Triple Hot Dog Sandwich on Wheat: Robot Chicken, 08×13 Recap

I Feel a Great Laziness in the Force…

Hey guys, its your girl KrisSimsters and Happy late Easter Sunday. As I’m writing out the recap, the last few minutes of Easter Sunday are going away and my chocolate Reese bunny is waiting for me to finish it off in my fridge. I also have a cup of coffee, but that has some Bailey’s in it, so I’m good for the night. Anyway, I thought Robot Chicken would grant me a break for tonight, but I was mistaken. The good thing about tonight’s episode is that it looks really good. If you happened to miss tonight’s episode then fear not!! As usual, you can catch up on your onDemand via Adult Swim<Networks and also, its usually up on the Adult Swim site. And remember, Robot Chicken comes on every Sunday at 11:30 PM. If there’s an update, then don’t worry, I’ll be the first one to let you know. And now, onto the recap.



1). Kill Willy: Oh that’s not going to bold well for Jesse.

2). Ghost-Shopping: Those jeans don’t look good on you, dude.

3). Stannis’ New Army: The new army is very interesting. Jon Snow knows nothing.

4). Baby Alive: I see I’m not the only girl who hated those real-live baby dolls growing up.

5). Alien Prostitute: I feel bad for the other two aliens.

6). Property Bros: The Property Bros sure do say property a lot. I wonder if they think they can try and copyright it.

7). The New Neighbors: Are the new neighbors in danger or are they fooling around?

8). The New Butt Tattoo: Holy crap its G3 MLP!! I need brain bleach!! I would have preferred Cupcakes over that!!

9). The 11th Commandment: Do not eat bananas. They are the penis of The Lord.

10). The Pink Panther: Now we know who does all that smoking in the theme.

11). Shadow: God, Melisandre, can’t you just learn to knock? God!!

12). Go, Go Gadget: Gadget’s going away now, bye.

13). Goldilocks and Papa Bear: Furry is interesting.


Final Thoughts:

Yeah, it was funny. I wish it would have waited a week, but I’m not complaining. Good Robot Chicken is good Robot Chicken. Next week’s episode involves another Harry Potter skit, but we haven’t seen it in a while so I’m intrigued. Until next week, my name’s KrisSismters. Stay Golden guys!!

 Robot Chicken comes on Sundays @ 11:30 PM ONLY on Adult Swim!!

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