Naruto Shippuden Episode 103: “The Four-Corner Sealing Barrier”

Original Airdate: 4/9/2009

If you have been following the recaps, or just Shippuden itself, or hell, just anyone on Twitter during it for the last few weeks, you can tell how this show has been. It. Has. Been. TEEEEERRRRRRIBLLLEEEEEEE!!!!!! The last few episodes have been mind-numbingly dull in every facet of what is good. There has been little action. There was too much talking. There was too much Sakura being fucking Sakura. There was nothing to warrant it getting a score any higher than a 1.5 from me. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?! Is there any chance that this episode was at least not in the special student section of the scores? Lets find out.

The gang is all at the lake, and are about to get started with what they are gonna to do. Rock Lee though is disappointed he can’t fight the enemy like Naruto’s group is gonna to do. Kiba is too, but he tells him to suck it up. He also tells of how the Guren Squad is actually pretty tough themselves, and this gets Lee excited. As Naruto’s group is flying like the ninjas they are, Naruto introduces Sai to Shino, and vice-versa, since they never met. To be frank, Naruto sucks at introductions. Although, Sai knew alot about Shino already, because of his work in the ANBU Black Ops. Shino then tells Naruto his info he wants him to know, to improve teamwork and get to know them better (or to have Naruto-senpai notice him.) Naruto doesn’t care for Shino’s life story, and it gets Shino pissed that Sai knows more about Shino than Naruto does.

Guren ask the Big Guy of what he thinks of Kabuto. She tells him of how he will crush the four-eyed fleabag later on. The big guy will still follow Guren because *in Happy voice* HE LOVES HER!!! As for the Guren Squad, they are scouting at the lake, and want leader Renji to help them with what to do. He tells them to do “the usual”, which I have no idea what it means, and quite frankly, don’t care.

As for the ladies, they get started on the Four-Corner Sealing Barrier. Using their blood to activate it, they get a sealing jutsu formed, and will have to maintain it throughout and expand it later to get over the Giant Turtle.

NS 103


NS 103 2
We got this. We totally got this.

Sakura asks how they are going to do this if the enemy attacks, because they can’t defend themselves with all this going on. Shizune informs her that’s why Lee and co. were chosen, in case of this happening. Of course, as soon as this is formed, Ino has to almost give out when they start. I think we need an awesome, handsome villain from another anime to describe Ino here.


Why can’t we have this awesome show instead? Anyway, in a bunch of flashbacks thrown in from really early on (like, OG Naruto early on) Sakura tells Ino she can handle this, to which Ino gets back up and agrees.

We cut back to Lee and co., and Lee tells them he has a plan to beat the enemy. Kiba says they can’t be beat, but Lee disagrees. So they hear him out. His strategy to beat them is just only one word: Spirit! This, not surprisingly, causes TenTen and Kiba to be angry at him. Oh Lee, never change. Shino needs time preparing his bugs, so Kakashi tells of how both Yamato and Sai came from the ANBU. Sai has grown and is gonna protect his teammates for now on. There’s more of that home talk, with Naruto thinking of Yukimaru. Then Guren and the big guy arrive, and attack them. They give it their all, with Kakashi countering them. Guren won’t let them get away, but Naruto pisses her off by saying she tricked Yukimaru to be with them and she attacks him.

The Guren Squad arrives where the others are, and Kiba notices smoke guy. They make a plan, and Yamato catches the smoke guy. However, as this happens, Lee is itching to fight, and goes out there in the middle of it. He fails at this, and the smoke guy gets free and unleashes a smokescreen on him, blinding Lee. The squad members want to finish him off, but their leader leaves them on their own, so they are by themselves. Lee can’t see through the smoke, but focuses. He wants to know what to do, and an inspired version of Guy-sensei (I think this is what it is?) gives Lee some guidance. After some explaining, Lee will use his “Spirit Sensor” (Really?) to fight. This somehow works, as he gets one of the squad. Smoke guy gets confused to where Lee is, and gets kicked, and then gets a combo Shadow Dance/Leaf Hurricane attack on him. TenTen realizes that the enemy is now only in the smoke and wants her 15 seconds of fame and attacks them as well.

NS 103 3

The enemy is in shambles, and quite confused as what is happening, alwhile getting attacked by various weapons from TenTen. Including Kunais with Paper Bombs attached. They explode, and the Guren Squad looks done. Kiba sees this and is pissed himself at how useless they look now. So he has Akamaru use “Dynamic Marking” on them (AKA, he R. Kelly’s them). The 3 members try to use smoke to retreat, but with the piss smell, and Kiba and Akamaru’s strong noses, he can tell where they are. One Fang over Fang attack sends the group flying off. The team is happy they won, even though they were suppose to be use as a diversion.

Kakashi and co. are still fighting an angry Guren. Naruto uses Shadow Clones, but they don’t stop her. Kakashi does stop her attack, but she dodges a Lightning Blade attack by him. Naruto wants to know where the kid is, and will save him, while beating Guren. This just ticks Guren off more as she goes at the group. Shino meanwhile is finally ready with his new anti-Crystal bugs.

Overall, this episode was … wait for it … it wasn’t bad. *GASP!!* I know, right? I think this calls for a party!!

Okay, I’m overreacting here, because while it wasn’t as bad as the last few weeks, it still wan’t a perfect score. The first half was still bad, with too much talking. And Ino becoming useless just moments after the barrier was form was just stupid. But hey, we got the most action we saw in awhile in the 2nd half, and we had a lot of Rock Lee in this one too. We need more of him, because he is an awesome character. Just as long as he doesn’t come up with any more “Spirit Sensor” shit. Overall, I give this Naruto Shippuden episode a 3/5. Again, not good, just average. But again, compared to the last few weeks, average is really a high benchmark for it.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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