One Piece Episode 337 Recap

Original Airdate: 1/6/2008

Well, we are finally here. After a couple months of filler episodes, we are finally to this arc. We went through all of the Water 7/Enies Lobby arc for all that time. And now, we are here. We are on the new next arc of One Piece, and boy, it’s gonna be fun. Guys and gals, we are here. Prepare yourselves for what’s to come. Welcome to the Thriller Bark arc. Let me recap the first episode in this of many spooky, but fun, adventures of this arc, “The Mysterious Skeleton Floating Through the Fog! Venture Into the Devil’s Sea!”

We start off this arc with the crew having fun on the sea. Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp are playing on the swing they have, Robin is watering the flowers, and Franky is doing some work. Franky though is kinda beat up. Why? In a flashback, we see him remodeling and making Nami’s Waver she got from Skypiea better/turned into a horse. Of course, Nami is pissed that he’s doing this, and didn’t ask for this, and she beats him for it. Franky is still working on it, but says they won’t complain about the new design now. Sanji serves the girls dessert, and ask the guys to get some octopuses from the aquarium, so he can serve up the Koro-Sensei’s into different recipes. They have to have them by dinner to.

So off the 3 go. But only Usopp can get them, because he’s not a Devil Fruit user. As he enters the aquarium, he uses a pair of big spatula scoopers, and flings out many. The octopuses are angry at this, and they attack him in retaliation. The others see he’s in trouble, and try to help him, but the octopuses squirt out ink, turning the water a murky black. Luffy stretches his arm in there to help, but to no avail. Usopp is actually fighting them off, but Luffy Gatlings the water, hitting the octopuses and Usopp, and causing him to come back to the surface.

Is this what that James Bond movie was all about? You know which one I’m talking about.

Zoro wonders what their doing, until he sees something floating. It’s a barrel in the water with the word “Treasure” on it. The gang pull it in, and they want to open it to see what’s inside. Nami tells them of it being a gift to the “Ocean Gods” some send “to please them” and there is usually nothing but booze in them. This makes Zoro want to open it now. They talk of how this will anger God, but then again, “Luffy did kick God’s ass back in Skypiea” so they shouldn’t fear this.

EP 337 5

There’s more God-fearing, and more tales too, and apologizing to God for taking the booze. With Zoro also saying “God’s a jerk”, but they do open the barrel. As soon as they open it, a flare goes off from it, and fireworks goes off in the sky. The crew wonder if it could have been a signal flare, or a prank. Or worse, it could have alerted an enemy. They check to see if anyone is around them, but there is nothing. Nami though does feel the air pressure changing, meaning a storm is coming. The Straw Hats get ready to change locations, but the storm is on them before they’re ready. The strong headwind might cause the ship to overturn, but Franky is on the case. The others raise the sails as Franky gets Soldier Dock System, Channel 0: Paddle Ship Sunny ready. The paddles on the ships sides go at full speed, and they make their way out of the storm.

Their out of the worst of it, but don’t know where they are. Worst, it’s dark and foggy, and speculate they are in “The Sea of ghosts” The Florian Triangle, AKA “The Devil’s Sea”. Usopp, who wasn’t with them with Monster Granny Kokoro told them about it, is freaking out of cause of the spooky stories the others are telling. While Chopper himself is freaking out because there is a tiny ghost nearby.

EP 337 2

They are still telling Usopp scary stuff (causing him to get anti-ghost stuff), when all of a sudden, they hear a voice. It’s saying “YO-HOHO-HOOOOOOOO!!!! YO-HOHO HOOOOOOOO!!!!!” repeatedly. All of a sudden, a ghost ship appears out of nowhere.

EP 337 6


EP 337

As you can see, everyone (except Robin, because she’s not gonna make stupid scared faces like the rest) is freaking the hell out, and are scared of this. Robin can hear someone sing on the ship, and Sanji sees something on the deck. Apparently, it’s a skeleton with an afro. He is the one singing, while drinking tea too. Luffy, seeing the afro skeleton, is immediately excited about this predicament, and wants to set out on the ghost ship. The others (namely, Usopp, Chopper, and Nami) argue back and forth on exploring the ghost ship, but say Luffy can’t go alone, so they have to draw straws to see who goes with him, and he wants to go badly. They draw, and Sanji and Nami, reluctantly, go with their happy captain. Nami is angry she has to go with him, but Luffy will see this through.

As Luffy is climbing, he sees the skeleton, and he sees them. This causes Nami to scream, and Usopp to pray alot. The 3 finally meet face-to-face with the afro skeleton, and well, he actually greets them.


In fact, the skeleton is so happy to see them, because he’s been “so alone for so long”. He see’s Nami and is taken by her beauty, as his eyes can clearly see. Even though he has no eyes. YO-HOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!! He then ask Nami an important question:

“Will you show me your panties?”

Nami immediately kicks him for it. Luffy laughs at this, and then ask an important question to the skeleton as well.

EP 337 3

Sanji is mad at this, and the skeleton, after a pause to get some tea, answers that he does. Sanji is raging because he has more actual important questions about the ship, how the skeleton is alive and talking, and other things. But Luffy has one more question himself for the skeleton to answer.

“Will you join my crew?”

Nami and Sanji are flabbergasted at this, and even more so when the skeleton says “Yes”. Luffy is happy he has a new crewmate.

Overall, this was a very fun, and very funny way to start the new arc. It had a lot of laughs throughout, and I loved how it went from bright and sunny, to dark and creepy like that. The setting, the background, the ghost ship were all amazing. It was well done. But most importanly, this was my first time hearing the afro skeleton’s dubbed voice, and man, Ian Sinclair was FANTASTIC as him! Major props to him for getting this done and be as great as his Japanese counterpart who voices him, especially with his YO-HOHO HOOOOOO!!!! and his many skull jokes. Which, by the way, prepare for all the skull jokes that will come from him. Can’t wait to hear more of our new friend, and can’t wait to see the others get introduced soon enough. Next week, we learn the afro skeleton’s name (which most of you know already, but to those who don’t? Well, you probably already been spoiled, but I won’t say it yet.) and some of his past as well. I give this episode 5 YO-HOHO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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