Fridge Smell: Robot Chicken, 08×11 Recap


Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters, its almost midnight and I would personally like to welcome you back to the Robot Chicken recap. After three months of vacation, I am back on the review board and I’m kinda excited. Tomorrow is Pi Day and that gets me so excited that you would probably fawn over my nerdy-side. No you wouldn’t, I’m being weird. Anyway, since I’m reviewing JUST Robot Chicken for now, I’m going to try and get these out earlier. If you happened to miss anything (like I almost did, thank goodness for DVR), then be sure to check it out OnDemand under Adult Swim under Networks and remember that (for now) Robot Chicken comes on at 11:30 P.M. Sunday nights. Alright guys, lets get this recap started!!



1). The Long, Green Mile: The Green Mile is just a long walk to a surprise party. And it makes it longer if the guard has to go back for the key.

2). Dementors Rise: The Dementors want their demands to be met, but the higher ups aren’t having that.

3). Ka-Orange: Who loves Orange Soda? Kel loves Orange Soda. He loves Orange Soda so much that he married her and they had a son.

4). Four Rangers: Four Rangers enter, but only one will survive. Depending on who tells the story.

5). Family Dinner: In this house, the Poltergeist is an Athiest.

6). Skylanders: There are different kinds of trap masters, huh Tough Luck?

7). Schindler’s List: What happens after the skit is over?

8). Transformers (How to Get Out of Juror): Nobody wants to be in Jury Duty, not even Optimus Prime.

9). Teenage Turtles: The boys are teenagers now, so its only right that they learn about sex and how they can’t have sex with April. Unlike Shredder.

10). I Know what Your Moped Did Last Summer: Four teenagers set out to kill a dangerous moped.



Its good to be back, the episode was good and I can’t wait for next week’s. And I can’t wait for Mike Tyson Mysteries to come back in April. Seeing how its already the 13th, I’m sure it won’t be long until April comes. My name’s KrisSimsters and Stay Golden, guys.

Robot Chicken comes on Sundays @ 11:30 PM

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