One Piece Episode 338 Recap

Original Airdate: 1/13/2008 

Welcome back again to another One Piece recap. In the last episode, we started a new arc, and we met a new character, who was a walking, talking, YO-HOHOHO HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!-ing skeleton, who has a funky afro to go with. Because he is so weird and such, Luffy wanted him to join his crew. So, who is this weird skeleton? Why is he living, and by himself? And will he join the crew? Let’s find out in “The Joy of Seeing People! The Gentleman Skeleton’s True Identity”

The afro skeleton meets the rest of the crew on the Sunny and tells of how he joined them. His name is Brook. The others are not so taken with Brook, and question Luffy’s dumb decision, while Chopper is scared out of his mind. Brook notices Robin, and how gorgeous she is. He ask to see her panties, which then Nami throws something as his head for the question. Usopp, now in a get-up with a bunch of religious overtones (Yes, religion exist on here. I now wonder how 4Shit would have handle it, if it ever made it this far), tries his best to drive the “evil” Brook away. Of course, Brook wonders where this evil is as well. Zoro asks angrily why Luffy would allow someone like Brook to join. As such, Brook welcomes that they will treat him to dinner, even though no one ask him to.

Ep 338 4
The crew is so pissed at Luffy for this, that their animation suffered.

In the kitchen. Brook tells of how great and awesome the ship is, and how well designed it is, pleasing Franky. He also tells of how he wants to taste dinner, for it has been such a long time that his body had some, that “His stomach turned flat and is nothing but bones” YO-HOHOHOHO-HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! They all have fun during the dinner, to which Luffy now actually tells his name to Brook and wonders what he is, to the pissed off chagrin of Sanji and Zoro. Dinner is served, they all eat, Brook is happy that his “heart is filled” and he hits on Robin some more. And there’s more talk of the ship, which Luffy will show Brook on a tour.

EP 338

Brook reveals he is a Devil Fruit user. He did die years ago, but he was revived with the Revive-Revive Fruit. It gave him a second chance at life. Before this, he was actually a pirate with a bunch of others. However, he tells them they ran into stronger people, and got wiped out. They are died after a battle. Even though he had the Revive-Revive Fruit, it didn’t do anything at all at first, until he kicked the bucket. Brook’s soul was just out and about, and did come back to his body because of the Devil Fruit’s powers. However, because of all the fog, he couldn’t find his body. It fact, his soul searched for a whole year, and when he found it, well, this is the end result. Luffy says that Brook is “just as stupid as Zoro” because of it (BURRRRRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! Also, his hair is not a wig, but the real deal. Because his roots are so strong.)

Brook is just a human (relatively speaking) and not a ghost. In fact, he is deathly afraid of ghosts. Nami shows him a mirror to give him a good look at himself, which freaks Brook out. And it freaks Chopper and Usopp out as well. Because they see that Brook doesn’t have a reflection whatsoever, thinking that he might be a vampire in the process. Also, they look at his feet and notice that he doesn’t have a shadow too. They ask what he really is, and he tells them another story. His shadow was stolen from him. Zoro guesses because of all the weird shit they seen, including Brook, this isn’t impossible, but wonders how. But before that, Brook says because of this, the fog saved his life. He can’t go into the sunlight at all, or else his body will turn into ash, and he’ll be wiped out. A flashback is shown of him being in another town one day. There, he saw a man without a shadow like him, who lost his mind and went into the sun. The guy suffered a horrible death as he wilted and turned into dust, freaking Brook out. Because of him having no shadow, his reflection can’t be seen in a mirror or picture either. As Sanji tells it, “his life sucks”. But even so, Brook is so happy that he got to meet this wonderful crew, because it was so long that he has seen other people, and couldn’t tell when days started and ended. Brook was so lonely and scared on a drifting ship that just went about, that he wanted to die sometimes. But he says it’s a blessing to still be alive, and would cry if he had eyes. YO-HOHOHOHO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Alas, Brook does thank the crew, but he also tells them he can’t join them. Because of them being out on sea most of the time in the sunlight, and not in the dark fog, joining the Straw Hats would literally be a death sentence for Brook. Luffy promises that he will get Brook his shadow back, and will beat whoever took it from him. Brook though can’t tell Luffy who took it, because he doesn’t want to throw his new friend’s life away, and will fight the guy who took his shadow to the death when they meet up again. As for his appreciation, Brook decides to play them a song on a violin. He reveals that he was a musician with his old crew, and this gets Luffy excited since he always wanted a musician on the ship.

EP 338 2

However, before he begins to play, Brook sees something that makes him scream. It’s a ghost coming through the ship. All of a sudden, the ship begins to rock, and Brook realizes something. He believes someone has been watching the Straw Hats. As he goes outside, he alerts the others to see. A gate is blocking them off, and they are caught. It appears they are on the back side of the gate. As they go to the rear, Brook asks if they found a barrel out in the sea. As the flashbacks from the last episode shown, Luffy does say they did, and Brook informed them it was a trap, and their ship was targeted. As the they can see, there is a big mansion, a forest and other things, like it’s a big island of sorts. Brook confirms it is one, “a ghost island” to be exact. They have arrived at a place called “Thriller Bark”.

EP 338 3

Overall, this was a good episode to introduce us to our new boney pal. Brook is a laugh riot, in my eyes, not his (:D), and he does also have a backstory, that while kinda stupid in how he handled it in not getting to his body in a year, is still sad of how he lost his body nad how he lost his shadow too. Or course, there is more to this story, but that will be for a bit later on. As for Brook also wanting to protect his new friends after just meeting him from the person who took his shadow, that too says alot about his character. For now, I say just watch what happens next as we have just arrived at Thriller Bark, and it;s gonna be something. See ya next time as the crew explores this big, mysterious place. I give this episode 4 Revived Skeletons/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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