Naruto Shippuden Episode 101 Recap: “Everyone’s Feelings”

Original Airdate: 3/26/2009

Well, last week was a bore with Naruto Shippuden. The only highlight of the night was the Meow the Jewels video and that was it. Other than it also hitting 100 episodes. So was episode 101 any better? Or just the same stuff? Let’s us see together.

Rock Lee and the others are making their way to Kakashi’s group, but are taking their time, with Lee asking how long it’s gonna take. They have all the info on the enemy using the sealing jutsu on the giant turtle, and will use their own sealing jutsu to stop the beast. Lee wants to pick up the pace, and Shizune agrees, so off they go for now.

Meanwhile as Yamato builds a house, and Kakashi reads, they think of how they are gonna capture the 3-Tails. There is more stuff as well on Yukimaru and Guren. And more talk … yeah, this part was really boring. They decide to make a plan with everyone. At the lake, Guren is still with a sick Yukimaru. As flashbacks abound in this part, Guren has a camera crystal (I believe that what it is?) and within it, she sees Naruto running, looking for Yukimaru. She thinks he will be troublesome. As Kakashi’s team is scouting, Sai tells them he can’t find Naruto, and lost him. Naruto hightailed it from them to go look for the kid.

As Naruto is still searching, Guren finds him and attacks. He slaps himself to see if it’s an illusion (it isn’t). Guren uses her Jade Crystal Blade attack on him, and Naruto counters with a crystal of hers he got. Even as she cuts it, he still wants to know where Yukimaru is. As for the kid, he wakes up and wonders where Guren is, and sets off to search.

NS 101 2

As the group tell Kakashi about Naruto, he tells them that he and Yamato will hunt for Naruto by himself. Kakashi summons another little doggy named Biscuit to help in the search efforts. The others will help, but they need to stay together in case the enemy attacks.

Guren realizes Naruto saw all that happened on the lake. Naruto sends out some Shadow Clones, but Guren cuts them down with ease. Naruto then realizes that the kid was with Guren before he showed up, but says he will take him back home to the Leaf. Speaking of, Yukimaru shows up and does his stupid home talk that Naruto put in his head. Which, by the way, his home is now with Guren. As this happens, one of the Clones grabs hold of her. Naruto tells him he will bring him back, and tells Yukimaru how Orochimaru is a bad guy and not to be trusted. But Yukimaru doesn’t care. He wants to stay by Guren’s side. Guren won’t let Naruto take him away, as she cuts the clone down. Naruto makes more and a battle commences with clones and crystal attacks. Naruto is about to hit her with his Rasengan, but the fight gets interrupted. Yamato stops Naruto, and Guren and Yukimaru escape.

The big guy saved Guren and the kid. And what does she do for that? Why, she slaps him and say he’s a pest. He’s still glad she is OK. She vows she’ll get Naruto next time, as Yukimaru collapses again. As the little doggy leaves, Yamato scolds Naruto for his foolishness, saying he nearly jeopardized the mission. Asking about the boy Naruto knows only troubles Kakashi, as he wants to know more about their encounter. Guren meets up with the Guren Squad and Kabato in a cave. Kabuto is still being an annoying asshole like usual, and he does check on Yukimaru. Even though he says he’ll be alright, Guren wants the kid to rest, but they can’t because of the Leaf ninja.

As Kakashi tries to figure out why Yukimaru is with the enemy as they are also trying to capture the giant turtle, Naruto remembers all that happened on the lake. They realized Yukimaru is just being used for this, and is more than likely a tool to be used in Orochimaru trying to make another Jinchuuriki out of the 3-Tails. They will try to get Yukimaru to be examined at the Leaf. As they are flying, Sakura comes in and … well, she becomes Sakura and violently assaults Naruto for no reason other than just because. I would explain how much I hated this, but Josh Knighten did it better in a mini-Sakura rant.


Some of you might hate that, but too bad. I agree with all of this, because fuck Sakura! She is the absolute fucking worst female anime character, if not one of the worst characters, to ever be made. But anyway, back to the show. Kakashi and Yamato are not going to stop Naruto from getting beaten. Aren’t they good guardians or what?  Naruto is sorry for what he did.

NS 101 3

As we go back to the cave, there is more Yukimaru talk. Guren doesn’t want Kabuto to do more experiments on him. As he heals the kid, Kabuto mocks her, and say Yukimaru is just “a means to an end”. Guren at this point really tries to kill Kabuto, but stops herself, before declaring she wants to destroy the Leaf.

NS 101
I wouldn’t mind if she killed him. Kabuto’s an annoying douche anyway.

The Guren Squad leader ask why she cares for Yukimaru so much. Even though she denies it, he can tell she can’t hide this fact. As the episode ends, Pakkun arrives to Naruto and co. all tired out. Lee and the other re-enforcements have arrived.

Overall, it was not a good episode. Yet again. Why must you do this, Shippuden? One Piece is somehow constantly good with their fillers. Why can’t you have one or two decent episodes in a row? Instead, the only action was the Naruto/Guren fight which lasted only a minute, than Sakura going all ape-shit again on Naruto. Instead, you drag on these fillers for on. And on. And on. AND ON!! It’s very annoying. When is this gonna end again? This episode gets 1.5 annoying, violent, pink-haired female MCs/5. 

Before I end this, let’s check in with Rob and see how he thought this episode was.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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