Dimension W Episode 5 Recap: “The Possibilities of the Dead”

Original Airdate: February 7th, 2016

Toonami Airdate: March 26th, 2016

Hello everyone and welcome to another recap of Dimension W! The show may be finished in Japan, but it is still trucking along here in America with seven more weeks left! Anywho, let’s get on with this recap!

Continuing from the last episode, Mira is chained up and we see that Sakaki is planning to eliminate everyone in the area, including himself. Meanwhile, Kyouma has to look for Mira and find the numbers while fighting off the ghosts in his way. However, because the ghosts aren’t flesh and blood, it’s near impossible to get rid of them. After managing to make it through all the ghosts, Al makes it to Sakaki’s study, only to find no sign of Mira anywhere. Instead, he tries looking for something to use against the ghosts, since Sakaki was aware of the connection between the ghosts and the coils. While tipping over book shelves to distract the ghosts, Kyouma notices that a box of plastic water bottles is affecting the ghosts, which leads him to come to the conclusion that the ghosts are weak against water.

I’ve seen enough hentai…

Back at the place where Mira’s being held hostage, she convinces herself that what she is experiencing isn’t real and that it’s all data she got from the books. She also starts showing concerns about what will happen if she dies, because even though she’ll be able to be rebuilt and reset, she worries that she might not keep her memories or personality. After using the power of preception, she manages to break free from her chains. I’ll admit, that was pretty stupid, but kinda awesome at the same time. Anyway, the psychotic robot chick is baffled by her ability to break the perception, and she gets cornered by one of the dead classmates.

At least he gets instant karma

After figuring out the weakness of the ghosts, Al uses a lighter to set off the sprinkler system, killing off the ghosts once and for all. The ghosts live in the fog of Lake Yasagami, so any other water is bound to kill them. Al also figures out that the water from the water dispencer must’ve somehow been replaced by water from the lake, which easilly allowed for the ghosts to “kill” Sakaki. Elizabeth manages to retrieve Mira from the area, but she’s been frozen, so she has to reset her in order to get her functioning again. After Elizabeth presses her coil, Mira’s consciousness returns. She quickly gets dressed and goes off to find Kyouma, only to shortly run into him. Kyouma, angry at Mira for disappearing, punches her in the face, only to hurt himself because of the fact that Mira is made out of metal. After all that, Mira tells Kyouma that she knows where the numbers might be at, and then they head off. Mira tells Kyouma about how Sakaki is still alive and is trying to kill everyone, which only helps to justify his hatred of the coils.

God dam it. You have permission to slap me for that pun.

We flash back to 21 years ago, with Sakaki experimenting with his new numbered coils. He lived in a village that relies on a dam for their main source of energy, and he sees the coils as the main solution for their energy crisis. Later on, the “journalists” who were claiming to be doing a report on the coils tries to kill Sakaki’s wife because they don’t want the word to spread about coils, due to the fact that they want to let water out of the dam to drive people away. Sakaki comes back to find that his wife killed the man in self-defense. He tells his wife to run off and warn everyone, but on her way, she falls off the edge of the road and ends up dead. Meanwhile, Sakaki kills the man who’s trying to drain the dam. However, the dam ends up flooding anyway and he has to make the choice between trying to save the students or running away and leaving them to die. Before he tries to do anything, the coils cause Sakaki to see an alternate reality where he saved everyone, but that turned out to be fake, so now he’s trying to live in the reality where everyone is still alive by opening up the dimension.


After that moment of backstory, Kyouma and Mira come in to get the illegal coil from Sakaki and to convince him that his reality is a lie. After that, it is revealed that Sakaki’s sister was actually his wife and that his sister is actually dead because he kept believing that his wife was dead. Yeah, this is getting a bit too convoluted. Basically, his wife lost all of her memories, and his friends are living on inside another dimension. Sakaki then reunites with his wife, and gets transported to the alternate dimension with her. Kyouma and Mira get the coil, and the full Japanese ED plays because it plays over the rest of the episode. After the credits, it’s revealed that the daughter of one of the dam operators was responsible for filling the water dispencer with the lake water, because that’s what she was told to do.

Okay, that was pretty sweet.

I’m pretty mixed about this episode overall. I really like the action scenes that involve Kyouma and Albert in the mansion, the way they exploit the weakness of the ghosts is actually pretty clever, and I actually like how they handled Sakaki’s backstory. The episode also managed to have some pretty solid drama with Sakaki’s character, and the episode has a pretty satisfying conclusion for him. I should also note that the gag with Kyouma getting hurt by punching Mira was actually not that bad. Yeah, I could see how it could be tiresome to see Kyouma being a dick to Mira for the 8,000th time, but the fact that he gets instant karma makes up for it. Now that I’ve said all of my positives about the episode, it’s time for me to talk about the episode’s most glaring flaw, that being that it gets way too convoluted! The whole thing with how the dimensional rips work makes almost no sense, and I could barely make heads or tails about what is real and what is imaginary, especially near the end where they reveal that his sister was actually his wife. At that point, I have to believe that they had to rush through the writing of this episode without looking over the script to see if anything made sense. Overall, I enjoyed a lot of things about this episode, but the convoluted nature holds it back from being great. I give it 6 drowning civilians out of 10.

Dimension W can be seen every Saturday night at 12:30 AM!


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