Naruto Shippuden Episode 104 Recap: “Breaking the Crystal-Style”

Original Airdate: 4/9/2009

Last time I recapped Shippuden, I finally determined that the episode was *GASP* actually great!! OH MY GOD!!!!!! *Everybodies heads explode* Okay, so it wasn’t great. At all. It was merely average. BUT, merely average was so, so, so, so, SO much better than the last 3 weeks combined before that, which were just cow shit lit on fire, with a skunk farting into said fire, then taking said burning cow-skunk shit, and having it being thrown in your face. It’s a stupid analogy, I know. But hey, so were those episodes. Was this episode as good as last week, I asked myself? No really, I asked myself this.

Let’s find out.

We start off with some action. Guren is still on the offensive against Naruto, Kakashi and co. She finishes off Naruto’s clones, and goes after Kakashi, as she is ready for him. We then cut to Deidara and Tobi, and Tobi is just being a goof. He’s for some reason acting as a schoolgirl, and wants Deidara-senpai to notice him! I wish I were making this up, but this gif proves it all.

Deidara is mad at Tobi for this, and he leaves him to do his own thing/not be annoyed by him. Tobi decides he will do the wok of finding the Giant Turtle himself.

Guren is still attacking Kakashi, and we see the big guy is fighting Sai. The big guy, who name is Gozu, by the way (Sorry, I know I’m bad with names. But again, this is just filler, so you’ll never see these guys after it ends), knows about Sai’s ink and how it can be effective. Even so, Sai gets him with a Snake Ink attack. Kakashi sees how much power Guren now has, and doesn’t understand why she didn’t have this much before. She attacks with 3 Crystal Dragons, and because Kakashi knows that her crystals can absorb water, earth and other things, he uses the Lighting Blade on the dragons, and it works. However, the dragons were a diversion from Guren, and she uses a bigger crystal attack from behind on Kakashi that pierces him. Guren is about to end this fight with Kakashi, as the big guy too tries to break free from Sai’s snakes.

Tobi is still searching for the 3-Tails, but gets lost looking. He does find the lake though. When he gets on a cliff, he sees the Leaf Ninja ladies on the water moving out on the lake. Ino is still being Ino, and she gets scared by a fish, and nearly cost the group the barrier. DigiRanma and Josh, if you will.

As Tobi sees this, he sees something else by a rock. It’s Renji, and he’s waiting to attack them. Tobi decides to just watch what happens.

As Guren is about to kill Kakashi, Shino’s bugs show up and stop her from doing it, and attack her themselves, all while protecting Kakashi. The resistant bugs are ready for her, as she tries to crystallize them, but to no avail, as they all break free easily from her jutsu. It leaves her wide open for an attack, and Naruto uses his Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu technique to create multiple Rasengans. Still wanting to know where the kid is, and Guren thinking he just wants Yukimaru for his power, Naruto attacks her. She dodges them all, and is about to unleash another jutsu. As for Sai, he looks like he’s got the big guy, but all of a sudden, a wave of mud appears behind him, and gets him. And it’s all the big guy’s doing. Guren sets a crystal barrier around her, and the attacks are not hitting. Kakashi decides they need to attack one spot, and they are do attack, as we see Yukimaru’s crystal glowing. Guren decides she’s not going to make it, as Kakashi attack is coming at her.

NS 104

But just before it hits, a big mud wall appears and stops the attack. The big guy is the mud wall, and he not only stops Kakashi, but gets all of Shino’s bugs as well. He won’t allow him to attack Guren, and protects her with his life. So Kakashi decides to attack Gozu with his lighting blade attack head on.

NS 104 2.png

Since this is Naruto, lighting is somehow super effective against mud/earth attacks. Let’s take you back to Digi, as he tells how most of us feel going about this show going against Pokémon’s, and by account, mother nature’s logic.

Gozu …ummm, melts or something? Well, he’s gone now after it. But before hand, he takes Guren and sends her to the mainland, to let her get away. The bugs are all dead, and so now they must re-group and search for her.

We cut to Yamato’s group, and we see Lee and TenTen still giving Kiba heat for saying the Guren Squad was pretty strong. Yamato tells them they still got Guren to deal with, and she’s strong herself. This gets Lee excited to fight her, which turns to disappointment when he learns he will assist with Shizune’s group. Speaking of, the girls sense that the Giant Turtle is below them, and start the Four-Corner Sealing Barrier: Bind spell, which causes the barrier to get bigger. Renji then attacks them, with Hinata noticing. But Lee is there to stop him from attacking. He will fight him on the water. Speaking of being on the water, some more good points because this shows’ logic is being thrown out the window with Rock Lee.

As Renji runs from Lee, Tobi sees this, and the Giant Turtle being sealed, and wants to do something, but can’t do anything. Kabuto, the four-eyed bastard (Maybe I should start calling him “the FEB” for now? Or maybe the “four-eyed douche” AKA “the FED” works better?) is still scheming on how to stop the seal. He sees Yukimaru, who still wants to be with Guren. As Guren collapses on land, we see the flashback of some woman being murdered again. There’s a grass whistle that actually gives Guren a horrible thought, along with an illusion of having blood on her hands that freaks her out. That woman may have been Yukimaru’s mother, and she killed her.

The FEB meets up with her again, and tells her he will use Yukimaru’s power on the Leaf girls. Guren only cares for Yukimaru, and wants to know what will happen to him if this continues. But the FEB doesn’t care. He then taunts her, and tells her he knows she killed Yukimaru’s mom, and will tell him if she doesn’t follow orders. As we see the 3-Tails mad that he’s caught up in the Leaf girls barrier, and Yukimaru and Guren meeting back up again and hugging, the FEB tells of how Orochimaru had an Aizen moment, and said that Guren would fall in love with Yukimaru, cause of “Human Nature” and other stupid shit. Basically, it was Orochimaru’s plan to begin with.

So this episode. Well, it’s hard to say. This episode had some good moments with the fighting at the beginning. That’s always good. But man, it also had too much talking again. Too many stupid moments (Really, Ino? This again?) And moments where you had to question logic and how they strain from it. Was this as bad as the other weeks where we had nothing? In my honest opinion, no. Was this as good as last week’s episode? Again, still no. That’s my opinion. As for Digi and others? Well, see for yourself.

Yeah, sorry about your sanity being like this till May 21, DigiRanma. But you just got to trudge on like this show does. Which is really, REALLY slowly. I give this episode 2.25 Deidara-senpais not noticing you/5. 


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami


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