Dimension W Episode 4 Recap: “The Mystery Hidden in Lake Yasogami”

Original Airdate: January 31st, 2016

Toonami Airdate: March 19th, 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome to another recap of Dimension W! Today’s episode is going to be a spoopy one, even though Halloween is months away from now, so hold on to the spooky skeleton inside you and let’s get on with the recap!

Starting the episode off, Kyouma and Mira are driving to their next job, and Mira brings up the ghost sightings that took place 21 years ago in the location they’re driving to. While driving, Mira sees a little girl on the road and tells Kyouma to stop, causing the car to crash. It turns out that there was no little girl and Kyouma ended up totalling his car for nothing. Mira tries to convince Kyouma that there was a little girl there by bringing up an image on her log, but there is nothing on her hard drive. After Kyouma tells her to get in the car, she sees the ghost again, and then they head off to their next destination.

To quote the great Randy Marsh, “It was a spooky ghost!”

Cutting back 24 hours earlier at Marie’s place, Kyouma is assigned a mission to figure out what caused the death of Shijuro Sakaki, a famous horror writer known for his grotesque novels. It is shown that his electronic water dispencer killed him, but since it’s not running on any illegal coils, it’s assumed that someone hacked into New Tesla to make the dispencer kill Sakaki. Kyouma is asked to find what was used to hack into the water dispencer and collect, and when he asks why nobody at New Testla could do it, Albert responds by saying that it’s safer to send in someone else because of the ghosts that haunt the area. Not having any real choice in the matter, Kyouma agrees to take on this mission, of course bringng bringing Mira with him. They arrive at the mansion where Sakaki was staying at, and after a few minutes of talking, we get introduced to Elizabeth, who Mira recognizes, but she doesn’t know from where. When Kyouma heads up to his room, he meets Albert in his room, who reveals that he’s been spying on Kyouma when he was trying to find out more about the numbers. Being angry at this, Kyouma gets into it with Albert until he kicks him straight out the window. While falling and landing on his feet, Albert tells Kyouma to meet him in the lounge the following day at 9:30. Mira comments on how Albert was able to land like that, Kyouma responds by saying that’s expected from a former Beast of Grindle, which is something I’m sure will be important to the story later on.


The next morning, Kyouma asks Mira to scan through all the books to get some clues on the Sakaki case, given her ability to memorize all the words written on the books. However, this does have an adverse affect on her, as Mira is now easilly startled by her surroundings because of how immersive reading is for her. We flash back to when Dr. Yurizaki was still alive and we see him telling Mira that he wants her to create a mental image every time she reads something, which explains why she’s acting the way she is right now. Later in the night, we see the ghost girl that Mira saw in the beginning of the episode drowning a person, showing that this place really is haunted. When Kyouma goes downstairs to meet up with Albert, he gets a short glimpse of the ghost girl, and after the lights turn back on, he meets up with Albert, who already knows that there is a number hidden within the mansion. Basically, what happened was that 21 years ago, there was a huge explosion involving a numbered coil that killed many students, but there was one student whose body never showed up, and every time someone tried to look for a body, they reported either seeing ghosts or have turned up dead.


After that conversation is over, we get to see the 100% necessary Mira “plot” in the shower while she’s still terrified of Sakaki’s books. She did pick up on some clues, as she noticed that all of his books’ settings are based on Yasogami village. She opens up the image using her weird boob coil thing, but she ends up slipping and falling after getting a bit too lost in the image she’s created, giving us more excuses to see Mira’s “plot”. After she gets out of the shower, things start to go awry as she notices that some of her functions aren’t working properly, and the fact that some creepy woman with a golf club covered in barb wire is now trying to kill her. Back at the lobby, Kyouma comes to the conclusion that the ghosts may be the same students who died 21 years ago in the explosion and that they are the ones responsible for killing Sakaki. Mira is still running away, thinking she’s been trapped in one of Sakaki’s novels. She then gets kidnapped by that girl, and it’s up to Kyouma to save her. After running a few tests, Kyouma finally figures out that the ghosts actually are the students who died, and that they got here through a dimensional rip. The episode ends with Mira chained up by none other than the ghost of Shijuro Sakaki, who will presumabley be the bad guy of next week’s episode.

Lewdest thing Toonami has ever aired? If SAO never happened, maybe.

I honestly really liked this episode, in spite of the heavy amounts of *ahem* “plot”. The horror elements in the episode were quite effective just for the creepy atmosphere and imagery. While it didn’t exactly leave me pissing my pants in fear, it was still enough to make feel a bit uneasy while watching it. I also like how they incorperated the supernatual mystery elements into this episode, since I was legitimatley interested in seeing how this case will be solved in the end. While there wasn’t a lot of action in this episode, they more than make up for it with the horror/mystery elements of this episode. Overall, it was a pretty good episode, I can’t wait to see how this story will end next week. I give it 7 spooky ghosts out 0f 10

Dimension W can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM!


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