One Piece Episode 339 Recap

Original Airdate: 1/20/2008

Welcome again, loyal readers* to another One Piece recap. Last week, we got to know a bit more about Brook, our afro skeleton friend who Luffy asked to join the crew. We see he had a past, how lonely he is, how he’s afraid of ghost, and how he doesn’t have a shadow and the effects of it, and how he will fight to get it back/not allow his new friends to be involved in his dilemma. Then, they all arrived on a big, creepy island, known as “Thriller Bark”. What happened as they landed? Find out on “One Unnatural Phenomenon After the Next! Disembarking on Thriller Bark”

*Read “Loyal readers” as “1 or 2 people” and even I don’t know if they are same damn person(s).

As the group stares at the mysterious Thriller Bark, Nami notices her Log Posse isn’t reacting at all. Brook tells them it’s like that because the island actually came here from the West Blue. But it’s fortunate for Brook it did, since he’s been waiting for this. Brook nimbly jumps to the top of the mast, surprising everyone, while telling them they should break the gate that is behind them and get out of this creepy place pronto. He thanks the crew and jumps off the Sunny, into the water below. The others know he’s a Devil Fruit user and can’t swim, but Brook is fine. Because he is moving his boney legs very fast and running on water like those others people that are on that show before this. (Note: Yeah, I went that route and not the other route where I say Brook is Jesus. Because running on water. Speaking of, Happy Easter everyone!!) As he takes off, Nami and others think the island is bad news. Of course, their captain doesn’t and has his big, goofy smile on him, meaning he wants to go to the island. Sorry, Usopp, Nami and Chopper.

Anyway, as they talk about the island , including how the ghost from earlier fled off there, they also see that the gate has a mouth that “ate them” and basically pulled them in. Because of the fog blocking most, there are a ton of gates around them. And since it’s a giant island, and they’re still moving, they are still technically at sea, so they are stuck there for now, and are gonna be stuck since Luffy wants to catch the ghost that ran away. It doesn’t help Nami, Usopp and Chopper that Robin and Franky want to see Thriller Bark as well with Luffy. So to get to the mainland, Franky decides to reveal what’s behind Soldier Dock System Channel 2. Even though he said Channel 2 & 4 were empty, he kidded about it, and shows the scaredy cat trio what is behind it. It makes them happy. What launches from Channel 2? It’s the Mini-Merry 2, a paddle boat that resembles the crew’s old friend, the Merry. Basically, the Merry is back and it excites the crew.

EP 339 4
Welcome back, Merry. *Starts to cry*

Nami test it out, on a giant wave no less, and it works like a charm. She thanks Franky for this, and Luffy excitedly wants to drive it himself. They’re thankful to the big cyborg, as he explains all the Soldier Dock Systems and how they function/what’s in each, with the Sunny as the main mother-ship, and it makes him feel “SUUUUUUUUUUUUPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!”

But this cool moment is ruined, because they hear Nami scream in the background. Sanji and Zoro look for the 3 and feel it came from the island, but can’t see them with all the fog around. Luffy is worried too. Just about the Mini-Merry, cause he wants to still drive it. As Robin thinks a curse got them (Robin thinking of the worst will be a thing, trust me) all a sudden, one of the anchors drops on its own. Then a hatch opens. As the crew wonders what is happening, Luffy’s face starts to stretch and make faces, but not on his own accord. One of Zoro’s swords then gets taken from him, and starts to fly. It flies right at Luffy, who Sanji kicks out of the way. There’s an enemy on the ship, but they don’t know if it’s a ghost or a Devil Fruit user. Robin herself heard some type of beast growling, but Sanji is worried about Nami, so he decides to swim to shore to find her. However, he is stopped in his tracks as he is taken and flung in the air himself, which the others say is lame.

EP 339 2

He gets sent back on the ship by the mysterious presence, which then grabs hold of Robin. And licks her, the sick bastard. Sanji tries to stop the thing, but it trips him.

EP 339 5

As this is all happening, the boat begins to rock as waves crash into the Sunny, pushing the group away from island. At least Franky has a situation for this. It is a hot tub!! Wait, what?

We then go to the island where Nami, Usopp, and Chopper are. They fell down into a moat, where there is a 6-7 meter tall wall (insert something Attack on Titan related here). As Usopp and Chopper freak out that they’re on the island, Nami explains how the the wall is the edge of the island, and she didn’t see it at all, so it’s her fault for this. But as she says “I’m cute, so you’ll forgive me, right?” (The two don’t fall for this trick.) They wonder why a moat is here, and how they survive falling from the height, which Chopper explains was because of the skeletons they fell on, which again freaks him and Usopp out. The thing to do now is to wait for Luffy and co. to make it to shore and have them rescue them. There’s only one problem though: Something is with them in the moat. A dog. But not just any dog. A 3-headed dog. That’s right, the Guardian of the Underworld, Cerberus, is here, and it starts to chase the trio through the moat.

EP 339 3

As they run, the 3 heads all bark. Except one of them sounds a bit funny then the rest. The others notice that one of the heads is actually a fox head. When they point this out, the fox head gets very sensitive about it being a fox head. Cerberus is still mad, and chases after them still. They find a flight of stairs and make their way up them, thinking they be safe. But Cerberus follows. It takes a Smoke Star from Usopp to make the 3-headed mutt lose track of them. They hide in a tree, as they see that Cerberus has a bad sense of smell. It looks like they have escape, but all of a sudden, a bat creature makes his presence known. He is Hildon, and he saw all that happened. He says that the forests are gonna transform into nightmares very soon, so he offers the trio a ride in his freakish horse carriage to the mansion, where they will meet a person named Dr. Hogback. This name excites Chopper, but confuses Nami and Usopp.

EP 339

Overall, another good episode of One Piece that had some good moments. The Cererbus moment, Nami and her “I’m cute” set-up, and seeing the Going Merry, in tiny paddle boat form, back again. And Brook running on water was fun too. Of course, there were some moments that weren’t fun, like Robin getting licked. Which we saw enough of from other anime that won’t be named. And yes, the thing that did that along with all the other crazy shit it did to the crew will be revealed later, as the invisible threat, along with Hildon too, are a bigger part of Thriller Bark. Next week, we get to know who this mysterious Dr. Hogback is, and why Chopper is so excited to meet him. Also, he and Usopp and Nami go inside the big mansion. See ya next time. And a Happy Easter to all of you. I give this episode 3.5 Cute Orange-Haired Girls You Should Forgive/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami





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