Dimension W Episode 3 Recap: “Chase the Numbers”

Original Airdate: January 24th, 2016

Toonami Airdate: March 12th, 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another recap of Dimension W! I don’t have any witty intro, so I’ll just get on with the recap.

We start the episode with Kyouma staring off into the distance, remembering what Loser said about “chasing the numbers” in the last episode. We then cut to a dream sequence with some kind of war going on, which is interrupted when Kyouma wakes up and heads out in the middle of the night. In the morning, we see Mira showing the tracking pigeons from the last episode to Marie, which she gets 6 million yen for. Later on when Kyouma is driving, Mira gives him part of her earnings as “rent”, and she asks if she can have more of the basic living necessities (bed, closet, etc), which she follows up with by explaining that she needs sleep in order for the nanomachines in her body to work properly. Kyouma then pulls up to the large RV where Mira will be living in. In the middle of the night, Kyouma gets up to use the bathroom when he accidentally walks in on Mira doing regular maintenance. Could’ve gone without seeing Mira without pants, but at least they don’t go for the cliche “girl calls guy pervert and beats the shit out of him” gag.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 3.58.27 PM.png
Dat CGI nightstand

The next day, Mira is going out to buy some of the things she’s been bugging Kyouma about, and after feeling nervous from being around the salesman, she pays for her stuff and then runs off. Back at Kyouma’s place, Mira sees a few kids playing near the gas station, most of which are there to get a glimpse at the gasoline-powered cars that are now considered obsolete. Kyouma tells Mira to scare them off if they come anywhere near the station, and then he drives off. Mira sees one of them coming near while she’s cleaning her RV, but she’s hesitant to scare them off because she doesn’t think it’s right to deal with children like that. Mira then gets a call from Marie, telling her that she and Kyouma have a job to do that night. Mira asks why Kyouma hates coils, but Marie doesn’t tell her because Kyouma doesn’t want to talk about it. Marie then leaves a vague message to Mira telling her to “touch your chest and find out why he doesn’t want to tell you” and then hangs up, leaving Mira confused. The kids make it into the gas station, and they are shortly confronted by Mira, who kindly tells them not to trespass on Kyouma’s property. The kids ask why she’s here if that’s the case, and she tells them that she’s Kyouma’s partner, which would lead to some assumptions from the kids, like if Mira is Kyouma’s wife or if she’s “doin’ it” with Kyouma. To avoid any more confusion, she clarifies that her and Kyouma are work partners, but because kids have the attention span of rocks, they run off to play in the gas station anyway. As someone who’s done my fair share of babysitting, I can tell that this is completely accurate. While the kids are playing in the big stack of cars, they start tumbling over and almost crush the kids. Luckilly, Mira notices this and immediately takes action, though we won’t know if the car ends up crushing them or not until after the commercial break.


At the coil supply store, Kyouma asks the manager for a phone that’s been altered to run on batteries, as if it wasn’t clear enough that Kyouma hates coils. He then asks him what the word “numbers” means to him. After hesitating for a little bit, the manager tells Kyouma that companies were given multiple different experimental coils that were labled with different numbers. While the official coils just take energy from the top surface of Dimension W, the numbers go deep into the unknown abyss of Dimension W, which often runs the high risk of freak accidents happening, much like what happened in the last episode. After hearing everything he needs to know, Kyouma takes his phone and drives off. When he arrives at his place, a police officer asks him if this is his property, followed with him saying that one of the kids is stuck under one of those cars. Luckilly, everyone made it out alive and got treated for their injuries, but Kyouma still has to pay the police a visit for the day because of liability issues. After he gets done with that, he goes back home to confront Mira, who had her head detached in the incident. I guess you could say that she was a little… headstrong.

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 8.00.18 PM.png
Mira looks like she got a-HEAD of herself. (sorrynotsorry)

Anywho, bad puns aside, we flash back to when Mira was saving the children from the falling cars. Her body was crushed under the pile and her head went flying off, leaving the children terrified. The children never told any of the police about Mira’s head, which means that Mira is still safe from New Tesla for now. After calling Marie up to ask for repairs, she claims that she had nothing to do with letting Kyouma out early, but instead a CEO at New Tesla named Claire Skyheart. The next day, Kyouma decides to confront Claire on his own at New Tesla Central 47. When Kyouma asks why she bailed him out, we find out that one of the children that was playing by the gas station is her daughter, who told her mother all about the whole incident. After Kyouma leaves, Claire and another worker talk about the Yurizaki case some more, and we shortly learn that everything in his area had been destroyed, including any evidence that would’ve been used in the case. This raises the question of what Yurizaki’s motivations were for doing something like this. We cut back to Mira going on with her usual work, and we see the kids waving to her and thanking her. While she’s smiling at them and waving, Kyouma kicks her in the ass and calls her a heap of metal because we needed to find some way to get that ass shot in! After Kyouma walks away, Mira runs off to play with the children, and we end the episode with a maid walking in to see her master drowning to death.

Overall, this was a pretty weak episode of Dimension W. I’ll admit that the “doing it” joke kind of made me chuckle, and it was interesting learning a little more about the numbered coils, but there wasn’t very much progress being made in this episode. It honestly felt pretty filler-y to me, and much of this episode could be cut from the series without affecting the overall plot. I do understand the point of these “down-time” episodes, since they mostly serve as a means to build the world and allow the characters to breate before moving to the next major plot-point, but this just felt kind of dull. I honestly hope the show picks up next week, and I give this episode 5 headless Miras out of 10.

Dimension W can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM!


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