One Piece Episode 340 Recap

Original Airdate: 1/27/2008

Toonami Airdate: 4/2/2016

Welcome again to another One Piece recap. We are now on the island of Thriller Bark, thanks to Nami’s incompetence with the new Mini-Merry, and how are her, Usopp and Chopper welcomed to the island? Why by being chased by the 3-headed beast of the underworld, Cerberus, of course. They escaped him, but run into another weirdo in Hildon, who wants to introduce them to Dr. Hogback, which makes Chopper happy. Who is this Dr. Hogback anyway? Join me and find out as I recap “The Man Called a Genius! Hogback Makes His Appearance!”

The trio are now in the weird, creepy carriage as they make their way through the strange forest. Nami says that the carriage horses themselves are a bit weird, but is kinda hard to make out because of the fog, so she ignores it. Usopp thanks Hildon for saving their hides back there, and as he offers them drinks, he talks of the dangers of the forest, how it can be a creepy place, and that the mansion is the safest place on the island. As such, that is where Dr. Hogback is. Nami and Usopp both want to know who this doctor is, so Chopper tells them. Dr. Hogback was a world-renown surgeon. He was very famous, and looked upon as a hero in the medical community because “he saved as many lives as there are stars in the sky.” However, one day he disappeared, and they don’t know if he got kidnapped or such, and some thought he was just an urban legend after awhile. But Chopper believes he’s real, and Hildon confirms it’s the same person Chopper described. This makes Chopper want to meet him and get his autograph.

As the talk dies down, Nami stares outside and sees something. She sees a lion, but it’s not a normal lion for it has a weird face, and this freaks her out. She even describes the lion in a drawing (which, I have to say it, her drawings are better than Rukia’s pictures.) Usopp doesn’t believe her, so he and Chopper both look out the window. They don’t see the lion, but they see other freaky creatures, including a talking tree, a freaky cat, and others to name the few. The creatures disappear after being spotted, and the trio are okay with what they see. … until they can’t take it anymore and freak the fuck out.

EP 340 2
The things were so scary, that Chopper’s antlers came off him

Hildon says that what they saw were nothing but illusions caused by the fog. They don’t believe this for one second, and Nami tells him they should turn around and go back to the coast. Chopper is sad about this cause he wants to see the doctor so badly, but Usopp convinces him that it’s either the mansion or their lives, and that their lives are more important. So Hildon stops the carriage and tells them to wait a sec. Too much time passes, and the trio wonder what’s happening. Usopp looks, and not only is Hildon gone and flying away, but the horses are gone as well. Who, by the way, are weird ass centaurs. Even worse, they’re all alone in a spooky graveyard and this freaks them out. As Nami thinks of a way out of this predicament, Usopp spots something in the grave. A hand is coming out of the ground. Actually, A LOT of hands are popping up. They see that zombies are crawling out from everywhere and this, well you know. They’re scared as shit.

EP 340
First of all, someone call Rick Grimes and his crew. Second, look who I circled in the background.

The zombies start to surround the carriage, and get a hold of Usopp, who points out how strong they are. So strong, that they start to lift and shake the carriage, that causes Nami and Chopper to fall out. Usopp actually gets bit by one of the zombies, and Nami tries to help him, but gets caught herself. Chopper helps out by attacking the zombies getting Usopp, and knocks one of the zombies’ heads off (and for some reason, apologizing to it.) But the zombie has another one toss it its head back, and puts it back on. As Nami screams to help her, Usopp uses one of his Exploding Stars to scare off the zombies with fire. And it works, as the zombies complain about it (Oh, did I forget to mention that the zombies can talk? Because they can.)

Hey, I had to put some Walking Dead stuff on here. Anyway, with Chopper carrying Nami, they start to run towards the mansion, as Usopp thinks they are too slow to catch them. They do start off slow, then actually do start running after them, making Usopp think that they are “lazy zombies”. However, they don’t run far as they get tired out easily. The trio make a break for it as the zombies catch their breath. As for the others on the Sunny, the boat is still drifting away from the the scared trio, and they can’t do a thing as the ship won’t steer. As the waves crash, Robin spots something ahead. It’s a big spider web, and the Sunny runs right into it. Even though it took no damage, the ship is stuck for now.

Nami, Usopp, and Chopper are still making their way to the mansion, and talking about the zombies, how Usopp got bit, with Usopp thinking he will turn because “He read it a book.” They finally arrive at the mansion, with Chopper being really happy. Nami introduces themselves to whoever is in the mansion, but no one answers. As they think no one lives there, a sudden light turns on, but only onto a well. The well’s pulley starts to move suddenly, and to the scared onlook of the three, a pretty blonde woman appears from said well. She has plates with her, and starts chucking them at Usopp. And ONLY Usopp. She says that he is not welcomed at the mansion, but Nami and Chopper are. As she is still pelting him with plates, a voice tells her to stop and to make an exception this time around for him. A big guy appears, and reveals that the womans’ name is Cindry, while revealing her past as well. The big guy is actually Dr. Hogback himself. Of course, Cindry gets Usopp with another plate, and with a scary face, tells of how “she’ll destroy every plate in the world”, while Chopper “fangirls” (Or “fan-reindeers?”) out at Hogback.

EP 340 4

Cindry listens to the doctor’s request, and allows everyone to come inside the kitchen. Which they do, shutting the door behind them and leaving Hogback behind. He comes in too and tells of how rare it is to have guest, while the trio talk of all the crap they ran into the forest. While Hogback says he glad they made it in one piece (hey, he said the name of the show!!) he hasn’t seen any weirdness from the forest himself, including the zombies. But he does say that zombies are basically a gift, because everyone would love to see their dead loved ones one more time, and he’s been at Thriller Bark this whole time doing research on the subject. Chopper praises him for it, and he thanks Chopper for it, and gives him an autograph. Chopper also asks to see Dr. Hogback’s lab, but Hogback angrily tells him he can’t. Cindry gives them all flan to eat, but without plates, for she hates them, and all but Nami eat it anyway. She also prepared a bath for the three because they are so dirty. As the episode ends, Usopp ask if the doc has seen the funny afro skeleton as well, and tells of what Brook is like. Hogback is sweating as he can’t believe it could be the same person.

EP 340 3

This was again another fun episode of One Piece and a pretty interesting one at that. Not only do we get introduced to both Dr. Hogback and Cindry, but we also get to see all the zombies here as well. Unlike most other shows, including The Walking Dead and others, the zombies here do have some personality. Yes, they act like a bunch of goofs with the running, and they do hate fire too, but it is still better than just having the standard scary zombie, shoot-them-dead stuff. You’ll see later on in this show, as more stuff comes to light about them. As well as on Dr. Hogback and Cindry too. We know the doctor is hiding more than he is letting on, as he does somehow know about Brook. And the thing with not letting Chopper see his lab as well is very suspicious. Next week, Nami takes a bath. Really. I’ll leave it at that. Overall, I give this 4 plate-hating blondes/5.


One Piece can be seen at 2:30 AM Saturday on Toonami


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