The Venture Bros. Episode Recap, 06×05: “Tanks For Nuthin’ “

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“Please leave your papers on my desk as you wander off to your unexamined lives of gravity bongs, ceaseless tweets, and date rapery.” – Professor Nidaba aka Think Tank


Hey, everyone. RobBarracuda here, and it’s time to talk about this week’s episode of The Venture Bros, “Tanks For Nuthin'”. The Blue Morpho’s adventures continue as a new supervillain makes himself known to the Ventures.

The episode opens with the Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch having a bit of a lover’s quarrel. She’s extremely upset at his lack of effort put into improving his guild rank while he’s pissed that she hasn’t done anything to help improve his rank. She leaves for work, and the Monarch commands Gary to go down to the cave lair.

Tanks For Nuthin - Brock's Sexual Escapades
I didn’t know Brock was a Kanye West fan.

Brock wakes up in Warianna’s apartment after the intense love-making session from last week, and she makes an effort to quickly rush him out the door. Meanwhile, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch shows up at the Ven-Tech building to help the Guild clean up the remains of Haranguetan after his untimely death.Tanks For Nuthin - Dead Haranguetan She’s predictably upset at Rusty and believes Brock is responsible for the crime, but when Brock walks in and is asked about the events, he states he wasn’t responsible. She asks to look at security footage of the incident, but this request is denied. While all this is happening, the Pirate Captain delivers some unfortunate news to Rusty: their PR has taken a hit due to a viral video of Billy doing the David Hasslehoff cheeseburger thing while high on the God Gas. When Billy comes to his senses, he’s upset at Peter for posting the video and refusing to take it down. As the present company is laughing at him, they suddenly receive a surprise visit from Dr. Mrs. The Monarch.

In the Morpho’s underground lair, the Monarch and Gary are planning yet another course of action to improve their guild rank. Gary illustrates the hierarchy of those in line to arch Dr. Venture, and the two eventually head off to retrieve their vehicle.

Dr. Mrs. The Monarch appears in hologram form at a Council meeting where she goes over the details of Haranguetan’s death, citing Billy’s mention of the Blue Morpho as the one responsible. However, Phantom Limb points out that the real Blue Morpho is dead, and the other Council members quickly suggest Billy is lying, but they can’t prove it without the surveillance footage. Wide Wale, who is also present via hologram, promises to help out since he had some bugs planted in the Ven-Tech building after his last break-in. The meeting draws to a close as Dr. Mrs. visits Haranguetan’s wife, a bartender who calls herself Battleaxe, to deliver the bad news. She takes it about as well as you would expect, breaking down in tears and demanding the keys to their combat vehicle, The Haranguetank, but Dr. Mrs. has no clue where it is.

Meanwhile, Dean and the Brown Widow are in class sitting through a philosophy lecture being given by a levitating professor with a three-sizes-too-big head named Professor Nidaba. He receives a message alerting him that he can arch Dr. Venture now and dismisses the class, but not before calling over Dean to talk. He begins by telling him his paper is terrible before dissecting and analyzing Dean’s clothing and physical person to obtain all possible details about the Ven-Tech building. He suggests Dean stays away from home, claiming that the recent chaos is disrupting his studies. When Dean leaves, the professor opens up the chalkboard to reveal a purple tank.Tanks For Nuthin - Think Tank

Later that night at Battleaxe’s tavern, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch informs her that the Haranguetank has been tracked down at the impound lot, and she agrees to accompany Battleaxe to help retrieve it. She goes to get changed into her villain warrior outfit while Dr. Mrs. receives an email from Wide Wale with the surveillance footage she requested.Tanks For Nuthin - Battleaxe

Over at the impound lot, the Monarch and Gary show up in their Blue Morpho and Kano disguises to retrieve their car, knocking out the security guard that’s present. As they search for the car, the guard awakens again only to get knocked out by Battleaxe as her and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch suddenly arrive. The two of them finally track down the mighty war machine as Dr. Mrs. catches sight of Monarch and, remembering him as Blue Morpho from the surveillance footage, quickly proceeds to hunt him down. The two escape into the Morpho-mobile as she holds up the car at gunpoint. Monarch bumps into a button accidentally and turns the Morpho-mobile into a flying vehicle, allowing them to escape. During this chase, Battleaxe checks out the security footage and believes Rusty to be the Blue Morpho, so she turns on the Haranguetank and hauls ass to the Ven-Tech building. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch immediately gets in her limo and demands Watch and Ward to follow the Morpho-mobile.

Tanks For Nuthin - Think Tank ArmedMeanwhile Brock is standing guard at the Ven-Tech building watching a news report about the Quizboy video (featuring the Pirate Captain and “Ms. Warrington”) when Dean’s professor makes his way up to Rusty’s apartment in the tank suit and blows up the windows to break in, formally introducing himself as Think Tank. Happy to finally be arching someone of intellect instead of a hulking muscle freak, he challenges Rusty to a game of chess, but is disappointed to learn he’s not a skilled player. Rusty gets annoyed by Think Tank’s presence and calls Watch and Ward, who are extremely unhelpful in the situation. Brock arrives just in time to start fighting with Think Tank, but he gets blown into the air by his massive cannon. Thankfully he lands in Warianna’s hands, and she makes an immediate 180 to the Ven-Tech building as soon as Think Tank’s name comes up. The two of them successfully manage to  take him down and save the day, choosing to relish in some post-heroism sex.

The Morpho-mobile flies over the Ven-Tech building as Monarch drops a turd in the pool, and Dean & Hank are making their way home as well when Dean suddenly catches sight of Think Tank. A near multi-vehicle pile-up almost occurs as the boys dodge Dr. Mrs.’ limo only for her to nearly crash into the Haranguetank which nearly crashes into the boys’ car. However, Battleaxe cannot avoid crashing into Think Tank as the two plummet into the hole in the center of the Ven-Tech lobby. Dr. Mrs. The Monarch catches sight of Rusty and becomes suspicious of him.


In the post-credits, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch arrives back at the house (which looks more fully decorated and repaired now on the inside), and gets in bed with the Monarch, apologizing for her recent angry outbursts and muttering something to herself about “knowing who the real enemy is”.

My Thoughts

Slowly but surely, the overarching plot is continuing to move towards something big. Now that Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is aware of the Blue Morpho’s existence, how long can he and Gary keep this charade up before she finds out? The suspicion is currently on Rusty Venture due to Haranguetan’s unauthorized death, but that can only hold up for so long. Speaking of Haranguetan, this episode introduced two new supervillains with his wife Battleaxe (possibly a nod to the general aesthetic of Bravehart) and Think Tank, a clear homage to Marvel comics villain M.O.D.O.K. Sadly, it appears we may not be seeing them again, as they plummeted to their deaths before the episode ends. I get that this is obviously falling in line with the overall plot of the Monarch clawing his way back up the Guild’s rankings, but at the same time it sucks that these two, along with Haranguetan, only got one episode each before getting axed off. They were entertaining characters that would be really fun to have seen stick around for a bit longer and cause more havoc for Dr. Venture. That being said, the overall plot developments were still interesting and the action in the episode was still top notch as always. This is RobBarracuda, and I’ll see you all next week.

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