One Piece Episode 335 Recap

Original Airdate: 12/16/2007

So we are finally here. The last episode of the Acchino Family arc. After 8 episodes of fairly good filler, we say goodbye to the bounty hunters and the Phoenix Pirates. How did the last episode of this arc turn out? Let’s find out in “Waiting in the New World! Farewell to the Brave Pirates!”

As Papa is getting hotter and hotter, the place around Luffy and Nami is crumbling. Steam is going off, the ice is rising up, and it’s all going to hell because of him. Papa says he will melt Luffy, and launches a “Heat Tire” attack, which looks alot like the move Flame Wheel in the Pokémon games. Luffy avoids the attacks, and Pistols/Rockets away. He goes back into Second Gear, and hits Papa with a Jet Pistol, but Papa Nose Jets away, goes back, and lands a heated headbutt into Luffy. Papa then flies back into the air and heads straight towards Luffy with a “Steam Iron 10,000 Degree Press”. Luffy counters with a Jet Gatling, stopping the attack, before he Jet Whips him into the ice. This causes the ice to break, and sends them falling down below, into a pit of lava. Luffy stretches in time (but not before burning his butt) and saves himself. Nami can see now with the lava they are in trouble. As for Papa, he fell in the lava, but is still alive.

The other Straw Hats still don’t have the flag. Sanji thinks Robin could get the flag with her hands, which she agrees, but she can’t tell from below which flag is which. As the others think they’re done for, they notice something. One of the bird-fish comes in with a flag in its mouth. The flag is the Straw Hat’s flag, and it gives it to them.

EP 335 2

Everyone is all happy that they got their flag back. Apparently, Lil was the one to do this. She’s sad that she won’t see Robin again, but Robin, using her Devil Fruit powers, dries Lil’s tears and does thank her for giving the flag back. The Straw Hats can finally get their plan into action by going back to the Sunny.

The Phoenix Pirates meanwhile are still trying to get their ship from the penguins. They see Statsen is doing his best and wonders who the real Statsen is. He tells them to shut it, and protect “their pride”, AKA the ship, for Puzzle. They pull as hard as they can, and it’s enough that the penguins all are no match. They finally get their ship back and celebrate. But it’s short lived as they notice the penguins going toward the Sunny now. Fortunately, it’s no problem as Franky is in the Shark Submerge and stops the penguins from causing harm to his ship.

Luffy is in not only a heated place cause of the lava, but only on a thin layer of ice that will melt soon, so he has to beat Papa quickly. Unfortunately, Papa creates a giant tidal wave of lava, and Luffy has to escape. He tries to use stretch out of the lava pit, but a Heated Egg attack gets Luffy and he falls towards the lava. Luckily, Nami is there and uses her Cool Ball technique to make a cushion for Luffy. Luffy declares he will set sail for the New World once he beats Papa. But Papa mocks his dream and tells of how he got his family rich hunting people like Luffy down chasing their dreams. Luffy is pissed at this and say’s he’ll finish off the Naked Balloon Man. Papa laughs this off as he talks of what is around him, with all the lava and heat, but Luffy doesn’t care. In fact he declares himself that Papa isn’t as hot as him now. Papa is “as cold as ice compared to my heat”. Luffy is at 1 Million degrees right now. As Papa launches an attack right at him, Luffy launches a new attack: “1 Million Degree Bazooka”

EP 335

The heat of Papa is alot, but Luffy says “It’s not hot. It’s nothing!!” He screams out and then sends Papa flying with his attack, right into Lovely Land, destroying the place. Papa is knocked out cold, and Luffy wins the fight.

EP 335 3
Papa Don is added to the list of enemies Luffy has defeated. Filler included

As the other Straw Hats race to the Sunny, they see the lava pit, and notice that Luffy is in there. Chopper stupidly calls out to him, and Luffy sees them all. As the others freak out, Nami joins them and tells them to run to the ship, as she has a plan for the flag. Luffy launches up, and he is following right behind them. Nami gets her plan into action, signaling to Sanji and Zoro what to do. It involves Usopp, who has the flag, to be flung in the air, and flown right towards the ship. Nami yells to Franky, who’s at the ship to help out, and he does. By farting Usopp up to the top of the mast. Poor Usopp. Luffy is pissed that they let their flag get stolen. But Nami and the others play it off, saying Luffy was imagining it. They show him that the flag “wasn’t stolen” and he sees it’s back in its original place. Luffy, being the idiot he is, falls for it, and is happy. The others are relieved he is so stupid.

The Phoenix Pirates are happy Jiro got their flag back and celebrate by having Jiro raise their flag for them. They are all happy, and even Statsen starts to cry. As Puzzle says Statsen was right for what he did, Statsen bawls like a baby. Puzzle thanks Vigaro, and says his death won’t be in vein. But they all can’t party too much, as there is a volcano underneath that Papa caused, and it’s about to erupt. The groups have to leave now. They do, and the entire island gets destroyed by the volcano. As the Straw Hats leave, we then see the Acchino family also escaped the volcano. Lil is sad, and her sister’s husband wants to scold her for giving away the flag. But Arbell ain’t having that, and she apologizes to Lil for being a bad sister. They make up, and are happy, and it warms her husbands heart as well. As for Papa, he is on a block of ice, still mad at his defeat. The family has a cake for him, but it reminds him of a Straw Hat, and it gets him angry and melts the ice he’s on.

As for the twin Campacino, he still wants revenge for what the Straw Hats did. He’s gonna attack them, but Puzzle and crew stop him and attack his squad. The Straw Hats sail away, with Chopper pleading to help them. But Luffy can see it on their faces that they are back, and are going to be alright. They say goodbye to them, and it’s off now to the New World for the Straw Hats.

Overall, this was a great episode. It didn’t matter that it was filler. It had a great fight at the end. The mood was all great. And even though Luffy was stupid enough to fall for that trick the others did, it was still funny nonetheless. This is why I like One Piece fillers so much more than other anime fillers. Yes, it may be filler, but alot of times they are pretty consistent, and aren’t total snoozefests. In fact, some like this, are pretty good. Also, they don’t take up a whole half a year, unlike other shows (Looking at you, ninja show that is on before this). A great way to close out the Acchino family arc. In 2 weeks, we are gonna be on the Thriller Bark arc. But before that, Chopperman!! See ya then. I give this episode a 4.5/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami 


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