One Piece Episode 336 Recap

Original Airdate: 12/23/2007

Last week, we finally ended the short, but pretty good, filler arc of the Acchino Family. Now, we are only one episode away before we hit the Thriller Bark arc of One Piece. Most of us have been waiting for this for awhile, and can’t wait for it to finally grace US cable TV. But, that is still one week away (as of this writing). What is this week’s episode? One word: CHOPPERMAN!! That’s right, the cute, caped reindeer hero is back again for another round! Join me as I recap “Chopperman to the Rescue! Protect the TV Station by the Shore!”

As we begin our story, the evil Dr. Usodaba (Usopp) is still trying to take over the world. But more on his mind is why Chopperman is much more popular than he is. His henchmen, Sanjiropus (Sanji), the perverted dinosaur, and ZoroKiller (Zoro), the rice ball monster (or jelly donut monster in some other anime) are still not listening to his ass, and are actually bossing him around. Since they won’t help him with world conquest, he wants to hire some new minions to help him out. But he doesn’t know how to. Usodaba then sees a TV Channel broadcasting, and this gives him an idea.

Meanwhile, back at the secret base that is totally secret, Namifia (Nami), Chopperman’s greedy secretary, is waiting by the transponder snail, hoping for anyone to call for a rescue. But there is nothing, so she has to cut the snack allowance. Chopperman is enjoying his said snacks while watching TV. Namifia is mad that Chopperman isn’t saving folks. But he can’t do it when the world is at peace. Namifia still wants money, and no money means no chips. So they wait by the TV to see if something bad will happen. As it turns out, Usodaba gets on the air and he still schemes to take over the world … with applications to join his gang (No job interviews needed!) Usodaba declares if anyone joins him, they will get a deluxe toy model airplane he worked so hard to get. Chopperman sees this and flies off to join his gang, just for the model. Namifia is angry at this, and tries to get the Giant Luffybomber (Luffy) to set off. Only to remember she sold it earlier for jewelry.

Look, it’s Pandaman!! Also, if you have a good eye, you’ll see him again later on.

At the TV Station, Usodaba and Robiflowen (Robin), Usodaba’s evil, but gorgeous, flower maiden, is with him now, along with Sanjiropus and ZoroKiller. But those two bums still don’t care for Usodaba and are still bossing him around. Usodaba can’t wait to have new admirers soon enough with many people coming to see him.

Look at her. Isn’t she beautiful?

Robiflowen ask Usodaba what show he plans on doing for TV. His answer: singing. Of course, as he starts to sing, Sanjiropus kicks him out of the way so he can do his own TV show. He’s only doing this so he can attract the ladies. Even though Usodaba hates this, he let the pervy dino do his thing, with Robiflowen working the phone lines with other cronies.

So what is the pervs show about? Well, it’s “30 hours of cooking”. Sanjiropus starts out by showing a nice dish that the people can make in 3 minutes. Then for the next 29 hours, 57 minutes, he stares creepily at the camera hoping to get every lady watching this their attention. As Usodaba watches, he sees that no one is calling, and he complains about the food getting cold. No really. After this, it’s ZoroKiller’s turn to make a show. We start by seeing two familiar goons attacking a poor defenseless (and again, familiar) woman. ZoroKiller comes in and stops them. He then ask them if they have rice balls, and tells them to keep some on them. The woman thanks him as he goes off in the sunset, and the show ends stupidly.

As it ends, Chopperman arrives to join Usodaba’s gang, merely for the toy. Usodaba doesn’t want his enemy to, but then gets an new idea. He tells Chopperman he will give him the toy, but he has to lose to Usodaba in a pro-wrestling match on TV. He says it will all be pretend. But he is really scheming to get more people to join when Chopperman loses because “they can’t tell it’s all fake.”

EP 336 3

The match is about to start, and the announcers (who, correct me if I’m right, random people who read this, but one of them I believe is based off an actual Japanese wrestler) are ready for the call. Usodaba wants to sing to the crowd, but he’s interrupted as Chopperman enters to the happy applause of the crowd, only to make Usodaba mad. As the match begins, Usodaba uses actual moves on Chopperman. Chopperman still thinks this was all pretend, but Usodaba, and Robiflowen with the toy itself, remind/distract him with the prize at stake. It’s a one-sided match, and the fans are starting to turn on Chopperman, and side with Usodaba. So much so, that the phones lines are ringing non-stop for people wanting to join Usodaba.

Chopperman wants to go home, but Usodaba still has one move left: His finishing move. But before he can do that, he wants to sing again. This causes Robiflowen to fall in disbelief, and accidentally break the toy model. Chopperman and Usodaba are sad it’s broken, but it can be fixed. Chopperman still wants the toy, but Usodaba reveals he’s not giving it to him as all. As Chopperman gets mad because of his lie, he decides to use his ultimate technique: Cute Spark. This melts the hearts of everyone around him and in the audience, as his adorableness is just too much.

EP 336
What’s more cute? Chopperman being too adorable?


EP 336 4
Or Robiflowen’s reaction to him being too adorable?

Everyone starts to cheer for Chopperman, and the phones lines start to go for all Chopperman too. Hell, even Usodaba’s minions root for Chopperman to win. Even worse for Usodaba, the wrestling announcer guy starts to fight him too. So Usodaba has no choice, but to call on his secret weapon, the giant robot Frangshan (Franky). Chopperman flies in to stop him, but he flicks him away. It looks like Usodaba has won, but then someone else appears. It’s Luffybomber! Namifia had to sell her rings to get Luffybomber back, and he starts to fight Frangshan. As a wrestling match of the robots is a draw, Luffybomber takes the globe that the wrestling match was in. Usodaba thinks it’s dangerous with so many people in there, but he notices that everyone has left, and he’s the only one in there.

He gets thrown in a loop as Luffybomber winds up, and throw the globe at Frangshan. This beats his enemy and Usodaba gets thrown out of the globe, but saved by Chopperman. Unfortunately, Chopperman is still mad about him lying, and uses Chopper Violence to beat him and send Usodaba flying. The fans are all happy that Chopperman saved the day again, and this makes him happy. It also makes him more popular than before, which gives Namifia an idea. She uses that popularity to create a fanclub, and sell Chopperman’s autographs to fans. And there is alot of autographs to sign.

Overall, another Chopperman episode. And another fun and adorable one to boot. It’s fun when One Piece does stuff like this, to give us a small break before the big stuff happens. Chopperman’s adorableness really does help for what’s to come. Also, this was a very funny episode with everyone acting at their most goofiness ways possible. I give this episode 5 heart-melting Cute Sparks/5. 

So now, you can all prepare yourselves for next week, as we finally get to the Thriller Bark arc, and meet this wonderful sack of bones.


Be ready for all the skull jokes that will come your way. YO-HOHOHO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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