Naruto Shippuden Episode 102 Recap: “Regroup!”

Original Airdate: 3/26/2009

The last couple episodes we had of Naruto Shippuden have been duds. I can’t stress this enough. Look, when a music video and a rant from a Twitter friend about Sakura are the only damn highlights the last two weeks, you know this has been bad. Was this Shippuden episode any different? Or was it more the same bullshit filler hell we have seen? Let the recap begin.

As the two groups come together, Naruto is happy to see Rock Lee, and Lee is still enthusiastic as always. And then there is Sakura and Ino. Only 30 seconds in, this episode is already annoying with these two. They get into a bitchfest as usual, and call each other their usual nicknames for each other. Sai thinks it’s a great idea to write this down, and the two bitches assault him for it, then laugh it off. Look, I know it’s Sai, but even he doesn’t deserve the wrath of these two useless pigs. Other than that, Kakashi tells Shizue of alll that has happened with Guren, her squad, the giant turtle, and Yukimaru, who is also controlling the giant turtle. And how Guren and Yukimaru are close, and Orochimaru plans, and blah blah blah, nothing happens here.

NS 102 2
Sakura: “Want to beat up Sai, while pissing off everyone who watches us?” Ino: “Sure!”

Meanwhile, the Guren Squad are complaining and in-fighting with themselves. They really don’t want to fight the 3-Tails and other things. They ask their leader, who I finally find out/paid attention to this time out that his name is Renji, for help in the matter. He promises them he will do his best in this situation. The big guy though still doesn’t trust him, and thinks he’ll betray Guren. Renji says he won’t, then goes on a sob story about his sick kid’s sister and is here and doing this shit for money to save her.

In the cave, Yukimaru awakens to Kabuto near him. The kid wants to see Guren, but Kabuto says she’s nothing, and that he is only for Orochimaru. Yukimaru doesn’t care though. So what does Kabuto do? He slaps him for the hell of it. Guren comes and stops him from more child abuse. Kabuto tells her that he’s only in this for himself, and that Guren still needs to keep an eye on the boy. Yukimaru just wants to stay with Guren and not go back to Orochimaru’s hideout. As the four-eyed bastard leaves, he is met up by Renji. Apparently, the Guren Squad leader has been working with Kabuto and doing most of his work the whole time. He will still spy for him, but he wants to report to Orochimaru himself. He wants to be valued and have Orochimaru-senpai notice him. Kabuto can still give Renji orders, but he’s not working fully with the douchebag anymore.  As for Guren, she tells Yukimaru to stay put, but he doesn’t want to. He ask her for a favor though. He wants the crystallized camellia to be fixed. Even though she could replace it, he wants to keep it cause it’s special, so she fixes it. Guren then says something that makes sense so much through this damn episode.

In the woods, we see Kakashi and Naruto as they get to talking (with Sakura and Sai in the background, and Sakura being an annoying bitch again). Naruto talks about the kid, and how he’ll be betrayed by Orochimaru. There’s more home talk and how feelings get conflicted. And … know what, why don’t you express how most us feel, Rob and DigiRanma?

After this, they get started on Tsunade’s strategy she laid out. Sakura, Ino and Hinata are gonna team up with Shizune, while the others are with Kakashi. Shizune’s group will seal the giant turtle, while the others get Yukimaru. Sai then opens his mouth and says stuff about the Jinchuuriki, but Naruto doesn’t care. He just wants to get Yukimaru back, so he doesn’t end up like him. As for the plan, they decide to not seal the 3-Tails away, but send it to another dimension (Dimension W maybe?) Chakra control is gonna be important, so that means that … Sakura and Ino are gonna be important? Geez, what can go wrong there? But that’s why they have Hinata on their team too. Because she can be useful, unlike the other two bimbos. Naruto then wonders why TenTen isn’t with the other girls, and TenTen gets rightfully pissed. Then again, it’s TenTen, and I still don’t really know what use she has on this series. So Naruto is kinda right? A part of Kakashi’s team will have to stop Guren, so they will be split in two as well, with Shino, Sai and Naruto with Kakashi to get Yukimaru, and the others with Yamato (Or as TenTen calls the group, “The Rejects”).

NS 102
Naruto: “I’m ready for some action!!” Kakashi: “I’m ready to move on from this filler crap.”

As Renji comes back, the big guy wonders what he was doing, and tells of his talk with Kabuto. After some more talk, he says he trust him now. Renji is still scheming behind their back though. Guren is still thinking of Yukimaru, as much as she tries not to. Naruto’s speech gets in her head as well. Renji shows up unannounced as well. As they see that the mist is clearing from the lake, they are about to move out. So are the Leaf ninja. They got their plan ready, and TenTen throws Naruto the scroll Tsunade prepared. They will be using it on the giant turtle. The episode ends with Nartuo saying he doesn’t need any luck.

Overall … I can’t say anything nice. In the words of Charles Barkley, this episode was TURRIBLE!!!! Yet another damn Shippuden episode that was just ALL BORING TALK!! and no action whatsoever. Here are just some of the tweets that describe this episode.

And finally, my personal favorite of the night.

Another night, another episode where the tweets were more interesting than the goddamn show. This gets a 0.5/5. Just. Turrible. But hey, at least there was Chopperman.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami



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