Naruto Shippuden Episode 105 Recap: “Battle over the Barrier”

Original Airdate: 4/16/2009

Welcome again to Shippuden filler hell. Yeah, it’s come to that point again. For this stuff will never end it seems. Last week, we had Ino fucking up, the big guy turn to mud, and other stupid crap like lighting being super effective against said mud. But hey, at least we had Rock Lee save us from it being totally stupid. Anyway, how was this Easter Weekend’s episode? Let’s see.

As the episode starts, we get the FEB (again, the “Four Eyed Bastard”. AKA, my new nickname for Kabuto) and Guren flying, with Yukimaru in tow, to the Leaf ladies on the lake. Yukimaru has to do what he did before, even as Guren questions it. We get a damn flashback to the last episode where the FEB will snitch to Yukimaru about what Guren did to mommy, so she has no choice. The barrier has the Giant Turtle in the trap, and all things are set. Tobi is still watching, and we see Sai sending out some ink rats to scout the area. He got nothing, just like us watching this. He has to find Guren, so he just sends out more rats. Rob, what do you think of the rats?

We then see Naruto, who is being an impatient brat, and wants to get the kid back quickly. The Guren Squad is in really bad shape from fighting Lee, Kiba, and TenTen, and are near death, but they say they won’t die here after all the shit they went through in Orochimaru’s hideout. As the FEB’s group nears the lake, he gives Yukimaru the medicine. He doesn’t want to take it, so the FEB tries to make him take it, causing Guren to step in. She tells the FEB that she will stop the lake group by herself. Even though he still messes with her, the FEB does have an idea to use Guren for it. He will take Yukimaru, while also giving his plan to Renji. The FEB takes Yukimaru to another location, telling him not to move. We also see Ino still being as bad as Sakura.

I had too. Because the FEB will not shut up. Renji meets with Guren and tells of how Lee and TenTen are guarding the barrier. Guren will be a diversion to get rid of them, while Renji attacks the girls. Speaking of the girls, they are about to narrow the sphere to trap the 3-Tails. Just as they are, Guren appears. Lee sees she is the Crystal-Style user, and wants to fight her immediately. As they attack, the ladies start to seal up the 3-Tails, as the Giant Turtle moves about.

NS 105 2

As Lee and TenTen fight Guren, their attacks hit, but Lee notices something strange. Before that, Josh and Digi, if you will point the obvious.

Yeah, fuck this show’s logic. But anyway, the strange thing Lee mentions is because Guren is covering her body in crystal. Their attacks aren’t doing anything, but Guren has little chakra left for only 1 or 2 jutsu. She sends out another Crystal Dragon to attack the duo, and they both are equal in their attacks. Renji uses this opportunity to attack the women, but in the way of him is Naruto, who uses his Wind-Style: Toad Water Jutsu. And with that name, it means only one thing: The frogs are back!!

To get by the frogs for now, Guren attacks the shield, but Shino’s bugs are there to stop her. So it looks like the seal is saved right? WRONG!!! Because of fucking Ino fucking up again, the seal fails, and the giant turtle is unleashed.

Kakashi and Yamato meet up, and tell of what each did/what happened. They then hear the 3-Tails’s roar. The Giant Turtle is splashing about and causing havoc because of Ino’s stupidity. Tobi is happy he found the target, Yukimaru is suffering cause of his link to the turtle, and the frogs are scared. Their task done, Guren and Renji decide to retreat. Shino tries to stop them, but the 3-Tails is too much. It unleashes an attack that causes everyone around to be swallowed up by the lake. Including the frogs, who both disappear again. Thank god.

NS 105
3-Tails used Hyper Beam! It’s super effective!!

The tsunami hits the shore, where Yukimaru is, but he doesn’t get hit by it. Lee and TenTen collect and save the girls from the lake, while the Giant Turtle goes back underwater. Yukimaru finds Guren on a tiny island, knocked out from the attack. Unfortunately, the 3-Tails shows up right next to her. Yukimaru wants Guren to wake up, but it’s no good. Naruto wakes up to Shino, who tells him were the Giant Turtle is. The Giant Turtle raise up one of its tails, and is about to kill Guren. Yukimaru then screams and unleashes all his power to stop this from happening.

NS 105 3
Don’t we see enough of this at Midnight already?

We see Orochimaru talking, but he’s boring, so I’ll skip ahead. Tobi see the kid and his chakra coming out, and with a sudden voice change, says it’s interesting. Naruto notices the chakra and realizes it’s happening again. Guren finally wakes up, and is freaked that the Giant Turtle is next to her, but not attacking. She realizes too that it’s cause of Yukimaru.

NS 105 4
Does she have the booty? SHE DOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Overall, what can I say about this episode, or even better, this show, that others can say for me?

Also, it’s time to bring out the drinks again.

Yeah, this episode was bad. This was worst than last week’s episode and is joining the pantheon of the weeks before where the scores were less than a 1.5 score. Seriously Shippuden, and all its fans. I try to like you. I really do. But when the Giant Turtle going on a rampage is the only thing that makes me happy about this episode, well you failed badly. Again. And I didn’t even mention the trippy ass music video during the ad break that was more awesome than this. Another Shippuden filler hell episode, another bad score. I give this 1.25 cats farting loudly/5.

But wait a minute Cedric. This Naruto Shippuden episode didn’t have any farting cats in it?!” No, it didn’t.

But that Vine describes this episode, and Shippuden filler, perfectly.


Naruto Shippuden can be seen at 2 AM Saturday on Toonami






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