EXCLUSIVE: One Punch Man coming to Toonami!


In a suprising turn of events, we have gotten exclusive news that the next show to air on Toonami will be the ever popular One Punch Man! Yes, this bombshell did come as a suprise to us as well, considering it hasn’t even been a year since the show aired its first episode in Japan. The series will air on the block starting tomorrow night in order to bring it to the fans as quickly as possible, and since it won’t be taking the place of anything on the lineup, that means that Toonami will also be expanding a whole half-hour longer the same night. Though, in order to prevent the lineup from getting too mixed up, especially since Parasyte and Kill la Kill only have two episodes left, the series will have to premiere a bit later in the night in order to keep things stable. Here is the lineup for that night:

12:00 AM – Dragon Ball Z: Kai

12:30 AM – Dimension W

1:00 AM – Parasyte -the maxim-

1:30 AM – Samurai Champloo

2:00 AM – One Punch Man

2:30 AM – One Piece

3:00 AM – Kill la Kill

3:30 AM – Naruto Shippuden

When we asked Jason Demarco about these programming choices, he had this to say:

We were just going to wait until we’ve heard news of the series being dubbed before considering it for the block, but because our inboxes keep getting flooded with “ONE PUNCH MAN PLZ” and endless amounts of yaoi fanart of Saitama and Genos, we just decided to call Viz to ask what they could pull off in a week. They said they could come up with something, but all they could be able to do is have every single character be voiced by their janitor. We had ourselves a deal, and the rest is history. As for why we decided to shaft Naruto to the end of the block… have you seen this recent filler arc? Never in my life have I seen a show actually drive people to drink their livers out, but those god damn frogs have done it! We felt it would be best if we put it on as late as possible to keep people from being able to see it and save as many innocent livers. And it’s not like it’s our only Viz show anymore, since we now have One Punch Man, so this is fine right now!

What do you think of this news? Are you excited for One Punch Man to come to Toonami, as well as the voice acting debut of Jim the janitor? Let us know in the comments below!

P.S., Happy April Fools.



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