to extract energy from other dimensions. People now use the coils for their main source of renewable energy, solving the energy crisis that has been plaguing society for a long time.

ZA WARUDO (literally)

After that piece of background information, we get introduced to the other major character of this show, Mira. An android who is powered by the coils. We also learn from the announcer lady that there are also illegal coils not approved by the government, which we will find out what they are used for later. Later that night, we see Kyouma entering a stadium where coil-powered robots fight each other to the death, and the winner gets to take the defeated robot’s coil. Kyouma heads upstairs where he meets with his boss, Marie, who has an important assignment for him. The Won brothers, Every and Jony (the former sounds very punny), have collected a decent amount of illegal coils, and it’s up to Kyouma to collect them. Kyouma agrees if he gets paid half in cash and oil, which reminds me, it should probably be a good time to mention that Kyouma doesn’t trust the coils and that he’s sort of old-fashioned in that way. They haven’t revealed why yet, but I’m sure that’ll be addressed later on in the series.

In this economy, that isn’t too bad of a deal.

Meanwhile, Mira is out getting drinking water because the water supply is apparently from Dimension Flint, Michigan. We then see what the Won brothers are using the illegal coils for. What are they doing with them, you may ask? Super powerful squirt guns, because this gang was apparently localized by 4Kids Entertainment. Anywho, Mira gets captured by Every Won (that name is still really stupid), but just before anyone could do anything to her, Kyouma jumps in to take the illegal coils from the gang. Kyouma fights off a few gang members before Mira wakes up and sees what’s going on. Right when she gets up, Jony Won holds her hostage, which would look ridiculous out of context, given that he’s using, you know, A SQUIRT GUN! Kyouma dares Jony to shoot, but he’s too terrified to pull the trigger. During this moment of tension, Mira throws the couch and the guy really far away (Also, Mira Ass Shot count: 2. We’re gonna be using this a lot.). Kyouma didn’t know she was a robot beforehand, so he sort of knowingly put Mira’s life at risk, which understandably pisses her off, so she slaps him after this whole ordeal.

Get used to it, because you’ll be seeing this a lot.

Kyouma passes out after Mira leaves, and shortly after he passes out, the bureau comes in to collect the illegal coils from the scene, leaving Kyouma with nothing. Kyouma gets a phone call from Marie asking him why he let the bureau get away with the coils instead of him. He remembers what Mira did to him before he passed out, and he asks Marie if robots are able to cry. After the conversation was over, Kyouma remembers seeing Mira run off with some coils before passing out, and he turns back to see if he can find Mira and see what’s going on with her. Mira is hiding from the police, and it’s revealed that she needs those coils for her father’s heart. Right when she reaches the top of a building (Mira ass shot counter: 3), she runs into Kyouma, who thinks she’s been programmed to steal illegal coils for a bounty. Mira refuses to let Kyouma have the coils, so she tries to get away from him. Meanwhile, those guys from the bureau attempt to reconsile with Dr. Yurizaki (Mira’s “father”), which isn’t happening due to the fact that they killed both his wife and daughter. After an attempt to make peace with the Yurizaki, he unleashes a super-power coil that’s supposed to do something important later on. Mira senses that her father is using the coil, which distracts her in the middle of her escape from Kyouma, causing her to get captured in his strings. Mira begs for Kyouma to let her go, but he’s still convinced that she’s just trying to invoke sympathy from him as a trick. Yurizaki unleashes his coil, which drains all of Mira’s energy from her and blows up most of the city.

*insert obvious Akira joke here*

After that, Kyouma takes the coils from Mira, along with her body due to the fact that it might be worth something (Mira ass shot: 4). After taking Mira’s body to Marie’s place, they do a few repairs on her body, explain what she’s made out of, and they also find out this was Yurizaki’s robot. After Mira wakes up, they ask if she could lead them to Yurizaki’s place. She then begs for them to let her help them collect illegal coils, ending the first episode.

Honestly, this first episode has me pretty interested. I quite like the animation, since I’m a sucker for the bright green and blue color-scheme the show has going on. It helps give off a cool futuristic vibe, which I quite approve of. The action was a ton of fun to watch as well, with the fight scenes reminding me of Darker than Black, mostly due to Kyouma’s weapon of choice. Speaking of, I’m actually quite interested in Kyouma’s character. I want to learn about why he hates the coils and what his motivations were for becoming a coil hunter. The mystery of what went on with Dr. Yurizaki could also be interesting if they play their cards right. Now it’s time to bring up the elephant in the room: the fanservice. Honestly, I don’t have a problem with the fanservice. Yeah, those ass shots didn’t need to be there, but they weren’t that big of a deal for me. However, that scene at the end with her begging on the floor was pretty questionable. None of this offends me, since I’m not that much of a prude, but still, I could’ve done without that. Overall, I quite liked the first episode and I’m interested in seeing where it goes next. I give this episode 7 squirt-guns out of 10.

Dimension W can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM!


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