Dimension W Episode 2 Recap: “Loser”

Original Airdate: January 17th, 2016

Toonami Airdate: March 5th, 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome to the second recap of Dimension W! Today’s episode will feature art theifs (and I’m not talking about the people who pirate this show), a cut opening that is sure to piss the fans off, a suprising lack of Mira ass shots, and something that’ll give the Boobie Monster from Space Dandy a run for it’s money! Let’s not stall any longer and let’s get on with the recap!

The episode starts with Kyouma trying to start up his car, and he is accompanied by Mira, who joined him in the last episode. We then cut to a large crowd of people cheering on for the titular character for this episode, Loser. I imagine the process for naming this character went a little something like this:

We then cut to the building where Loser and his son are at, and then Loser jumps on out to meet his fans. Kyouma and Mira arrive at the show, and we shortly find out that Loser is an art theif who televises his thefts by hijacking communication devices. However, despite his loyal fanbase, none of his heists have ever been successful, earning him the nickname “Loser”. Many believe that his thefts are a ploy for advertising, which explains why he televises his thefts. Mira asks why Kyouma is after Loser if he isn’t hurting anyone, and he claims that he’s going after him for his coils.

He may suck at stealing, but he’s damn good at merchandising.

After Kyouma tells Mira to get dressed in the clothes Marie gave to her, we flash back to the events that took place after the last episode, with Mira asking Marie if she could become a coil hunter. When asked why she wants to hunt coils, she responds by saying that her father wanted her to chase after the coils so she could learn Dr. Yurizaki’s secrets. When asked what happened to the Yurizaki’s wife, Mira responds by saying her mother died the same day she was born, and then proceeds to show a video of the event she had saved in her database. Not sure what child would have a video of their parents getting murdered saved, or why they’d show that to anyone, but I’d imagine everything she sees is saved in her database, so whatever. Kyouma comes to the conclusion that NT Energy was responsible for killing the wife and daughter, which raises the question of why they would kill the wife and daughter of their company’s founder, and why Dr. Yurizaki went into hiding instead of making a big deal about it. Marie agrees to let Mira on the team, but she has to be paired up with Kyouma to make sure nothing happens to her. And given how Kyouma dislikes coils as much as he does, this is a pretty awkward situation for him to be in.

Alright, even I’ll admit that outfit is kind of cute.

After that little flashback, we see Mira in her new attire, and the search for Loser begins. For this heist, Loser plans on stealing a very valuable statue. Kyouma and Mira then split up for a little bit, with Kyouma going after Loser and Mira looking for the coils. After Kyouma starts interfering with Loser’s heist, his son tries to get his information, but he can’t because he doesn’t have any coils. Loser knows who Kyouma is due to how much he hates coils, so he decides to fight of Kyouma a little during his heist to entertain the crowd. Loser sets a few traps for Kyouma, but he uses his strings to bypass them. Kyouma then catches up to Loser in a room of robot guards, and they decide to duke it out to see who gets the coils. Back at the crowd, Mira tries to search for coils, but her scanner is unable to work because of Loser’s fireworks. She then decides to go on top of a nearby building so Loser’s fireworks won’t interfere with Mira’s signal. Kyouma and Loser continue to duke it out, and after Loser revealing that he knows Kyouma’s name, he runs off and Kyouma chases after him. After catching up, Loser claims that Kyouma was trained by NT Energy to be a super-powerful fighter without the help of coils. After taking off his mask and revealing his disfigured face, he claims that it was NT Energy’s fault that he lost his face, arms, legs, and wife, and he swears to get revenge on his wife’s killers by stealing things. So basically, Deadpool meets Kaito Kid.

Deadpool: Now without all the fourth-wall breaking and brutal murdering of multiple people!

Right when the police show up, Loser throws a smoke-bomb and escapes, leaving Kyouma to deal with the guards himself. However, before the police can do anything, the museum owner closes the door on them, and he says he has something up his sleeve to prevent himself from becoming Loser’s first victim. Loser finally makes it into the room where the statue is being held, and he’s suddenly ambushed by two robot girls who are powered by illegal coils. It doesn’t take long for Loser to know about the illegal coils, and just shortly after, Kyouma comes in to collect the coils from those robots. It doesn’t take long for Kyouma to defeat the two robot girls, and after their defeat, Loser gets into the case, finally getting ahold of the statue. However, it isn’t the statue that he wants, but instead the coil that’s held within it, in hopes that it’ll help him find out who killed his wife. The police quickly arrive on the scene, and the museum owner tries to hide the evidence of illegal coils as quickly as he can. However, when trying to remove the coils, something goes horribly wrong. Before we see what went wrong, we cut to the top of the building where Loser’s son is hiding out, and Mira comes to meet him with all the tracking pigeons she took. She then explains how she found which pigeons had the trackers, and the boy is rather impressed with her. Mira then senses that something is going horribly wrong. We cut back to what’s going on, and… well…


Yeah, that. Anyway, Loser gets away with the coil, and Kyouma quickly follows suit, leaving the museum owner to get swallowed up by his creation. Loser then goes to the building where his son and Mira are hiding, telling his son that he got what the coil and that his work here is done. Over at Kyouma’s side of things, we see that the owner is stuck in the mess that he caused, and the police comes in to take control of the situation. To keep the public from freaking out, they swear to keep this incident private. At the end of the episode, Mira asks Loser if he knows anything about where illegal coils are being produced, and although he refuses to tell Mira anything, he swears to get his revenge.

If I’m going to be honest, this episode was an improvement over the first. Along with the Mira fanservice being toned down from the last episode (didn’t see a single ass shot, so the counter remains at a 4 for now), this episode was also a ton of fun to watch. The chase scenes between Kyouma and Loser were really entertaining, and I think Loser could actually make for a good rival for Kyouma. He kind of reminds me of Kaito Kid because of his motivations for stealing and how he goes about stealing stuff, and considering how much I enjoyed Magic Kaito 1412, that kind of similar character type in more than acceptable in my eyes. I also like how the show is kind of foreshadowing that NT Energy is actually kind of shady, given what happened with Dr. Yurizaki’s family and Loser. I really hope they explore that in later episodes, which would pretty much explain why Kyouma doesn’t trust the coils. Honestly, this show is starting to grow on me a bit. While it isn’t my favorite show on the block (that’d be Samurai Champloo), or even my favorite show of the Winter 2016 season (that’d be Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu), I’m starting to really like this show, and I hope it continues to keep up the good work! I give this episode 8 dimensional rip abominations out of 10.

Dimension W can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM!


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