Akame Ga Kill Anime Review Thing

Hello it’s meowth900 here. That’s right it’s another anime review thing. This will focus on an anime that recently finished it’s run on Toonami named “Akame Ga Kill” and it has gotten a lot of popularity during it’s exclusive TV run. At this point both collection sets are out so if you missed Toonami’s run of the show you can buy the shiny discs and watch it. Or if you want to try before you buy you can do so on Hulu and Crunchyroll. But you will be missing out on a funny dub so that’s your loss.

Anyways, there were a lot of mixed opinions both on Twitter and Facebook about this show but I actually thought it was an amusing series. Yes, I know me liking something that came out recently that’s rare isn’t it?

Anyways this anime features a guy named Tatsumi who leaves his village with some pals to travel to the Capital. He wants to find a way to make money to assist his poverty village. When he gets to the capital he gets swindled by some big boobed cat girl named Leone and fails enlisting to the army. When he’s all the way down on his luck a sweet girl from noble family offers him help. Tatsumi accepts the help thinking it’ll be fun just hanging out with a rich family and maybe getting some money out of it. Unfortunately things do not go as planned because Tatsumi finds his friends killed in a really brutal way. The sweet girl from earlier tells Tatsumi about the family’s plans to torture him and things start getting really crazy. Tatsumi ends up getting rescued by the big boobed cat girl from before and all of her assassin pals. Then Tatsumi gets taken against his will to join the ragtag lovable group of assassins known as Night Raid. 

(oh uh also Tatsumi’s the guy on the left. Yes. That is indeed a sweater vest)

A whole bunch of other stories happens after that but a lot of them do contain big deaths. Not like Attack on Titan where Eren’s death used for shock value and he comes back later as a big ol’ Titan, I mean big deaths.

Now a big problem I’ve noticed from other people is that the show goes from dark to light hearted way too fast. I’ve also heard complaints like that regarding shows like Hellsing Ultimate (which I sort of agree with, but some of it was funny. Alucard dreaming of movies was funny) and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (Which is really disagree with). But with Akame Ga Kill I did not really see the really fast switch from light to dark as a bad thing regarding the show. Some of the jokes were funny, and some of them weren’t. I do like the dark comedy though.

The characters themselves some of them I liked, and some of them I didn’t like. I’m going to be talking about Night Raid for the most part here. The ones I did not really like were Tatsumi, Leone, and Mine. The characters I did like were Bulat, Akame, and Lubbock. The characters I felt indifferent to are Sheele, Najende, Chelsea, and Susanoo. When I say indifferent I mean like I do not find them either good or bad. I just find them to either be “Meh they’re alright” or  “I never got to know them that well before they died or the show ended” which is really disappointing.

Where the whole story goes it’s pretty cool but it stops being cool once it gets to the second half of the show. I was still into it, but like once it got towards the final fight between Akame and the big villain of the show I started losing interest. The fight between them looked great but after that it slowly started to get uninteresting. There was some closure in the show’s ending in terms of almost everybody died. I wish more shows did that strategy so I would not be let down with the usual no season 2 cause it was just a thing to help sell manga in Japan. Ouch that pain is the worst!

The dub voices sounded great. But it has been a while since I saw the Japanese broadcast so I have forgotten what most of the Japanese voices sounded like so can’t really compare between the two. I’m also not sure if the dub is legally streaming anywhere yet because they have to sell the discs. The story was a basic story, nothing really mind blowing unfortunately. But if you want a simple story Akame Ga Kill’s your guy. The fights are the best parts of the show to be honest.All the cool Imperial Arms definitely helped make the fights look good. Some of my favorite fights were Bulat’s fight, and Lubbock’s fight. It was also cool how Tatsumi learned how to use Bulat’s Imperial Arm as his own. The comedy was very hit or miss, like for example Mine’s constant bitching gets real old really fast.

Yes I said something bad about Mine come at me bros!

Big fights, big boobs, and big pompadours included I give Akame Ga Kill a 3 out of 5 Imperial Arms. Not the best anime in the world but definitely not the worst.

Now I know what you’re saying. It’s “Meowth! I want more Akame Ga Kill but I don’t know where to read it!!!!” and to which I say I have the answer! There’s a book company named Yenpress and they have the license for the Akame Ga Kill manga series and they have begun putting out volumes. It’s going to be a long time before they’re beyond the stories the anime covered but I think it’s worth your time and you should buy it. You can find the manga on Amazon or Rightstuff.

Here’s a link to their release schedule. So far they have 5 volumes out right now. http://yenpress.com/akame-ga-kill/

Oh and also there’s a prequel manga series for Akame Ga Kill titled Akame Ga Kill Zero. It talks about  Akame’s past life as a member of the Elite Seven. They reference it in the anime too.

Here’s the link to it. The volume is actually out right now so buy and support the official release please http://www.hachettebookgroup.com/titles/none/Akame-ga-KILL!-ZERO-Vol-1/9780316314688/?yen

The Countdown: 8 days remaining

Well we’re on the single digits in terms of how much time you got left to watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood before it goes into Aniplex’s void of no return. If you watch 8 episodes a day you could finish the show just in time but if you don’t have the time you should make time because this series is awesome. It’s one of the fewest anime series that actually tells the story the way the creator wanted it to go. Don’t pass up the chances of watching this show if you haven’t already, and if you want to watch it again and don’t have the discs this may be your last shot. There’s 52 episodes on Netflix and the last remaining 12 episodes are on Hulu.


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